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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-372—JULY 23, 1984

98 STAT. 1241

as is the report of the audit required by section 11 of this Act. The report shall not be printed as a public document. RESERVATION OF RIGHT TO AMEND OR REPEAL CHARTER

SEC. 13. The right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is expressly Congress, reserved to the Congress. ^^ ^^ ^^^^• DEFINITION OF STATE

SEC. 14. For purposes of this Act, the term "State" includes the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the territories and possessions of the United States.

36 USC 2513.


SEC. 15. The corporation shall maintain its status as an organiza- 36 USC 2514. tion exempt from taxation as provided in the Internal Revenue Code. If the corporation fails to maintain such status, the charter 26 USC i et seq. granted hereby shall expire. SEC. 16. If the corporation shall fail to comply with any of the 36 USC 2515. restrictions or provisions of this Act, the charter granted hereby shall e^ire. Approved July 23, 1984.

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