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nor bastard, and I admire that such an ideot as you, was allowed to be married to any woman: and you James, who is elder of that proportion, should have given information of this man’s capacity, before he was joined to a wife.

Elder.] Indeed sir, ye ken very well, he answered the questions at the examine, better than any other fouks, and I think he is best married, for he might a gotten mae bystarts and a fasht us.

Jock.] Indeed stir, 'tis very true, for when ance I got the gate o' women, I cou’d na bide arf them, but our Maggy was unco cunnen, she wadna let me do naething but kiss her an kittle her, till ance we was married.

Mess John.] I'll ask no more questions a' him; call in his mither, (in she comes), Goodwife, we have ordered your son to appear three Sundays on the stool, and there to be reproved, before the congregation publickly and be absolved from the scandal.

Mit.] Then the ill thief be in his arse Mess John, gin o’er he set his hip upon’t, my bairn on your black-stool? and wadna't be a great blunder on the auld black face o't, to my son to gang on't before the young laird, who has had twa bystarts an ne'er set a hip on't yet, and he's continually riding on the hissies to this day, and them that winna let him, he rives their duds, and kicks their doups. A dear Mess John, an ye gie gentle fouk a toleration to whore, to fornicate, kiss and cuddle a wee, wi ilka body they like, I'll gie you ten marks and gie't to me an my son too.

Mess John.] And what shall we do with these odious persons?

Elders.] Indeed Sir, we see not what we can make of them.

Mess John.] Make of them, we'll exclude them from all church benefit, and lay them under the lesser excommunication.

Mit.] Indeed stir, take your mind o't as our cat