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Jock.] Na, stir, I didna, ly wi’ her, for the herd an me lay in the byre bed, an she lay in the little lang-sadle at the hallan end.

Mess John.] ’Tis all one whether ye lay with her or no, when ye have got her with child, that’s what ye confess.

Jock.] I kenna whether I got her wi' bairn or no: but I did wi' her as I wi' did our Maggy, when she fell wi' bairn.

Mess John.] But the question is, whether or no did you promise to marry her when that child was gotten?

Jock.] Hut, tut, stir, ye wad fash souk spiering a' thing, it was her that promist to marry me for the getting o’t.

Mess John.] And did not you do the like to her?

Jock.] A what needed I do the like when she an my mither did it a' but the wean getting, she coudna do that.

Mess John.] Indeed John, you seem to have been a parcel of loose livers altogether.

Jock.] A loose stir, I wish I were loose yet, better be louse than bun to an ill stake.

Mess John.] I see it is needless for me to enquire any further into the matter, I find you out guilty; therefore you must appear publickly on the stool of repentance on Sabbath next, and the two following thereafter, or ye be absolved from the scandal.

Jock.] Indeed Master Minister, am very easy about repentance, and for your stool, tis a seat am very indifferent about, for am but bashful, an as I was never guilty o' getting bystarts, either before sinsyne, except in thoughts, words, deeds an' actions, I think ye may o'ch let me pess, I suffered enough wi' the clash o' the fintry, an loss o'my ain wean, it was the bystart, ye culdna' gar me stand for that.

Mess John.] You appear to be such a stupid fellow, the like of you should neither have lawful child