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the justice lang or John was brought into judgment.

John enters before the justice with a red, red face like a well paid arse, faus down on his knees, saying, Guide’en Mr Jutice Sir James ant please yout honour, ye manna put me in prison, for I'm not a malefactor, but a poor honest kintryman, that was born in an ill planet, my mither says’t, I had the ill luck, of a misfortune to fa' foul wi fornication, an got my mither's lass wi bairn the last year, an they’re' gaun to father't on me the year.

The justice smiling, answer'd, Indeed John, I think it is but very just and reasonable, that ye be accountable this year, for your last year’s labours.

Jock.] Ay, ay, stir, I have laboured very fair since my father died; but our plough canna get gane for frost this four days.

Just.] Ay, but John, that's no what I mean 'tis the child you got last year, ye must be answerable for this.

Jock.] A deed stir, there was twa o’ them, but there is ane o them dead.

Just.] A well then John, you’ll have the more to give the one that’s alive.

Jock.] O! but stir, it's my ain wean that’s dead, the ane I got wi' my wife; I dinna ken whither the uther be mine or no.

Just.] Your’s or no sir, when ye told me ye got it; if ye should get it wi’ a beggar wife at the back o a dyke, what’s that to the purpose, when it is of your getting, you must maintain it.

Jock.] O yes, stir, I'm no refusing to gie meat an meal to mamtain’t; but my mither winna let me to the black stool.

Just.] Why not go to the black-stool, when guilty of such a sinful action as deserves it, if you have any reason why you should not go, argument it in the session, and clear yourself if you can.

John's mither enters, and addresses herself to the servant lass thinking she was the justice's lady.

Indeed mistress madam, if ye were a kintry good-