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Drudge, and as their Jest and Maygame: At last Thomas Cholmondly Esq; took him into his House, and ordered a Steward to try whether he could make any Thing of him, and to teach him to read. But his Stupidity increased; and he could only learn how to hold his Goad right, and drive Oxen at Plow. As he was in the Field with the rest of the Servants, he let fall his Goad on a sudden, and was again in an Extasy; the Servants beat him, but to no Purpose, for he so continued for an Hour; and then said, He had seen those Things which never Man seen before. Strict Justice, said he, shall bring Order into a confused Nation, and Righteousness and Mercy shall reign when Faction and Rebellion are utterly destroyed.

While he lived with the Gentleman aforesaid, he foretold the Civil Wars, the Death of King Charles I. the restoration of Charles II. King James’s Abdication, the Revolution, &c. And, says he, these Things will as certainly happen, as that the King will send for me, and I be starved to Death. When he had finished his speech, he returned to his natural Dulness and Silence: the Servants came home and told these Things to the Master, who ordered them to write down all they could remember; which is preserved in that Family to this Day.

His grand Prophecy, which hereafter follows, he also made while he lived with his Master, Cholmondley, which he delivered with as much Gravity and Seriousness, as if he had seen an Oracle; and tho’ he was so foolish that he could not speak common Sense at another time, yet, when he delivered this Prophecy, he spoke very plain and sensibly.

Our Prophet Nixon lived in the Reign of K. James I. And one Day coming from Plough, he sat himself down, and continued in a melancholly Posture for some Time; but at length, with a hoarse Voice, he said, Now I’ll prophesy; and then uttered these Words following.