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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-473—OCT. 12, 1984

98 STAT. 2145

"(1) the term 'counterfeited' means a document that purports to be genuine but is not, because it has been falsely made or manufactured in its entirety; "(2) the term 'forged' means a document that purports to be genuine but is not because it has been falsely altered, completed, signed, or endorsed, or contains a false addition thereto or insertion therein, or is a combination of parts of two or more genuine documents; "(3) the term 'security' means— "(A) a note, stock certificate, treasury stock certificate, bond, treasury bond, debenture, certificate of deposit, interest poupon, bill, check, draft, warrant, debit instrument as defined in section 916(c) of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (15 U.S.C. 1693(c)), money order, traveler's check, letter of credit, warehouse receipt, negotiable bill of lading, evidence of indebtedness, certificate of interest in or participation in any profit-sharing agreement collateral-trust certificate, pre-reorganization certificate of subscription, transferable share, investment contract, voting trust certificate, or certificate of interest in tangible or intangible property; "(B) an instrument evidencing ownership of goods, wares, or merchandise; "(C) any other written instrument commonly known as a security; "(D) a certificate of interest in, certificate of participation in, certificate for, receipt for, or warrant or option or other right to subscribe to or purchase, any of the foregoing; or "(E) a blank form of any of the foregoing; "(4) the term 'organization' means a legal entity, other than a government, established or organized for any purpose, and includes a corporation, company, association, firm, partnership, joint stock company, foundation, institution, society, union, or any other association or persons which operates in or the activities of which affect interstate or foreign commerce; and "(5) the term 'State' includes a State of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and any other territory or possession of the United States.", (b) The analysis at the beginning of chapter 25 of title 18 is amended by adding after the item relating to section 509 the following: "510. Securities of the State and private entities.". PART E—RECEIPT OF STOLEN BANK PROPERTY

SEC. 1106. Subsection (c) of section 2113 of title 18 is amended to read as follows: "(c) Whoever receives, possesses, conceals, stores, barters, sells, or disposes of, any property or money or other thing of value which has been taken or stolen from a bank, credit union, or savings and loan association in violation of subsection (b), knowing the same to be property which has been stolen shall be subject to the punishment provided in subsection (b) for the taker.". PART F—BANK BRIBERY

SEC. 1107. (a) Section 215 of title 18 is amended to read as follows:

15 USC I693n.