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Patriotic pieces from the Great War/The Unfurling of the Flag


Permission of the author

There's a streak across the sky line
That is gleaming in the sun,
Watchers from the light-house towers
Signaled it to foreign Powers
Just as daylight had begun,
Message thrilling,
Hopes fulfilling
To those fighting o'er the seas.
"It's the flag we've named Old Glory
That's unfurling to the breeze."

Can you see the flashing emblem
Of our Country's high ideal?
Keep your lifted eyes upon it
And draw joy and courage from it,
For it stands for what is real,
Freedom's calling
To the falling
From oppression's hard decrees.
It's the flag we've named Old Glory
You see floating in the breeze.

Glorious flag we raise so proudly,
Stars and stripes, red, white and blue,
You have been the inspiration
Of an ever-growing nation
Such as this world never knew.
Peace and Justice,
Freedom, Progress,
Are the blessings we can seize
When the flag we call Old Glory
Is unfurling to the breeze.

When the cry of battling nations
Reaches us across the space
Of the wild tumultuous ocean,
Hearts are stirred with deep emotion
For the saving of the race!
Peace foregoing,
Aid bestowing,
Bugles blowing,
First we drop on bended knees,
Then with shouts our Grand Old Glory
We set flaunting to the breeze!