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V. The Philosopher's Stone 94

VI. The Island 105

VII. Captain Selover Loses his Nerve 113

VIII. Wrecking of the "Golden Horn" 124

IX. The Empty Brandy Bottle 133

X. Change of Masters 138

XL The Corrosive 145

XII. "Old Scrubs" Comes Ashore 162

XIII. I Make my Escape 174

XIV. An Adventure in the Night 178

XV. Five Hundred Yards' Range 183

XVI. The Murder 189

XVII. The Open Sea 193

XVIII. The Catastrophe 201



I. In the Wardroom 211

II. The Jolly Roger 217

III. The Cache 224

IV. The Twin Slabs 230

V. The Pinwheel Volcano 238

VI. Mr. Darrow Receives 245

VII. The Survivors 254

VIII. The Maker of Marvels 260

IX. The Achievement 269

X. The Doom 278