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Wandering Young Gentlewoman;


Cat-Skin’s Garland, IN FIVE PARTS.

Part I. How an Esquire's Daughter near London, was forc’d from home by her Father’s cruelty, but through her tender Mother she was well educated and cloathed in rich array. And when she came to understand that she was hated by her Father, she made a robe of Cat-skins, with which she wandered, carrying the rich attire and Jewels in a bundle under her arm.

Part II. How one evening she went to a knight’s house, where she begged for a night’s lodging in the stable, which was granted her,

Part III. A very comical and pleasant passage, which passed between Cat-skin and the young Esquire the Knight’s Son.

Part IV. In what manner he comes to catch Cat-skin in her rich attire, and how he fell in love with her and got his parents consent, he going to bed feigning himself sick, and made Cat-skin his nurse, with an account of their marriage.

Part V. An account of the death of her Mother and Sister, and he who was worth thousands drest like a beggar, went to her gate where he cried for charity, &c.

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