Popular Science Monthly/Volume 33/Index

I N D E X.

Across Greenland (Miscellany) 858
Adze, A Jadeite, from Mexico (Miscellany) 571
Agriculture, Lines of Progress in (Miles) 352
Ainu Houses and their Furnishing (Goodrich) 497
Ainu, The, of Yezo, A Study of (Goodrich) 200
A Living Mystery 730
Allen, Grant, Gourds and Bottles 310
America, The Name of (Miscellany) 571
American Association, Officers of the (Miscellany) 856
American Association, The Cleveland Meeting of the (Editorial) 846
Andaman Island Myths (Miscellany) 862
Andrews, Eliza F., Education and the Employment of Children 230
Animal and Plant Lore (Bergen) 656
Animals as modified by Environment (Steere) 243
Antagonism, Grove 608
Ant, The Occidental (Miscellany) 719
Arctic Alaska (Howard) 376
Argyll, The Duke of, A Great Confession 55
Arnold, Matthew (Editorial) 269
Ashley, Charles S., Industrial Adjustments (Correspondence) 408
Asphalt, The Best (Miscellany) 426
Atkinson, Edward, The Surplus Revenue 145
Atmospheric Phenomena, Worship of (D'Alviella) 99
Audubon Monument, The (Miscellany) 138
Auk, the Great, The Home of (Lucas) 456

