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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-502—OCT. 19, 1984

98 STAT. 2333

"§ 7504. Cognizant agency responsibilities "(a) The Director shall designate cognizant agencies for audits conducted pursuant to this chapter. "(b) A cognizant agency shall— "(1) ensure that audits are made in a timely manner and in accordance with the requirements of this chapter; "(2) ensure that the audit reports and corrective action plans made pursuant to section 7502 of this title are transmitted to the appropriate Federal officials; and "(3)(A) coordinate, to the extent practicable, audits done by or under contract with Federal agencies that are in addition to the audits conducted pursuant to this chapter; and (B) ensure that such additional audits build upon the audits conducted pursuant to this chapter.

31 USC 7504.

"§ 7505. Regulations "(a) The Director, after consultation with the Comptroller General and appropriate Federal, State, and local government officials, shall prescribe policies, procedures, and guidelines to implement this chapter. Each Federal agency shall promulgate such amendments to its regulations as may be necessary to conform such regulations to the requirements of this chapter and of such policies, procedures, and guidelines. "(b)(l) The policies, procedures, and guidelines prescribed pursuant to subsection (a) shall include criteria for determining the appropriate charges to progreuns of Federal financial assistance for the cost of audits. Such criteria shall prohibit a State or local government which is required to conduct an audit pursuant to this chapter from charging to any such program (A) the cost of any financial or financial and compliance audit which is not conducted in accordance with this chapter, and (B) more than a reasonably proportionate share of the cost of any such audit that is conducted in accordance with this chapter. "(2) The criteria prescribed pursuant to paragraph (1) shall not, in the absence of documentation demonstrating a higher actual cost, permit (A) the ratio of (i) the total charges by a government to Federal financial assistance programs for the cost of audits performed pursuant to this chapter, to (ii) the total cost of such audits, to exceed (B) the ratio of (i) total Federal financial assistance expended by such government during the applicable fiscal year or years, to (ii) such government's total expenditures during such fiscal year or years. "(c) Such policies, procedures, and guidelines shall include such provisions as may be necessary to ensure that small business concerns and business concerns owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals will have the opportunity to participate in the performance of contracts awarded to fulfill the audit requirements of this chapter.

3i use 7505.

"§ 7506. Monitoring responsibilities of the Comptroller General "The Comptroller General shall review provisions requiring financial or financial and compliance audits of recipients of Federal assistance that are contained in bills and resolutions reported by the committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives. If the Comptroller General determines that a bill or resolution contains provisions that are inconsistent with the requirements of this chap-

3i use 7506.