Popular Science Monthly/Volume 35/September 1889/Obituary Notes


Eugen Ferdinand von Hameyer, an eminent ornithologist, and President of the Ornithological Society of Berlin, died in Stolp, Prussia, June 1st, at eighty years of age. He was the author of several books, and possessed the largest existing collection of European birds.

Mr. John F. La Trobe Bateman, the engineer who supplied Glasgow with water from Loch Katrine, died June 10th, aged seventy-nine years.

Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach, Professor of Botany and Director of the Botanic Garden at Hamburg, died there. May 6th, in the sixty-seventh year of his age. He was born in Leipsic, the son of a botanist and professor at Dresden, and co-operated with his father in the preparation of the later volumes of the "Icones Floræ Germanicæ et Helveticæ." He devoted more than forty years of his life chiefly to the study of orchids, in knowledge of which he was the first.

Charles Harvey Bollman, museum assistant in the University of Indiana, a young naturalist of great promise, died July 13th, at Waycross, Georgia. He was in charge of the explorations of the United States Fish Commission in Georgia.