Baird, Spencer F., Sketch of 547
Baldness, Theories of the Cause of (Rogers), (Correspondence) 700
Bean Curd (Miscellany) 284
Bees as Weather Indicators (Miscellany) 860
Benton, Joel, The Earned Decrease vs. the Unearned Increment 177
Bergen, Mrs. Fanny D., Animal and Plant Lore 656
Bert, Paul, Sketch of 401
Bird Courts of Justice 832
Bissell, Mary Taylor, M.D., A Correction (Correspondence) 125
Blanchard, M. Emile, Spiders and their Ways 787
Bodington, Mrs. Alice, Curiosities of Evolution 783
Books noticed:
Adams, H. B. Seminary Libraries and University Extension 419
Agassiz, Alexander. Three Cruises of the Blake 560
Aitkin, Sir William. Animal Alkaloids 132
Allen, Nathan. Physical Development 707
"American Geologist," The 274
Art, The, of Investing 275
Ballard, H. H. Three Kingdoms 421
Ballon, M. M. Under the Southern Cross 134
Bancroft, H. H. History of Mexico, Vol. VI 136
Barnard, F. P. Strongbow's Conquest of Ireland; 566
Baskerville, Prof. W. M. Outline of Anglo-Saxon Grammar 135
Battershall, Jesse P. Food Adulteration and its Detection 274
Beecher, H. W. Patriotic Addresses 136
Bell, A. M. World-English 712
Bellamy, Edward. Looking backward 711
Blackbird, Andrew J. History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians 275
Blair, A. A. The Chemical Analysis of Iron 850
Bloxam, C. L. Chemistry 132
Bolton, H. C. The Counting-out Rhymes of Children 272
Bonham, J. M. Industrial Liberty 849
Bradley, Elizabeth N. L'Iodisme 276
Brooks, E. S. The Story of New York 422
Bruce, A. T. Embryology of Insects and Arachnoids 564
Bugbee, A. G. Exercises in English Syntax 135
California inter Pocula 853
Camp, O. C. Labor, Capital, and Money 133
Clark, J. B., and Giddings, F. H. The Modern Distributive Processes 567
Clayton, H. H. Loomis's Contributions to Meteorology 420
"Climatologist," The 564
Clodd, Edward. The Story of Creation 562
Complete Volapük Dictionary 855
"Congress" 133
Cook, G. H. Report of the State Geologist of New Jersey, 1887 563
Cossa, Luigi. Taxation: its Principles and Methods 566
Cust, Lady. The Invalid's Own Book 277
Davis, J. R. A Text-Book of Biology 851
Dawson, N. H. R. Report of the Commissioner of Education, 1885-'86 273
Day, David T. Mineral Resources of the United States, 1886 135
Denslow, Van Buren. Principles of Economic Philosophy, etc. 706
Donaldson, Thomas. George Catlin Indian Gallery (Smithsonian Report) 705
Draper, A. S. Report of New York State Superintendent of Public Instruction 566
Dreyspring, Prof. Adolph. First German Reader 419
Dryer, Charles R. Science in Secondary Schools 712
Dulles, C. W. Accidents and Emergencies 422
Emerson, J. M. Stimulants 277
Emmons, Samuel F. Geology and Mining Industry of Leadville 134
Fairchild, G. M., Jr. Canadian Leaves 137
Fish Commission, United States, Bulletin, 1886 134
Florist, The California 853
Forbes, George. Lectures on Electricity 420
Foster, Michael. The Journal of Physiology 564
Foster, Rev. John O. Our Standard-Bearer 855
Foulke, W. D. Slav or Saxon 133
Frye, A. E. The Child and Nature 421
Funk and Wagnalls. First Edition of Shakespeare 136
Galloway, Robert. Fundamental Principles of Chemistry 562
Gerhard, W. P. The Drainage of a House 418
Goddard, F. B. Furniture and the Art of Furnishing; Marketing; Grocer's Goods 422
Goode, G. Brown. Geographical Review of Fisheries, etc. 134
"American Fishes 561
Gouley, J. W. S. The Diseases of Man 273
Grabfield, J. P., and Burns, P. S. Chemical Problems 708
Grandgent, C. H. Italian Grammar 135
Gray, Asa. Synoptical Flora of North America: the Gamopetalæ 852
Gunton, George. Wealth and Progress 131
Hall, G. Stanley. American Journal of Psychology 566
Hampson, Thomas. The American Anthropologist 708
Heilprin, Angelo. The Geological Evidences of Evolution 562
Hemiup, M. R. Law of Heat 708
Henry, Charles. Various Points in the History of Mathematics 710
Henslow, Rev. George. The Origin of Floral Structures 848
Hill, D. J. The Social Influence of Christianity 710
Hill, G. A. Lessons in Geometry 563
Holcombe, Dr. William H. Condensed Thoughts about Christian Science 276
Holden, E. S. Hand-Book of the Lick Observatory 708
Hornaday, W. T. Free Rum on the Congo 133
Hughes, Alfred. Geography for Schools 419
Button, Rev. J. Simon of Montfort and his Cause 566
Hyde, Mary F. Practical Lessons in the Use of English 419
Hyde, Mary F. Practical Lessons in the Use of English 565
Ingram, J. K. A History of Political Economy 559
Ireland, G. II. Preventable Causes of Diseases, etc., in Manufactories and Workshops 419
Jacobson, Augustus. Higher Ground 133
Johonnot, James. Stories of other Lands 854
