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Chuang Tzŭ

That wheels do not press down the ground.

Touching only at a point.

That the eye does not see.

It is the man.

That the finger does not touch. That the uttermost extreme is not the end. That a tortoise is longer than a snake.

Because longer lived!

That a carpenter's square is not square.

Like Horace's whetstone which makes other things sharp, "exsors ipsa secandi."

That compasses will not make a circle.

It is the draughtsman.

That a round hole will not surround a square handle. That the shadow of a flying bird does not move. That there is a moment when a swiftly-flying arrow is neither moving nor at rest. That a dog is not a hound.

Two things cannot be identical unless even their names are the same.

That a bay horse and a dun cow are three.

Taken separately they are two. Taken together they are one. One and two make three.

That a white dog is black.

If his eyes are black. Part standing for the whole.

That a motherless colt never had a mother.

When it had a mother, it was not an orphan.