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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

98 STAT. 2390


Ante, p. 2389.

"SEC. 934. (a) In addition to the authority of the Secretary under section 932, the Secretary shall carry out a program of challenge grants (as part of the grant program administered under section 932(a)(1)), not to exceed $40,000 each, in order to support projects to develop— "(1) comprehensive plans for implementation of equity programs at every educational level; "(2) innovative approaches to school-community partnerships; "(3) new dissemination and replication strategies; and "(4) other innovative approaches to achieving the purposes of this part. "(b) For the purposes described in clauses (1) through (4) of subsection (a), the Secretary is authorized to make grants to public and private nonprofit agencies and to individuals.". CRITERIA AND PRIORITIES

20 USC 3345.

SEC. 405. Section 935 of the Act is amended— (1) by inserting "separate" after "Secretary shall establish"; and (2) by inserting "under sections 932(a)(1) and 932(a)(2)" after "priorities for awards". NATIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL ON W O M E N ' S EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS

20 USC 3346.

20 USC 1070.

SEC. 406. Section 936 of the Act is amended— (1) by striking out "Office of Education" in subsection (a) and inserting in lieu thereof "Department of Education"; (2) by striking out paragraph (1) of such subsection and inserting in lieu thereof the following: "(1) seventeen individuals, some of whom shall be students, and who shall be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, from among individuals, broadly representative of the general public and including (A) individuals who are experts in a wide range of issues of educational equity for women at all levels of education, including preschool, elementary and secondary education, higher education, and vocational and adult education; (B) individuals who are representative of and expert in the educational needs of racial and ethnic minority women, older women, and disabled women; (C) both women and men who have demonstrated commitment to and expertise in the purposes of this part; and (D) individuals who are representative of and expert in student financial assistance programs authorized under title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965;"; (3) by striking out "advise" and all that follows through "on matters" in subsection (c)(1) and inserting in lieu thereof "advise the Secretary and the Congress on matters"; (4) by inserting "selection of funding priorities and" before "allocation of any funds" in subsection (c)(2); and (5) by striking out subsection (c)(3) and inserting in lieu thereof the following: "(3) advise all Federal agencies which have education programs concerning those aspects of the programs which relate to the educational needs and opportunities of women;".