Jones, C. O. Negro Myths from the Georgia Coast 422
Joyne, E. S. German Grammar 135
"Judge's Young Folks" 713
Kelley, William D. The Old South and the New 133
Kerr, Norman. Inebriety 564
Lackawanna Institute, Proceedings and Collections 563
Laing, Samuel. Agnosticism and Christianity 710
Le Conte, Joseph. Evolution and its Relation to Religious Thought 129
Leffmann, Henry. Tanner's Memoranda on Poisons 422
Levi, Leone. International Law 415
Lewis, A. H. Critical History of Sunday Legislation 416
Lincoln, D. F. Sanitary Conditions of School-Houses 419
Linderfelt, Klas August. Volapük 135
""Complete Volapük Dictionary 855
Lindley, Walter, and Widney, J. P. California of the South 134
Lockyer, J. Norman. The Movements of the Earth 274
Long, J. H. Slips of Tongue and Pen 419
Loti, Pierre. From Lands of Exile 712
Lunt, E. C. The Present Condition of Economic Science 851
Magnus, Sir Philip. Education in Bavaria 566
Marks, Prof. W. D. Nystrom's Pocket-Book of Mechanics, etc. 133
Martin, H. N., and Brooks, W. K. Studies from the Biological Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University 710
Martin, H. N., and Brooks, W. K. Studies from the Biological Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University 853
Meagher, M. H. The Historical American 852
Meyer, Dr. Lothar. Modern Theories of Chemistry 415
Miller, Olive Thorne. In Nesting-Time 562
Molee, Elias. A Plea for an Amerikan Language 276
Morehead, L. M. Incidents in the Life of Prof. James P. Espy 275
Muir, M. M. P., and Carnegie. Practical Chemistry 132
Muir, M. M. P., and Slater, Charles. Elementary Chemistry 132
Müller, F. Max. The Science of Thought 708
Muter, John. Manual of Analytical Chemistry 132
Oestlund, O. W. Synopsis of the Aphididæ of Minnesota 564
Oldberd, Oscar, and Long, J. H. Laboratory Manual of Chemistry 421
"Old South Leaflets" 711
Oswald, F. L. The Bible of Nature 710
Peabody, Dr. A. P. Harvard Reminiscences 275
Peck, W. G. Analytical Mechanics 133
Philosophical Society of Washington, Bulletin, Vols. IX and X 855
Pickering, E. C. Photographic Study of Stellar Spectra 709
Potts, Edward. Fresh-Water Sponges 420
Preyer, W. The Mind of the Child 565
Proctor, Richard A. First Steps in Geometry 132
"Easy Lessons in the Differential Calculus 133
Proudhon, P. J. System of Economic Contradictions 707
Quick, M. W. Modern Speculation 711
Reed, H. A. Photography applied to Surveying 421
Reute, Emily. Memoirs of an Arabian Princess 135
Ricketts, P. de P., and Russell, S. H. Skeleton Notes upon Inorganic Chemistry 420
Rio de Janeiro, Archivos do Museo Nacional, Vol. VII 855
Robinson, E. G. Principles and Practices of Morality 417
Rolleston, George, and Jackson, W. H. Forms of Animal Life 416
"Science and Photography" 563
Seidel, Robert. Industrial Instruction 419
Seller, Emma. The Voice in Singing 137
Shoppell, R. W. Artistic Modern Houses at Low Cost 418
Smock, J. C. Building-Stone in the State of New York 709
Spencer, Edgar A. Hints from a Lawyer 567
Sternberg, G. M. Disinfection and Individual Prophylaxis 419
Sterne, Simon. Constitutional History and Political Development of the United States 567
Stewart, Prof. Balfour, and Gee, W. H. H. Electricity and Magnetism 420
Stirling, William. Outlines of Practical Physiology 276
Stockham, G. H, Temperance and Prohibition 711
Sturtevant, E. L. Report of New York Agricultural Experiment Station, 1887 276
Swedenborg, Emanuel. The Soul 275
Taussig, F. W. The Tariff History of the United States 852
Thompson, D. G. The Religious Sentiments of the Human Mind 270
Van Dyke, Henry. The National Sin of Literary Piracy 137
Varona, Enrique José. Conferencias Filosoficas 420
Vaughan, V. O. Healthy Homes and Foods 418
""Ptomaines and Leucomaines 853
Von Richter, Prof. Victor. Inorganic Chemistry 132
Von Rosenberg, Leo. The Vosberg Tunnel 275
Wadsworth, M. E. Peridotites, Gabbros, Diabases, and Andesytes of Minnesota 564
White, A. D. European Schools of History and Politics 565
Whitman, C. O. The Journal of Morphology 565
Wilson, James H. China 134
Wilson, J. C. Fever-Nursing 276
Winchell, N. H. Report of Geological and Natural History Survey of Minnesota, 1886 563
"Woman" 136
Woodward, C. M. The Manual Training Schools 418
Wright, J. McNair. Sea-side and Way-side 421
Wright, J. McNair. Sea-side and Way-side 565
Wright, T. F. The Realities of Heaven 710
Botany as it may be taught (Halsted) 369
Botocudos, The (Miscellany) 718
Boussingault, J. B., Sketch of 836
British North Borneo (Miscellany) 139
Brooks, W. K., The Growth of Jelly-Fishes 577
Brooks, W. K., The Growth of Jelly-Fishes 710
Buckland, C. T., F. Z. S., Something about Snakes 490

