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puzzle was all nonsense, that the apparent language was not merely obscure, but unmeaning gibberish; then, I suppose, we should turn into sheep and goats that nourish a blind life within the brain. But if we are to reason, to ask, to speculate; then, so far as I can see, we can only proceed by the guidance of analogy, proceeding from the known to the unknown. And this being so, it seems clear that we have no right to say: "If there were a God, if there were a true faith, if religion were anything but a sham and a delusion; then, all would be clear, easy, and self-evident. It would be no more possible for a man to doubt of God than to doubt of the nose on his face. Is it likely that the master-truth, the great word of the enigma of the universe would be difficult, hard to understand, full of apparent contradic-