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1 Latin batuere, to strike (low Latin battere)

1 F.[1] abbatre,, to lay low; to cut down; to humble; to slaughter.
F. abbatre, v.r., to abate (of the wind); to be dejected in spirits.
S. abatir,, to lay low; to humble; to lower.
S. abatir, v.r., to be dejected in spirits.
E. abate, v. int.
2 F. battre to beat (strike or stir); to beat (defeat); to churn; to thrash
F. battre, v.r., to fight.
S. batir., to beat (of inanimate things); to beat (defeat); to beat (stir); to churn.
S. batir, v.r., to fight.
E. batter,
3 F. combattre,
S. combatir,
E. combat,
4 F. debattre,
F. debattre, vr. to struggle; to writhe.
S. debatir,
E. debate,
5 F. rabattre,, to beat down; to abate; to diminish; to humble.
F. rabattre,, to turn under.
E. rebate,
6 F. rebattre,, to beat again; to repeat over and over; to shuffle again.
S. rebatir,, to curb; to parry; to refute.
7 F. bataille, s.f.
S. batalla, s.f.
E. battle, s.
8 F. batte, s.f., beater; wooden sword.
E. bat, s.

2 Latin claudere (clodere, cludere), clausum, etc., to close

1 F. clore,, to close; to close (accounts; discussion); to end
E. close,
2 F. conclure,
S. concluir,
E. conclude,
3 F. éclore, to hatch (S., empollarse); to bloom (S., florecer)
4 F. enclore,
S. incluir,, (m.u., cercar,
E. enclose,
5 F. exclure,
S. excluir,
E. exclude,
6 F. inclure, (Little used except in p.p., as la lettre ci-incluse)
S. incluir,
E. include,
7 E. disclose,
  1. F—Stands for French.
    S—Stands for Spanish.
    E—Stands for English.