Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Park, John Ranicar

PARK, JOHN RANICAR (1778–1847), surgeon and theologian, only son of Henry Park [q. v.], was born at Liverpool in 1778, and educated, first at Warrington, then under a private tutor, and subsequently on the continent. He entered at Jesus College, Cambridge, graduated M.B. in 1813, and M.D. in 1818. He was licensed to practise by his university on 18 Nov. 1815, and a month later was admitted an inceptor candidate of the Royal College of Surgeons. On 30 Sept. 1819 he was made a fellow of that college, and in 1821 appointed Gulstonian lecturer. He was also a fellow of the Linnean Society. He died at Cheltenham on 14 Dec. 1847.

His professional works consist of: 1. ‘Inquiry into the Laws of Animal Life,’ 1812. 2. ‘Outlines of the Organs of the Human Body.’ 3. ‘The Pathology of Fever [Gulstonian Lectures],’ 1822. His subsequent writings were theological: 1. ‘Views of Prophecy and the Millennium.’ 2. ‘Concise Exposition of the Apocalypse,’ 1823. 4. ‘The Apocalypse Explained,’ 1832. 5. ‘An Amicable Controversy with a Jewish Rabbi on the Messiah's Coming,’ 1832. 6. ‘An Answer to Anti-Supernaturalism,’ 1844.

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C. W. S.