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leaving like half a t—d at every tedder length.

Jock.] Deed mither, I doubt death has something to do wi' you, for there's a rumbling in your wame like an auld wife kirning.

Mit.] Hout tout I canna hear o’t, but they'll be nae fear o’ me now, I am safe at my ain door, thanks to thee and the auld beast it brought me; heat my feet wi’ the bannock stane, and lay me in my bed, fling four pair o’ blankets an a canno’s on me, I'll be weel enough an ance I were better, swieth Maggy gae mak me a cogin’ o’ milk brose an a plack’s worth o' spice in them, nae fear of an auld wife, as lang as she's loose behin, an can tak meat.

Jock.] I sae be’t mither, a e'en fill up the boss o' your belly, you’ll stand the storm better, I'se warrand ye never die as lang as ye can tak oury meat.

Ben comes Maggy wi' the brose; but four soups an a stag fill'd her to the teeth till she began to bock them back again, an ding awa the dish.

Jock.] A mither, mither, I doubt there's mair ado wi' you nor a dish to lick: when ye refuse guid milk meat, I'm doubtfu' your mouth be gaun to the mules.

Mit.] A dear Johnny I'm no willin to die if I cou'd do better; but this will be a fair winter, on auld frail fouks, yet an I wou'd grow better I might live these twenty years yet, an be an auld wife for a' that; but alake a day there is e'en many auld folk dying this year.

Jock.] A deed mither there is fouks dying the year that never died before.

Mit.] Dear Johnny wilt thou bring me the doctor, he may do me some guid, for an my heart wasna sick an my head sair, I think I may grow better yet.

Jock.] A weel mither, I'se bring the doctor, the minister and my uncle.

Mit.] Na, na, bring nae ministers to me, his dry gracks 'ill do me but little guid I dinna want to see his powder'd pow, an' I in sic an ill condition