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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-473—OCT. 12, 1984 (d) The determination and promulgation required by section 2003(b) of the Social Security Act with respect to the fiscal year 1985 (to take into account the preceding provisions of this section) shall be made as soon as possible after the date of the enactment of this Act. SEC. 402. (a) The Congress finds that— (1) disturbing increases have occurred in recent years in the numbers of younger Americans who are abused; (2) many children who run away from home, who fall prey to pornography and prostitution, who suffer from a dependency on alcohol and drugs, and who become juvenile offenders, have been victims of child abuse; (3) research has shown that abuse tends to repeat itself, and many times parents who abuse their children were once victims themselves; (4) given the increased demand for treatment and crisis intervention in child abuse and neglect cases. Federal funds distributed to States are most often used for treatment and little is left for prevention efforts; (5) since 1980 some States have begun to recognize the critical need for prevention efforts, and trust funds (generated by surcharges on marriage licenses, birth certificates or divorce actions, or by special checkoffs on income tax returns) are being established to allow such States to pay for child abuse and neglect prevention activities despite depressed State economies and budget cutbacks; (6) in recognition of the increased cases of child abuse and neglect, other States have established significant funds for child abuse and neglect prevention activities through direct appropriations; and (7) the Nation cannot afford to ignore the importance of preventing child abuse. (b) It is the purpose of sections 402 to 409, by providing for Federal challenge grants, to encourage States to establish and maintain trust funds or other funding mechanisms, including appropriations to support child abuse and neglect prevention activities.

98 STAT. 2197

42 USC 1397b.

Children and youth. 42 USC 5116.


SEC. 403. As used in sections 402 to 409— (1) the term "Secretary" means the Secretary of Health and Human Services; and (2) the term "State" means each of the several States, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

42 USC 5116a.


SEC. 404. (a) The Secretary is authorized, in accordance with the provisions of sections 402 to 409, to make grants to eligible States. (b) Payments under sections 402 to 409 may be made in any fiscal year following the fiscal year in which any State has collected funds for child abuse and neglect prevention activities through a trust fund or other funding mechanism. (c) There is authorized to be appropriated such sums as are necessary to carry out the provisions of sections 402 to 409 for the fiscal year 1985 and for each of the four succeeding fiscal years.

State and local governments. 42 USC 5116b.