Patriotic pieces from the Great War/To France

For works with similar titles, see To France.


To France! To France! The magic music falls
Across the world the voice of God now calls To France!
The war bells ring, and all the wide world gongs,
As soldiers march out with their battle songs
To France!

The bugles and the music of the earth
Call out with joy and marvelous mirth
To France!
To France for God, to France for Liberty
To France for Peace and our Democracy,
To France!

Columbia's hand now lifts the torch of war
And starts with blinding light across the star
To France!
The millions, brilliant, march on down the sky
And great America rings with all the cry
To France!

Come one, come all, to spend your lives and gold.
Come heroes, gentlemen, the brave, the bold,
To France!
Come, citizens in khaki, every one,
Come, find your God, come march into the sun,
To France!

To France, to France, the bugles, silver curled,
Go ringing out their chimes across the world
To France!
Come one, come all, the magic music falls,
The voice of God goes ringing with its calls,
To France!