Caddis-Flies, Metamorphosis of (Miscellany) 857
Census-Work, Training for (Miscellany) 278
Champion, A Philistine (Editorial) 412
Chemistry-Teaching, Some Principles of (Miscellany) 141
Children, Education and the Employment of (Andrews) 230
China, The Demand for Scientific Books in (Fielde), (Correspondence) 556
Chinese Grass-Cloth (Miscellany) 143
Chinese Mortuary Customs, Some (Fielde) 589
Chiriquians, Relics of the (Miscellany) 716
Chloroform, The Discoverer of (Miscellany) 278
Cities, Anglo-Saxon, The Dullness of (Miscellany) 862
City Life, Injurious Influences of (Piatt) 484
City Life, More Ills of (Fernald), (Correspondence) 699
Clarke, Prof. Frank Wigglesworth, Expert Testimony 653
Cliffs, Types of (Miscellany) 860
Climate, The Moral Influence of (Oswald) 37
Coal-Mine Explosions, Watering the Floors as a Preventive of (Miscellany) 717
Combinations of Capital and Labor, Philosophy of (Miscellany) 139
Commercial Depression, The Philosophy of (Noble) 159
Confession, A Great (Argyll) 55
Congress and International Copyright (Editorial) 267
Continent, A Fossil 682
Copan, Monuments, Sculptures, and Inscriptions at (Miscellany) 279
Cope, Prof. Edward D., The Relation of the Sexes to Government 721
Correction, A (Bissell), (Correspondence) 125
Correspondence 125
Correspondence 408
Correspondence 556
Correspondence 699
Correspondence 842
Cotton-String Cure, The (Towner), (Correspondence) 556
Cowles Electric Furnace, The, Products of (Miscellany) 143
Cremation, The Progress of (Miscellany) 429
Criticism, A Counter (Spencer) 150
Culture and Intelligence (Editorial) 557
Curiosities of Evolution (Bodington) 783

