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she cried, John cried, which made a’ the Limmers and auld Katty the houdie laugh heartily to hear them.

Katty.] Here now John, your wife’s brought to bed wi’ a braw lad bairn, gie him your blessing.

Jock.] Well a wat he’s no want that, but an there had a been as muckle din at the getting o’ him, as at the bearing o’ him, it sud ne’er a been gotten for me; Come, come, gets in Uncle Rabby, the corn riddle fu’ o’ the three neuket scons, whang down the cheese like peats, eat and drink as at my mither’s dradgey, till we forget our sorrow, an’ then we’ll see Mess John about a name to him; since we, see 'tis the way o't, that the young comes into the warld and chases out the auld, we maun christen them, an they maun bury us.

Now John and his Uncle goes to the Minister, he enters, saying, guideen to you Mr Minister, ye dinna ken my mither’s dead?

Min.] Yes John I heard so: but how is your wife?

Jock.] My wife stir, a wae worth her, for the wives o’ our town an I hae gotten a waking night wi’ her: but we hae gotten her turn’d an still'd again, she’s born a bra’ wally thumping stirra, he’ll herd the kye belyve to me an he had hoggers on him, an am come to you to get a bit name to him.

Min.] A bit name to him John, if ye want no more but a name, ye may gie him that yourself.

Jock. Na but stir, I want baith the, words and the water, what ye say to ither fouks, say to me.

Min.] A’ but John you must give security or satisfaction, you’re a man under scandal.

Jock.] What the muckle mischief stir, though under scandal or aboon scandal, will ye refuse to chrisen my wean that’s honestly gotten in my ain wife's bed, beneath the blankets; cause I had a bystart, canna ye christen the weel com’d ane, let the bystart stand for its an skaith without a name.