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o' an agreement they begun to cow their cutted lugs, an wath their fairs, a but Jockey’s mither, who cries out, a black end on you and your wedding baith; for I hae gotten a hunder holes dung in my arfe wi’ the round heckle teeth.

Jockey answers, A e’en had you wi’ them than mither, ye will e’en be the better fair'd.

Up gets auld Rabby, an auld Sandy the suter o’ Seggyhole, to put every thing in order; they prapet up the bed wi’ a rake and rippling kame, the bearers being braken, they made a solid foundation o’ peets, laid on the calf-bed and bowsters, where Jockey and Maggy was beddet the second time.

Jockey not being used to lie wi’a naked woman, except heads and thraws wi' his mither, gets his twa hands about the bride’s neck, and his hough out o’er her hurdies, saying, I ne’er kist wife nor lass naked before, and for fainess I’ll bite you. I’ll bite you, &c. Naething mair remarkable till about half a year, an four oukes thereafter, in comes Marion Mushet running bare-foot and bare-legit, wi’ bleart cheeks an a watery nose, cursing and banning, greeting an flyting.

Marion enters. Crying, an whar’s John?

His mither answers. Indeed he’s out in the yard powing kail runts.

Mar.] A. black end on a him an his runts baith, for he’s ruin’d me an my bairn.

Mit.] Ruin’d you! it canna be; he never did you ill, nor said you ill, be night nor be day, what gars you say that?

Mar.] O woman! our Jenny is a’ rowing like a pack o’ woo? indeed she’s wi’ quick bairn, and your John is the father o’t.

Mit.] Our John the father o’t! had, there enough said, lying lown, I trow our John was ne’er guilty o’ sic a sinfu' action: Dafo woman, I trow it'll be but wind that hoves up the lassie’s waine, she’Il hae drunken some four drink, like raw sowens, or rotten milk that mak’s her sae.