D'Alviella, Count Goblet, Primitive Worship of Atmospheric Phenomena 99
Darwinism and the Christian Faith 108
Darwinism and the Christian Faith 209
Darwinism and the Christian Faith 322
Darwinism, The Opposition to (Editorial) 701
Daubrée, Prof. G. A., Underground Waters and Mineral Veins 633
Dawson, G. M., Customs and Arts of the Kwakiool 345
Decrease, The Earned (Garrison), (Correspondence) 843
Decrease, The Earned, vs. the Unearned Increment (Benton) 177
Diamond, the. The Matrix of (Miscellany) 861
Discoverer, The, of Chloroform (Miscellany) 278
Drift-Sands and their Formations 534
Dynagraph, The (Miscellany) 568

Earth, the, What is known of (Strachey) 808
Easter Eggs, The Meaning of (Miscellany) 138
Eaton, Virgil G., How the Opium Habit is acquired 663
Economic Disturbances, Hon. David A. Wells on (Editorial) 126
Economic Outlook, The (Wells) 1
Economic Outlook (Morris), (Correspondence) 125
Editor's Table 126
Editor's Table 267
Editor's Table 411
Editor's Table 557
Editor's Table 701
Editor's Table 844
Education and the Employment of Children (Andrews) 230
Education for Mothers (Jenks), (Correspondence) 699
Education not a Function of the State (Editorial) 558
Electricity, Execution by (Miscellany) 424
Emerson, Prof. Edward, Man in Relation to the Lower Animals 751
End of the World, Preparation for the (Miscellany) 140
Equality or Protection (Morgan), (Correspondence) 410
Ethics and Economics (Mathews) 771
Evolution, A Difficulty regarding (Le Conte), (Correspondence) 125
Evolution, Curiosities of (Bodington) 783
Evolution, Relation of, to Materialism (Lo Conte) 79
Exhaustion from Rowing Contests (Miscellany) 715
Expert Testimony (Clarke) 653
Eye-Mindedness and Ear-Mindedness (Jastrow) 597

Fallacies in the Trades-Unions Argument (Mann) 361
"Feeding for Fat and for Lean" (Miscellany) 424
Fernald, Frederik A., More Ills of City Life (Correspondence) 699
Fielde, Adele M., The Demand for Scientific Books in China (Correspondence) 556
"Some Chinese Mortuary Customs 589
Fievez, O., The Flame of a Candle 256
Fish-Ponds (Miscellany) 717
Flame, The, of a Candle (Fievez) 256
Flower-Farming (Miscellany) 425
Fog-Signals (Purinton), (Correspondence) 409
Foot-print, Human, An Ancient (Miscellany) 427
Forest Cultivation, Profits of (Miscellany) 859
Forestry in Switzerland (Miscellany) 284

Games of the Greek Islanders (Miscellany) 140
Garrison, George P., The Earned Decrease (Correspondence) 843
Gauss, Carl Friedrich, Sketch of 694
Genealogy of Man, The Last Stages in the (Topinard) 821
Geography and its Related Sciences (Miscellany) 426
Geological Survey, the. Organization of (Miscellany) 423
Geological Tourist, The, in Europe (Lane) 216
Glacial Moraine, The English (Miscellany) 573
Good, Arthur, Writing-Machines for the Blind 643
Goodrich, J. K., A Study of the Ainu of Yezo 200
"Ainu Houses and their Furnishing 497
Gourds and Bottles (Allen) 310
Greece, Life in the Islands of (Miscellany) 718
Grove, Sir William R., Antagonism 608
Gutode, M. L., Whistles Ancient and Modern 169

Haberlandt, Prof. G., Mosses and their Water-Supply 479
Halsted, Prof. B. D., Botany as it may be taught 369
Hand-Work, The Three Grades of (Miscellany) 569
Harley, G. M.D., The Effects of Moderate Drinking 184
Heliotropism (McMillan) 674
Heredity, Some Laws of (Miscellany) 857
Herter, Dr. Christian, Hypnotism: what it is and what it is not 755
"High Altitude," The, Cure for Consumption (Miscellany) 573
Hill, Rev. Thomas, D.D., The Parlor-Game Cure 528
Hispaniolan Smokers (Miscellany) 857
Home, The, of the Great Auk (Lucas) 456
House-Drainage, Safety in (Hoyt) 289
Housekeeping, Practical, Chemistry in (Miscellany) 281
Howard, W. L., Arctic Alaska 376
Hoyt, William E., Safety in House-Drainage 289
Hygienic Living (Miscellany) 859
Hypnotism: what it is and what it is not (Herter) 755

Imitative Faculty, The, of Infants (Preyer) 249
Indian, the American, The Future of (Mays) 104
India Paper (Miscellany) 430
Industrial Adjustments (Ashley), (Correspondence) 408
Infants, The Imitative Faculty of (Preyer) 249
Infiltration, Purification of Sewage by (Miscellany) 282
Insects, An Exhibition of (Miscellany) 574
International Copyright, Congress and (Editorial) 267
Iron-Ore, Lake Superior, Origin of (Miscellany) 714
Is Combination Crime? (Morgan) 42

