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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

98 STAT. 2084

PUBLIC LAW 98-473—OCT. 12, 1984 procedure, an opportunity to comment thereon was provided to citizens and to neighborhood and community groups. ' r REVIEW OF APPLICATIONS

42 USC 3746.

Ante, p. 2082. Effective date.

Ante, p. 2081.


Federal Register, publication. Public availability.

"SEC. 406. (a) The Bureau shall provide financial assistance to each State applicant under this part to carry out the programs or projects submitted by such applicant upon determining that— "(1) the application or amendment thereto is consistent with the requirements of this title; and "(2) before the approval of the application and any amendment thereto the Bureau has made an affirmative finding in writing that the program or project has been reviewed in accordance with section 405. Each application or amendment made and submitted for approval to the Bureau pursuant to section 405 of this title shall be deemed approved, in whole or in part, by the Bureau not later than sixty days after first received unless the Bureau informs the applicant of specific reasons for disapproval. "(b) The Bureau shall suspend funding for an approved application in whole or in part if such application contains a program or project which has failed to conform to the requirements of this part or purposes of section 403(a) of this title. The Bureau may make appropriate adjustments in the amounts of grants in accordance with its findings pursuant to this subsection. "(c) Grant funds awarded under this part shall not be used for— "(1) the purchase of equipment or hardware, or the payment of personnel costs, unless the cost of such purchases and payments is incurred as an incidental and necessary part of a program under section 403(a) of this title; "(2) programs which have as their primary purpose general salary payments for employees or classes of employees within an eligible jurisdiction, except for the compensation of personnel for time engaged in conducting or undergoing training programs or the compensation of personnel engaged in research, development, demonstration, or short-term programs; "(3) land acquisition or construction projects; or "(4) programs or projects which, based upon evaluations by the National Institute of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Bureau of Justice Statistics, State or local agencies, and other public or private organizations, have been demonstrated to offer a low probability of improving the functioning of the criminal justice system. Such programs must be formally identified by a notice in the Federal Register after opportunity for comment. "(d) The Bureau shall not finally disapprove any application, or any amendment thereto, submitted to the Director under this part without first affording the applicant reasonable notice and opportunity for reconsideration. ALLOCATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF FUNDS

42 USC 3747. Post, pp. 2086, 2087.

"SEC. 407. (a) Of the total amount appropriated for this part and part E in any fiscal year, 80 per centum shall be set aside for this part and allocated to States as follows: "(1) $250,000 shall be allocated to each of the participating States.