Popular Science Monthly/Volume 36/Index

I N D E X.

Abbott, Charles C. The Descendants of Palæolithic Man in America 145
African Tribe of Promise, An. (Misc.) 861
Agriculture and the Single Tax. H. White 481
Alchemist's Gold. A. De Rochas 814
Alcoholism and Consumption. (Misc.) 859
Allen, Grant. Plain Words on the Woman Question 170
Andrews, Miss E. F. Grant Allen on the Woman Question. (Corr.) 552
Animal Language. (Misc.) 427
Ants and the Plants that harbor Them. (Misc.) 859
Arid Regions, Our, and the Rainfall. (Misc.) 572
Armstrong, Mrs. M. F. The Mission of Educated Women 601
Arngrimsson, Frimann B. Sloyd: its Aim, Method, and Results* 784
Asbestus, Canadian, its Occurrence and Uses. J. T. Donald 526
Assassination, The History of the Doctrine of. (Misc.) 285
Atkinson, Edward. The Art of Cooking* 1
"The Future Situs of the Cotton Manufacture of the United States* 289
Australians, Outdoor Tastes of the. (Misc.) 139
Beauty, The, of Childhood. (Misc.) 572
Bellite. (Misc.) 280
Benton, Joel. The Decadence of Farming 27
Benton, Warren G. The Taouist Religion 329
Birds with Teeth* Otto Meyer 382
Books noticed:
Adams, Muyron. The Continuous Creation 849
Agriculture, Commissioner of. Report for 1888 129
American Journal of Psychology 712
Andrews, Charles M. The River Towns of Connecticut 274
Andrews, E. B. Institutes of Economics 708
Anthropological Society. The Aborigines of the District of Columbia and the Lower Potomac 566
Arena, The 855
Arkansas, Report of the Geological Survey for 1888. Vols. II and III 129
Aryan Sun-Myths the Origin of Religions 564
Atkinson, Edward. The Industrial Progress of the Nation 709
Attfield, John. Chemistry: General, Medical, and Pharmaceutical 418
Bagehot, Walter. Plan for assimilating the English and American Money 420
Baker, C. W. Monopolies and the People 563
Baldwin, James M. Handbook of Psychology: Senses and Intellect 270
Barnard, Charles. Graphic Methods in Teaching 568
Becker, G. F. Geology of the Quicksilver Deposits of the Pacific Slope, with an Atlas 561
Bell, A. M. Popular Manual of Vocal Physiology and Visible Speech 856
Bell, Clark. The Recent Judicial Departure in Insanity Cases 272
Bilgram, Hugo. Involuntary Idleness 421
Boston Society of Natural History. Proceedings, Vol. XXIV 565
Bowditch, H. P. Hints for Teachers of Physiology 272
Brinton, D. G., and A. S. Anthony. A Lenâpé-English Dictionary 709
Brown, W. L. Manual of assaying Gold, Silver, Copper, and Lead Ores 420
Buckham, T. R. The "Eight and Wrong" Test in Insanity 273
Collins, F. Howard. Epitome of the Synthetic Philosophy 850
Commonwealth, The 273
Cope, E. D. The Batrachia of North America 274
Cosmic Law of Thermal Repulsion, The 712
Crooker, J. H. Problems in American Society 852
Crothers, T. D. Should Inebriates be punished by Death for Crime? 273
Crusader Programs 855
Darwin, Charles. The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs 124
Daudet, Alphonse. La Belle Nivernaise 273
Davies, N. E. Foods for the Fat 854
Davis, Gualterio G. Ligeros Apuntes sobre el Clima de la Republica Argentina 563
Doctor of Medicine, A. Home-Rule and Federation 855
Donisthorpe, Wordsworth. Individualism, a System of Politics 705
Douglas, S. A. An American Continental Commercial Union or Alliance 569
Dunton, Larkin, Editor. The World and its People. Book I, First Lessons. Book II, Glimpses of the World 856
Dumas, A. Les Trois Mousquetaires 856
Eggleston, Edward. A First Book in American History 417
Ethnology, Bureau of. Sixth Annual Report, 1884-'85 268
Evolution 712
Ferrel, William. A Popular Treatise on the Winds 415
Fish and Fisheries, Commissioner of. Report for 1886 419
Flagg, Isaac. Iphigenia among the Taurians 127
Foster, W. E. References to the United States Constitution 857
Fothergill, J. M. The Town-Dweller 852
Fullerton, Anna M. A Handbook of Obstetrical Nursing 562
Globe, The 568
Gobin, A. La Pisciculture en Eaux Douces 853
Gordon, Anna A. Songs of the Young Women's Christian Temperance Union 855
Gore, J. H. A Bibliography of Geodesy 567
Gould, G. M. Eye-strain 854
Gouvy, M. A., Jr. The Construction of Cupolas for the Melting of Pig-iron 854