Janet, M. Paul, The Teaching of Psychology 332
Jastrow, Prof. Joseph, Eye-Mindedness and Ear-Mindedness 597
Jelly-Fishes, The Growth of (Brooks) 577
Jelly-Fishes, The Growth of (Brooks) 740
Jenks, Mrs. William F., Education for Mothers (Correspondence) 699
Johnson, Arnold Burges, Sound-Signals at Sea 86
Jordan, Prof. David Starr, The Octroi at Issoire 433

Kant, The Ethics of (Spencer) 464
Karr, Benjamin, Mental Traits in the Poultry-Yard 625
King, Lucy S., Women in Business (Correspondence) 842
Kingsley, Prof. J. S., Sketch of A. S. Packard 260
Kirchhoff, Gustav Robert, Sketch of 120
Kwakiool, The Customs and Arts of (Dawson) 345

Lake-Age, The, in Ohio (Miscellany) 428
Lane, Alfred C., The Geological Tourist in Europe 216
Le Conte, Prof. Joseph, Relation of Evolution to Materialism 79
"A Difficulty regarding Evolution (Correspondence) 125
"The Unity of Truth (Correspondence) 699
Literary Notices 129
Literary Notices 270
Literary Notices 415
Literary Notices 559
Literary Notices 705
Literary Notices 848
Locomotives, Increasing the Tractive Power of (Miscellany) 574
Lucas, Frederic A., The Home of the Great Auk 456
Lunatic Asylums, Private, in Great Britain (Miscellany) 860

Man in Relation to the Lower Animals (Emerson) 751
"Manners," The Origin of (Miscellany) 141
Mann, J. B., Fallacies in the Trades-Unions Argument 361
Manual or Industrial Training (Von Taube) 386
Manual Training, The Purpose of (Editorial) 703
Materialism, Relation of Evolution to (Le Conte) 79
Mathews, Robert, Ethics and Economics 771
Mays, Thomas J., M.D., Future of the American Indian 104
McMillan, Conway, Heliotropism 674
Mead, S. H., Population and the Food-Supply (Correspondence) 843
Miles, Dr. Manly, Lines of Progress in Agriculture 352
Mithraism (Miscellany) 283
Moderate Drinking, The Effects of (Harley) 184
Moleschott, Jacob, The Unity of Science 520
Morgan, Appleton, Is Combination Crime? 42
Morgan, Mrs. L. D., Equality or Protection (Correspondence) 410
Morris, Charles, The Aryan Race 851
Morris, Griffith, The Economic Outlook (Correspondence) 125
Mosses and their Water-Supply (Haberlandt) 479
Mother-of-Pearl in the Red Sea (Miscellany) 139
Mound-Builders' Units of Measure (Miscellany) 425
Mystery, A Living (Allen) 730
Mythologies, Construction of (Miscellany) 574

Natural History and Fables, Some Old (Miscellany) 280
Negro, the, The Future of 543
Nias, The Island of, and its People (Sundermann) 233
Noble, H. G. S., The Philosophy of Commercial Depression 159
Notes 143
Notes 286
Notes 430
Notes 575
Notes 719
Notes 863

Octroi, The, at Issoire (Jordan) 433
"One Glass," A Fatal (Miscellany) 570
Opium-Habit, How the, is acquired (Eaton) 663
Orinoco, The Head-Waters of the (Miscellany) 429
Oswald, Felix L., M.D., The Moral Influence of Climate 37
Outlook, The Economic (Wells) 1
"(Morris), (Correspondence) 125

