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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

98 STAT. 1856

97 Stat. 13.

PUBLIC LAW 98-473—OCT. 12, 1984

blocks numbered 52 west, and (b) north of the line between the row of blocks numbered 34 north and the row of blocks numbered 35 north, on the California (Lambert) Plane Coordinate System; (3) the boundaries of the Channel Island National Marine Sanctuary, as defined by title 15, part 935.3 of the Code of Federal Regulations; and (4) the boundaries of the Santa Barbara Channel Ecological Preserve and Buffer Zone, as defined by the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management Public Land Order numbered 4587 (vol. 34, page 5655 Federal Register March 26, 1969). This section shall not affect the authority of the Secretary of the Interior to approve any plan, or to grant any license or permit, which is restricted to scientific exploration or other scientific activities, or other preleasing activities necessary up to the point of sale. SEC. 112. No funds provided in this title may be used to detail any employee to an organization unless such detail is in accordance with Office of Personnel Management regulations. SEC. 113. Notwithstanding the provisions of Public Law 98-8, the deadline for outlaying Federal funds provided in that Act under the headings "Repairing and Restoring Parks and Recreational Facilities," "Historic Preservation Fund," and "Land and Water Conservation Fund" is extended to March 1, 1985, TITLE II—RELATED AGENCIES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE FOREST SERVICE FOREST RESEARCH

16 USC 1644.

For necessary expenses of forest research as authorized by law, $123,433,000, of which $8,000,000 shall remain available until expended for competitive research grants, as authorized by section 5 of Public Law 95-307. STATE AND PRIVATE FORESTRY

16 USC 2101 note. 92 Stat. 1652.

92 Stat. 1658.

For necessary expenses of cooperating with, and providing technical and financial assistance to States, Territories, possessions, and others; and for forest pest management activities, $59,505,000, to remain available for obligation until expended, to carry out activities authorized in Public Law 95-313: Provided, That a grant of $3,000,000 shall be made to the State of Minnesota for the purposes authorized by section 6 of Public Law 95-495: Provided further. That not less than $35,000 in pest suppression funds shall be provided for suppression of oak wilt in the State of Texas: Provided further. That $325,000 shall be made available to the Disabled Veterans Recreation, Inc., for construction of and other improvements to the Disabled Veterans Wilderness Retreat in Ely, Minnesota, for purposes authorized by section 18(d) of Public Law 95-495. NATIONAL FOREST SYSTEM

For necessary expenses of the Forest Service, not otherwise provided for, for management, protection, improvement, and utilization of the National Forest System, and for liquidation of obligations