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Philosophical Transactions/Volume 37/Epistle Dedicatory

To His Grace


Duke of Richmond and Lenox, &c.

My Lord,

I Beg Leave to present, to Your Grace this Volume of Philosophical Transactions, being a Collection of several Tracts lately read before the Royal Society, whose Meetings You have so frequently honour'd with Your Presence. Arts and Sciences always flourish most under the Protection of Princes and Great Men, who, themselves engaging in the Search after Learning, do by their Examples excite an Emulation among those, whose Business and Profession call them more immediately to the Improvement of the several Branches thereof. I am persuaded these Papers will meet with a favourable Reception from Your Grace; who have not only sewn Your Inclination to encourage Knowledge in General, by becoming one of the Members of the Society, but have likewise done a particular Honour to the Faculty of Physick, by condescending to join to the Noble Titles of Your High Rank, those of Doctor in that Profession, and of Fellow of the College of Physicians, London.

I therefore gladly take this Opportunity of acknowledging that I am,

With the greatest Submission,
My Lord,
Your Grace's,
Most Obedient, and
Most Humble Servant,

Cromwell Mortimer, M. D.

R. S. Secr.