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She said, You are welcome, feed heartily I pray,
And if you are willing, with me you shall stay,
So long as I live; then he made this reply,
I only am come, thy love for to try.

Thro’ mercy my child, I’m rich and not poor,
I have gold and silver enough now in store,
And for the love which at thy hand I have found,
For a portion I’ll give thee ten thousand pound.

So in a few days after as I understand,
This man he went home and sold off all his land,
And ten thousand pounds to his daughter did give,
And then altogether in love they did live.

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To its ain proper Tune.

THere is a chambermaid lives in the South,
So tight, so light, so neat, so gay, so handy—o.
Her breath is like the rose, and the pretty little mouth
of pretty little Tippet is the dandy-o!

Never could I clasp the waist of Sucky, Sal, or peg,
their arms so red, their ugly legs so bandy—o!
But slim and taper is the waist: the neat and pretty leg,
of pretty little Tippet is the dandy—o!

Tippet of the South, if she gives me but a smile,
cheers the cockels of my skipping heart, like brandy—o.
Each part, each limb, each look, would any one beguile
but take her altogether, she’s the dandy—o!
Each part, each limb, each look, would any one beguile
and Tippet’s little total is the dandy—o!