Parker, Emma (DNB00)

PARKER, EMMA (fl. 1811), novelist, seems to have lived at Fairfield House, Denbighshire. She was the author of several novels which were favourably criticised by the critical and monthly reviews. They are, however, very mediocre performances. Her first book, 'Elfrida; or the Heiress of Belgrove,' in four volumes, was published in 1811.

Her other novels are: 1.'Virginia; or the Peace of Amiens,' 4 vols. 1811. 2. 'Aretas: a Novel,' 4 vols. 1813. 3. 'The Guerilla Chief,' 3 vols. 1814. 4. 'Self-Deception,' 2 vols. 1816. She also published in 1817 'Important Trifles, chiefly appropriate to Females on their entrance into Society.'

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E. L.