Packard, Alpheus Spring, Sketch of (Kingsley) 260
Parlor-Game Cure, The (Hill) 528
Peabody Museum, The, of American Archæology (Miscellany) 713
Perforated Stones from California (Miscellany) 569
Petitions for Rain (Editorial) 702
Petroleum Emanations, Effects of, on Health (Miscellany) 862
Philosophy, The, of Commercial Depression (Noble) 159
Philosophy, Teaching, in the Public Schools (A Teacher) 509
Plant-Lice and their Insect Enemies (Miscellany) 279
Platt, Walter B., M.D., Injurious Influences of City Life 484
Popular Miscellany 138
Popular Miscellany 278
Popular Miscellany 423
Popular Miscellany 568
Popular Miscellany 713
Popular Miscellany 856
Population and the Food-Supply (Mead), (Correspondence) 843
Poultry-Yard, Mental Traits in the (Karr) 625
Preyer, Prof. W., The Imitative Faculty of Infants 249
Psychology, The Teaching of (Janet) 332
Purification of Sewage by Infiltration (Miscellany) 282
Purinton, Frank M., Fog-Signals (Correspondence) 409

Railways as Fosterers of Trade (Miscellany) 285
Railway Work, Half a Century of (Miscellany) 284
Reading, Systematic, for Teachers (Miscellany) 569
River-Swamps, Origin of (Miscellany) 142
Robin, The American, and his Congeners (Trotter) 74
Rock-Crystal, A Remarkable Specimen of (Miscellany) 142
Rogers, G. O., Theories of the Causes of Baldness (Correspondence) 700
Running Amok (Miscellany) 861

Safety in House-Drainage (Hoyt) 289
Saint Nicholas, The Slavic Feast of (Miscellany) 282
Salt-Beds, The, of South America (Miscellany) 716
Sanitation among the Negroes (Miscellany) 715
Scientific Books, The Demand for, in China (Field), (Correspondence) 556
Scientific Teaching, The Value of (Miscellany) 856
Sensations, The, of freezing to Death (Miscellany) 283
Sexes, The Relation of the, to Government (Cope) 721
Siberians, Native, Capacity of (Miscellany) 861
Six Hundred Shots a Minute (Miscellany) 286
Snakes, Something about (Buckland) 490
Sound-Signals at Sea (Johnson) 86
Spencer, Herbert, A Counter Criticism 150
"The Ethics of Kant 464
Spiders and their Ways (Blanchard) 787
State Education in England (Editorial) 844
State, The, and Social Organization (Editorial) 411
Steere, Prof. J. B., Animals as modified by Environment 243
Stellar Atmospheres (Miscellany) 858
Stigmatization (Wheatley) 667
Strachey, Lieut.-General E., What is known of the Earth 808
Sundermann, H., The Island of Nias and its People 233
Surplus Revenue, The (Atkinson) 145

Technical Education (Miscellany) 570
Topinard, M. Paul, The Last Stages in the Genealogy of Man 821
Towner, Mrs. A. J., The Cotton-String Cure (Correspondence) 556
Trades-Unions Argument, Fallacies in the (Mann) 361
Training, Manual or Industrial (Von Taube) 386
Trotter, Dr. Spencer, The American Robin and his Congeners 74
Truth, The Unity of (Le Conte), (Correspondence) 699

Unity, The, of Science (Moleschott) 520

Volcanic Lava-Cones (Miscellany) 280
Von Taube, Prof. G., Manual or Industrial Training 386

Walloon Superstitions (Miscellany) 859
Water, How long one can remain under (Miscellany) 714
Water-Pipes of Lead, Tin, and Iron (Miscellany) 281
Water Purification, The American System of (Miscellany) 572
Water-Spouts in the Atlantic (Miscellany) 427
Waters, Underground, and Mineral Veins (Daubrée) 633
Wells, David A., The Economic Outlook 1
Whaling in Spitzbergen Waters (Miscellany) 285
Wheatley, Rev. Richard, Stigmatization 667
Whistles Ancient and Modern (Gutode) 169
White Mountain, The, of Manchuria (Miscellany) 862
Women in Business (King), (Correspondence) 842
Writing-Machines for the Blind (Good) 643

Zambesi, Changes on the (Miscellany) 572