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Patriotic pieces from the Great War/"We Are of One Blood"


Two nations, but one people, in our color, race and creeds,
Who boast a common heritage and sires of noble deeds;
They say a line divides us, but, despite the land or flood,
We clasp the hand from land to land, for we're of common blood.

We may differ as to tariff rates, waters and boundary line,
If we catch each other poaching, we will indicate the fine,
But we think that we should emphasize, 'twill do us all much good,
Our fathers came from common soil; their veins flow common blood.

When warring nations question us, we'll fling the message back,
With stars and stripes entwined about our dear old Union Jack,
"We're brothers born, we're brothers still, and brothers aye shall be,
We'll stand for right, we'll stand for truth and Christian liberty."

The call for world-wide freedom has put us to the test,
The price we pay is very high, we're giving of our best;
From college, farm and factory, we've sent our bravest sons,
To hold our treasured liberty from devastating Huns.

To guard our women's honor and our dear old native sod,
From war-mad Prussian officers, whose passion knows no God.
Our sons have never faltered; they've always won the day,
In face of overwhelming odds, they've held the foe at bay.

Here's to the sons of Uncle Sam, who stand with Jack Canuck,
Who struggle for a righteous cause in good or evil luck,
Whose bugles never sound retreat, who fight to win or die,
That Stars and Stripes with Union Jack for freedom's cause may fly.

And when the war is over and democracy is saved,
While we review the gallant crew, who land and water braved,
On the North Sea or Langemarck, Vimy or Passchendaele,
We'll tell the world, with flag unfurled, "they weathered every gale."

And when the noble veteran troops come marching through our street,
And loud hurrahs are sounding to the tramping of their feet,
The tear drops glistening in some eyes voice words we cannot speak,
That God, who holds "our boys" in trust, His promise will keep.

Rev. C. L. McIrvine