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from her Young; that she herself was one that saw this; and that the Cry among the People was, Now Nixon’s Prophecy is fulfilled, and we shall have a foreign King. She declared that she had read over the Prophecy divers Times, when her Sister was with Child of the Heir that now enjoys the Estate.

She remembred that King James II. was plainly pointed at, and that it was foretold, He should endeavour to subvert the Laws and Religion of this Kingdom, for which Reason his Subjects would rise, and turn him out. That the Eagle prophesied of, perch’d in the Window all the Time her Sister was in Labour. She said, It was the largest Bird she ever saw; and that she and many others have open’d the Window and endeavour’d to fear it away, but in vain, for ’twould not stir till her Sister was brought to Bed; after which it flew to a great Tree, opposite the Chamber her Sifter lay in, where it stayed about three Days, and then flew away in the Night.

She affirmed further to the Lady Cowper, That the Falling of the Garden-wall was a Thing beyond all Doubt; because many People, now living, remember it: That it was foretold, that the Heir of Vale Royal should love to see England invaded by Foreigners: That the Miller mentioned is alive, and expects to be knighted, and is in the very Mill that is prophesied of: That he should kill two Invaders, who would come in, the one from the West, and the other from the North: That he from the North should bring with him Danes, Germans and Dutch; and that in the Folds of his Garments he should bring Fire and Famine, Plague and Murder: That many Battles should be fought in England; one upon London-bridge, which would be so bloody, that People should ride up to their Horses Bellies in Blood: That several other Battles should be fought up and down most Parts of Cheshire; and that the last that ever should be fought in England, should be on De la Mere Forest: That the Heir of Olton, whose Name is E——, should be hanged up at his own Gate.

He foretells great Glory and Prosperity to those who