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Popular Astronomy/Volume 30/General Notes


The 10-Foot Telescope for the Frye Observatory.- A clipping was sent us this month from the Seattle Times, in which it was stated that the great disc of glass, weighing ten tons, for the 10-foot reflector of the Frye Observatory had been successfully cast and annealed and is ready for grinding and polishing. A letter of inquiry to Mr. T. S. H. Shearman, who is directing the work on the mirror, brings the following statement:

"In reply to your letter of the 13th I would say that I shall be pleased to give Popular Astronomy particulars from time to time regarding the progress of the work on the 10-ft telescope.

"You will be pleased to know that the speculum will be ready for use in a few weeks. Circular No. 1 of the Frye Observatory will shortly be issued and mailed to you. This will give a full history of the undertaking."

A Gift to the Royal Astronomical Society.-At the meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society (England) April 12,1922, the president, Professor A. S. Eddington, announced a most generous gift of £2500, 5 per cent War Loan, made to the Society by Sir Charles Parsons, K. C. B., F. R. S., to enable it to carry on its work without hindrance in these times of financial stress.

The Astronomische Nachrichten.-This, one of the oldest of astronomical publications, has recently gone through serious crises on account of the heavy expense of printing. It is reported that the Astronomische Gesellschaft has come to the rescue, and that it seems as though the worst difficulties are now past.

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