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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984



Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act, amendments 118 Indian Tribal Governmental Tax Status Act of 1982, amendments 1048 Indiana: Human Services Reauthorization Act 2878 Intercity Rail Passenger Service, study 399 Indians: Ak-Chin Indian Community, water rights 2698 Arizona and Kansas, lands 118 Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education Act 2435 Child Abuse Amendments of 1984 1749 Community impact planning, assistance for expenses 1331 Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Restoration Act 2250 Creek Nation— Claims settlement 11 Judgment funds 1356 Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 494 Devils Lake Sioux Tribe, land procurement 3171 Education Amendments of 1984 2366 Education for Economic Security Act 1267 Fort Berthold Reservation Mineral Restoration Act 3152 Intermountain Indian Boarding School, Utah, land conveyance 1477 Library Services and Construction Act Amendments 2236 Makah Tribe, Wash., lands in trust 179 Missing Children's Assistance Act 2125 Old Age Assistance Claims Settlement Act 2317 Older Americans Act Amendments of 1984 1767 Osage Tribe, Okla., inheritance tax exemption 3065 Osage Tribe of Indians Technical Corrections Act of 1984 3163 Paiute Tribe of Utah, lands in trust 11 Pueblo de Cochiti, lands in trust 315 San Juan Wilderness Protection Act of 1984 3155 Seneca Nation, land acquisition 177 Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe-Dexterby-the-Sea Claim Settlement Act 1671 Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe, N. Dak. and S. Dak., claims settlement 11, 2411 Southern Ute Tribe, boundary provisions 201 Trust funds, variable interest rates 1729 Wyandotte Tribe, funds use and distribution 3149


Zuni Tribe, Ariz., land conveyance 1533 Inertial ConHnement Fusion, Technical Review Group on, establishment 2648 Information, Public. See Public Information. Inland Navigational Rules Act of 1980, amendments 2866, 2867 Insanity Defense Reform Act of 1984 2057 Insider Trading Sanctions Act of 1984 1264 Insurance: Bankruptcy Amendments and Federal Judgeship Act of 1984 333 Deficit Reduction Act of 1984 494 Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Amendments of 1984 1639 Social Security Disability Benefits Reform Act of 1984 1794 Veterans' Compensation and Program Improvements Amendments of 1984 37 Intelligence Authorization Act for fiscal year 1985 3298 Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee, establishment 1246 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, Department of Defense Authorization Act of 1985 2492 Internal Revenue Code of 1954, amendments...6, 142, 394, 1325, 1436, 1439-1441, 1445, 1448-1451, 2030, 2056, 2988, 2991, 3176, 3180, 3359 International Agreements: Arms race in space, cooperative EastWest ventures 2914 Commercial Space Launch Act 3055 Department of Defense Authorization Act, 1985 2492 Fisheries 440,3394 Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments of 1984, The 3221 Marine Sanctuaries Amendments of 1984 2296 Semiconductor Chip Protection Act of 1984 3347 Trade and Tariff Act of 1984 2948 International Air Transportation Fair Competitive Practices Act, amendments 1706 International Aviation Facilities Act, amendments 1706 International Investment and Trade in Services Survey Act, amendments 3009 International Office of the Vine and Wine, authorization of U.S. participation 2752 International Trade and Investment Act 3000 Interstate Compacts. See Compacts Between States.

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