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7 Buts through a' the hale creation I' a mortal vext like me?" A night lang he row'd and gauated, Sleep or rest he couldna' tak; Maggy aft wi' horror haunted, Mum'ling started at his back. Soon as e'er the morning peepit, Up raise Watty, waefu' chiel, Kist his weanies while they sleepet, Waukened Meg, and sought fareweel. "Farewell, Meg!—and, O! may Heaven Keep you aye within his care: Watty's heart ye've lang been grievin', Now he'll never fash you mair. Happy cou'd I been beside you, Happy, baith at morn and e'en: A' the ills did e'er betide you, Watty aye turned out your frien'. But ye ever like to see me Vext and sighing, late and air: Farewell, Meg! I've sworn to lea' thee, So thou'll never see me mair." Meg, a sabbing, sae to lose him, Sic a change had never wist, Held his hand close to her bosom, While her heart was like to burst. "O my Watty, will ye lea' me, Frien less, helpless, to despair! O! for this ae time forgi'e me: Never will I vex you mair."