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Her Blue Rollin' E'e.

Tune—The Banks of the Devon.

My lassie is lovely as May-day, adorning
Wi' gowans an' primroses ilka green lee;
Tho' tender's the violet, new-blawn i' the mornin
As tender an' sweet is her blue rollin' e'e.
O say. what is whiter than snaw on the mountain
O what wi' the red rose in beauty can vie?
Yes! whiter her bosom than snaw on the mountain
And bonnie her face as the red-rose can be.

See yon lovely cottage that stands by the wild wood
Hedg'd round wi' the sweet-briar an' green willow tree,
'Twas yonder I spent the sweet hours of my childhood
An' first felt the pow'r o' a love-rolling e'e.
Tho' soon frae my hame an' my lassie I wander'd
Tho' lang I've been tossin' on Fortune's rough sea
Ay dear was the valley where Etterick meander'd,
Ay dear was the blink o' her blue rollin' e'e.

O for the ev'nin'! and O for the hour!
When down by yon broom-wood she promis'd to be,
When, quick as the summer-dew dries on the flower
A' earthly affections an' wishes will flee!