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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

98 STAT. 1776

Disadvantaged persons.


PUBLIC LAW 98-459—OCT. 9, 1984 (4) in clause (13)— (A) by striking out "subparagraph (H)" in subclause (B) and inserting in lieu thereof "subclause (H)", (B) by striking out "charge participating individuals" in subclause (C)(i), and inserting in lieu thereof "solicit voluntary contributions", and (C) by striking out "charges" in subclause (C)(ii) and inserting in lieu thereof "voluntary contributions", (5) in clause (15) by striking out "legal services" each place it appears and inserting in lieu thereof "legal assistance". (6) by amending clause (15)(B) to read as follows: "(g) ^j^g pj^n contains assurances that no legal assistance will be furnished unless the grantee administers a program designed to provide legal assistance to older individuals with social or economic need and has agreed, if the grantee is not a Legal Services Corporation project grantee, to coordinate its services with existing Legal Services Corporation projects in the planning and service area in order to concentrate the use of funds provided under this title on individuals with the greatest such need; and the area agency makes a finding, after assessment, pursuant to standards for service promulgated by the Commissioner, that any grantee selected is the entity best able to provide the particular services;", (7) in clause (17XBXii) by striking out the period at the end of such section and inserting in lieu thereof a semicolon and "and", (8) in clause (18) by striking out "Northern Mariana Islands" and inserting in lieu thereof "Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands", (9) by redesignating clauses (16), (17), and (18) as clauses (19), (20), and (21), respectively, and (10) by inserting after clause (15) the following new clauses: "(16) provide that whenever the State desires to provide for services for the prevention of abuse of older individuals— "(A) the plan contains assurances that any area agency on aging carrying out such services will conduct a program consistent with relevant State law and coordinated with existing State adult protective service activities for— "(i) public education to identify and prevent abuse of older individuals; "(ii) receipt of reports of abuse of older individuals; "(iii) active participation of older individuals participating in programs under this Act through outreach, conferences, and referral of such individuals to other social service agencies or sources of assistance where appropriate and consented to by the parties to be referred; and "(iv) referral of complaints to law enforcement or public protective service agencies where appropriate; "(B) the State will not permit involuntary or coerced participation in the program of services described in this clause by alleged victims, abusers, or their households; and "(C) all information gathered in the course of receiving reports and making referrals shall remain confidential unless all parties to the complaint consent in writing to the release of such information, except that such information