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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-511—OCT. 19, 1984

98 STAT. 2381

"(d) Except as provided in the second sentence of this subparagraph, the Secretary shall pay from the amounts appropriated for the purposes of this section pursuant to section 702(b)(2) for each Ante, p. 2370. fiscal year to each State educational agency which has a State program submitted and approved under subsection (a) of this section such sums as may be necessary for the proper and efficient conduct of such State program. The amount paid by the Secretary to any State educational agency under the preceding sentence for any fiscal year shall not be less than $50,000 nor greater than 5 percent of the aggregate of the amounts paid under section 721 for programs Ante, p. 2374. within such State in the fiscal year preceding the fiscal year to which this limitation applies. "(e) Funds made available under this section for any fiscal year shall be used by the State educational agency to supplement and, to the extent practical, to increase the level of funds that would, in the absence of such funds, be made available by the State for the purposes described in this section, and in no case to supplant such funds. PROGRAM EVALUATION REQUIREMENTS

"SEC. 733. (a) The Secretary shall issue, within six months of the Regulations. date of enactment of this section, regulations which set forth a 20 USC 3243. comprehensive design for evaluating the programs assisted under part A of this title. Such regulations shall be developed by the Ante, p. 2374 Director in consultation with the National Advisory and Coordinating Council on Bilingual Education. Such regulations shall provide for the collection of information and data including— "(1) the educational background, needs, and competencies of the limited English proficient persons served by the program; "(2) the specific educational activities undertaken pursuant to the program; the pedagogical materials, methods, and techniques utilized in the program; and with respect to classroom activities, the relative amount of instructional time spent with students on specified tasks; "(3) the educational and professional qualifications, including language competencies, of the staff responsible for planning and operating the program; and "(4) the extent of educational progress achieved through the program measured, as appropriate, by (A) tests of academic achievement in English language arts, and where appropriate, second language arts; (B) tests of academic achievement in subject matter areas; and (C) changes in the rate of student grade-retention, dropout, absenteeism, referral to or placement in special education classes, placement in programs for the gifted and talented, and enrollment in postsecondary education institutions. EVALUATION ASSISTANCE CENTERS

"SEC. 734. The Secretary shall establish, through competitive grants to institutions of higher education, at least two evaluation assistance centers. Such centers shall provide, upon the request of State or local educational agencies, technical assistance regarding methods and techniques for identifying the educational needs and competencies of limited English proficient persons and assessing the educational progress achieved through programs such as those as-

Grants. 20 USC 3244.