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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-473—OCT. 12, 1984 among all agencies and organizations with responsibilities related to missing children. "(b) The Administrator, either by making grants to or entering into contracts with public agencies or nonprofit private agencies, shall— "(1) establish and operate a national toll-free telephone line by which individuals may report information regarding the location of any missing child, or other child 13 years of age or younger whose whereabouts are unknown to such child's legal custodian, and request information pertaining to procedures necessary to reunite such child with such child's legal custodian; "(2) establish and operate a national resource center and clearinghouse designed— "(A) to provide technical assistance to local and State governments, public and private nonprofit agencies, and individuals in locating and recovering missing children; "(B) to coordinate public and private programs which locate, recover, or reunite missing children with their legal custodians; "(C) to disseminate nationally information about innovative and model missing childrens' programs, services, and legislation; and "(D) to provide technical assistance to law enforcement agencies. State and local governments, elements of the criminal justice system, public and private nonprofit agencies, and individuals in the prevention, investigation, prosecution, and treatment of the missing and exploited child case; and "(3) periodically conduct national incidence studies to determine for a given year the actual number of children reported missing each year, the number of children who are victims of abduction by strangers, the number of children who are the victims of parental kidnapings, and the number of children who are recovered each year. "(c) Nothing contained in this title shall be construed to grant to the Administrator any law enforcement responsibility or supervisory authority over any other Federal agency.

98 STAT. 2127

Grants. Contracts. Public information.



"SEC. 405. (a) There is hereby established the Advisory Board on Missing Children (hereinafter in this title referred to as the 'Advisory Board') which shall be composed of 9 members as follows: "(1) a law enforcement officer; "(2) an individual whose official duty is to prosecute violations of the criminal law of a State; "(3) the chief executive officer of a unit of local government within a State; "(4) a statewide elected officer of a State; "(5) the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Director's designee from within the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and "(6) 4 members of the public who have experience or expertise relating to missing children (including members representing parent groups).

Establishment. 42 USC 5774.