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tan, or by Omicron. They seem to think the law speaks only to men. A serious error that runs counter to the whole analogy of Scripture. All general laws are alike addressed to both sexes. "The Rabbins say, that whatsoever is forbid to men, in the negative precepts of the law, is also forbid to women." See Calmet's Dict. under Woman. Wild as they were in other matters, they were correct in this.

The first prohibition given to man, as a test of his obedience, seems to have been delivered to Adam before Eve was made—(Gen. 2:15–22;) yet our common mother knew it was imposed on her, as well as on her husband. (Gen. 3:1–3.) The Decalogue was addressed to men, just as this marriage law is; but who doubts it was addressed also to women? In the tenth commandment the Lawgiver says to man, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife;" and does He not, at the same time, say to woman, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's husband?" But Omicron objects, "The Hebrew wife was, in fact, comparatively little more than the husband's slave, whom he might dismiss at pleasure."—"It follows, from these considerations,