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[85 STAT. 810]
[85 STAT. 810]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971


PUBLIC LAW 92-224-DEC. 29, 1971

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sf^slat' 920 42 usV 1320a. Effective date. fo f^^^'A?c^'. 42 USC 415 note.

[85 STAT.

^^^ b j Inserting aftoF paragraph (30) the following new paragraph ',

"(31) provide (A) for a regular program of independent professional review (including medical evaluation of each patient's need for intermediate care) and a written plan of service prior to admission or authorization of benefits in an intermediate care facility which provides more than a minimum level of health care services as determined under regulations of the Secretary; (B) for periodic on-site inspections to be made in all such intermediate care facilities (if the State plan includes care in such institutions) within the State by one or more independent professional review teams (composed of physicians or registered nurses and other appropriate health and social service personnel) of (i) the care being provided in such intermediate care facilities to persons receiving assistance under the State plan, (ii) with respect to each of the patients receiving such care, the adequacy of the services available in particular intermediate care facilities to meet the current health needs and promote the maximum physical wellbeing of patients receiving care in such facilities, (iii) the necessity and desirability of the continued placement of such patients in such facilities, and (iv) the feasibility of meeting their health care needs through alternative institutional or non-institutional services; and (C) for the making by such team or teams of full and complete reports of the findings resulting from such inspections, together with any recommendations to the State agency administering or supervising the administration of the State plan." (^) Section 1121 of such Act is repealed. (d) The amendments made by this section shall become effective January 1.1972. SEC. 5. Section 1007 of the Social Security Amendments of 1969, as amended, is further amended by striking out "1972" where it appears .




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and inserting m lieu thereoi "1973". Approved December 28, 1971. Public Law 92-224 AN ACT December 29, 1971

[H. R. 6065] Employment tTanSetfr!

To amend section 903(c)(2) of the Social Security Act, and for other purposes. Be it enacted Ijy the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America hi Congress assembled, That section 903 (c)(2) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1103(c)(2)). is

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uon! °"^^"^^" 82 Stat. 447.

(1) by striking out "fourteen preceding fiscal years," in subparagraph (D) of the first sentence and inserting in lieu thereof "twenty-four preceding fiscal years,";