Poems of the Great War/Wake up, England

"Wake up, England"
by Robert Bridges


THOU careless, awake!
    Thou peacemaker, fight!
Stand, England, for honour,
    And God guard the Right!

Thy mirth lay aside,
    They cavil and play:
The foe is upon thee,
    And grave is the day.

The monarch Ambition
    Hath harnessed his slaves;
But the folk of the Ocean
    Are free as the waves.

For Peace thou art armed
    Thy Freedom to hold:
Thy Courage as iron,
    The Good-faith as gold.

Through Fir, Air, and Water
    Thy trial must be:
But they that love life best
    Die gladly for thee.

The Love of their mothers
    Is strong to command;
The fame of their fathers
    Is might to their hand.

Much suffering shall cleanse thee;
    But thou through the flood
Shalt win to Salvation,
    To Beauty through blood.

Up, careless, awake!
    Ye peacemakers, fight!
England stands for Honour:
    God defend the Right!

Poet Laureate