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Jock.] Mither, mither, gie's nane o'your mocks nor malice for tho' I got the wean, ye hae as muckle the wyte o't as I. Ga seek me out my three new sarks, an Sundays shune, an I'se gang whar ne'er man saw my face before; neither wood, water, nor wilderness sall haud me again.

Mit.] My braw man, Johnny, ye manna do that, stay at hame wi me, an let a stout heart to a stay brae, I'se gang to the session wi' you, gang whan you like.

Jock.] A well mither, I sall do your bidding for ance yet, but whan the minister flytes on me, answer ye him, for I canna speak well again.

Mit.] Say nea mair, I ha a pockfu’ o' petitions to louse an put to him and his elders, an if thou maun gae to their black stool, it's no be thy lane sall sit upon't

Jock.] But mither, wither sall I deny the doing o't; or confess the game was at the getting o't.

Mit.] Ay, ay, confess ye did it, but say but ance, an that was on the terms of marriage, the way that a' our kintry bystarts is gotten.

Now Jockey being three times summon'd to the session and did not appear, the session insisted for a warrant from the justice of the peace, which was readily granted, more for diversion than justice sake; be warrant given to John King the constable, who went away with Clinkem Bell on Saturday's morning, and catched John just at his brose, hauls him awa, ane at ilka oxter like twa butcher dogs hinging at a bill a beard, his mither follow'd, driving him up with counsel, my braw man Johnny, haud up your head, an dinna think shame, for o' your fauts is but perfect honesty, you're neither a thief, whore, nor horse-stealer.

Then Maggy ran for uncle Rabby, an uncle Rabby sent for Sandy the Souter of Seggyhole, the Souter saddled his mare, an uncle Rabby got aff at the gallop on his grey powney, west the hags, an o'er by Whitehill-sheugh, the nearest, and was at Sir James