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PUBLIC LAW 98-000—MMMM. DD, 1984

PUBLIC LAW 98-375—AUG. 7, 1984

98 STAT. 1259

(2) recommendations for the allocation of financial and administrative responsibility among the public agencies and private organizations recommended for participation by the Commission; and (3) recommendations for such legislation and administrative actions as the Commission deems necessary to carry out the commemoration of the voyages of discovery. The President shall transmit the Commission's report to the Congress together with such comments and additional recommendations for legislation and administrative actions as the President deems appropriate. (c) The Commission shall prepare and submit to the Congress an annual report on the activities of the Commission, including an accounting of funds received and expended. (d) In preparing its plans and programs, the Commission shall consider any related plans and programs developed by State and local, and foreign governments, and private groups, including the 1992 World's Fair to be held in Chicago, Illinois, and in Seville, Spain. The Commission shall endeavor to plan and conduct its activities in such manner as to ensure that activities conducted pursuant to this Act do not duplicate activities of the 1992 World's Fair, which the Commission recognizes to be a major highlight of the quincentenary celebration. (e) The Commission may designate special committees and invite representatives from such public agencies and private organizations to assist the Commission in carrying out this section as the Commission deems appropriate. ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS

SEC. 5. In carrying out the purposes of this Act, the Commission is authorized to provide for— (1) the preparation, distribution, dissemination, exhibition, and sale of historical, commemorative, and informational materials and objects which will contribute to public awareness of, and interest in, the quincentennial, except that any commemorative coins, medals, or stamps issued by the United States shall be sold only by an agency of the United States; (2) competitions, commissions, and awards for historical, scholarly, artistic, literary, musical, and other works, programs, and projects relating to the quincentennial; and (3) a quincentennial calendar or register of programs and projects, and in other ways provide a central clearinghouse for information and coordination regarding dates, events, places, documents, artifacts, and personalities of quincentennial historical and commemorative significance. COORDINATION OF EFFORTS

SEC. 6. (a) In carrying out the purposes of this Act, the Commission shall consult, cooperate with, and seek adyice and assistance from appropriate Federal departments and agencies. State and local public bodies, foreign governments, learned societies, and historical, patriotic, philanthropic, civic, professional, and related organizations. Such Federal departments and agencies are authorized and requested to cooperate with the Commission in planning, encourag-

President of U.S.


1992 World's Fair.