Gray, Asa. Scientific Papers of, selected by C. S. Sargent 266
Great Words from Great Americans 128
Greene, Homer. Coal and the Coal Mines 561
Grove, George. A Dictionary of Music and Musicians. Appendix 271
Haferkorn, H. E., and Paul Heise. Handy Lists of Technical Literature. Part I 271
Hague, Addison, Irregular Verbs of Attic Prose 128
Harris, W. T. Introduction to the Study of Philosophy 707
Harrison, J. T. On the Creation and Physical Structure of the Earth 853
Haworth, E. The Chemistry of Narcotics 712
Harvard College, Observatory of. Meteorological Observations, 1840-'88 567
"Observations made at the Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory in 1888 568
Henry, Mrs. S. M. I. Frances Raymond's Investment 855
"The Unanswered Prayer 855
Hensoldt, H. Meteorites and what they teach us 565
Hill, Robert T. Check-List of the Invertebrate Fossils from the Cretaceous Formations of Texas. Part I 712
"Neozoic Geology of Southwestern Arkansas 129
"Paleontology of the Cretaceous Formations of Texas. Part I 712
Himnan, Russell. Eclectic Physical Geography 709
Hiorns, A. H. Iron and Steel Manufacture 420
Hough, W. On the Preservation of Museum Specimens 711
Hubert, P. G., Jr. The Nursery Lesson-Book 421
Journal of Morphology. Vol. III, No. 1 567
Journal of Physiology, The. Vol. X 416
Inventor's Manual 854
Kansas State Agricultural College Experiment Station. Report of the Botanical Department 272
Kapp, Gisbert. Alternate-Current Machinery 420
Kent, Charles W. Elene 127
Klemm, L. R. European Schools 416
Krafft-Ebing, R. von. An Experimental Study in the Domain of Hypnotism 420
Kunz, G. F. Meteoric Iron 713
Lagrange, F. Physiology of Bodily Exercise 848
Laing, S. Problems of the Future, and Essays 707
Lauridsen, Peter. Vitus Bering, the Discoverer of Bering Strait 421
Lloyd, J. Hendric. The Insanity of Oscar Hugo Webber 272
McGee, W J. An Obsidian Implement from Pleistocene Deposits in Nevada 566
"The World's Supply of Fuel 565
M'Kendrick, John Gray. Special Physiology 851
Macoun, John. Catalogue of Canadian Plants. Parts I to IV 269
Mahaffy, John P., and John H. Bernard. Kant's Critical Philosophy for English Readers 127
Mahrenholtz-Buelow, Baroness. The Child and Child-Nature 420
Mason, O. T. Cradles of the American Aborigines 711
"The Human Beast of Burden 711
Mills, Wesley. A Text-Book of Animal Physiology 853
Modern Science Essayist 273
Morgan, T. J. Studies in Pedagogy 560
Moses, Bernard. The Federal Government of Switzerland 126
Müller, F. Max. Natural Religion 125
Neal, J. C. The Root-knot Disease 567
Newberry, J. S. Fossil Fishes and Fossil Plants of the Triassic Rocks of New Jersey and the Connecticut Valley 562
Newcomb, G. B. Teaching School Children to Think 564
New Review, The 270
New York State Board of Charities. Report of the Standing Committee on the Insane 272
Nichols, W. F. Topics in Geography 421
Observatorio Nacional Argentino, Resultados del 272
Parkes, Louis C. Hygiene and Public Health 417
Parrish, Joseph. The Legal Responsibility of Inebriates 273
Patten, S. N. The Rational Principles of Taxation 857
Peabody Museum of American Archæology and Ethnology Palæolithic Man in Eastern and Central America 566
Peacocke, J. M. The Disposal of the Dead 569
Peck, John Lord. The Kingdom of the Unselfish 128
Phyfe, W. H. P. Seven Thousand Words often mispronounced 710
Pilling, J. C. Bibliography of the Eskimo Language 855
"Bibliography of the Siouan Languages 855
"Bibliography of the Iroquoian Languages 855
"Bibliography of the Muskhogean Languages 855
Pope, F. L. Evolution of the Electric Incandescent Lamp 420
Porter, J. H. Artificial Deformation of Children 711
Proctor, Richard A. Strength: How to get Strong and keep Strong 419
Prudden, T. Mitchell. The Story of the Bacteria 419
Purinton, D. B. Christian Theism 559
Redway, J. W. The Teacher's Manual of Geography 421
Renton, A. Wood. Testamentary Capacity in Mental Disease 273
Richards, Mrs. Ellen H. Domestic Economy in Public Education 568
Richards, John. A Manual of Machine Construction 126
Rothschild, M. D. Handbook of Precious Stones 713
Russell, I. C. Subaërial Decay of Rocks, and Origin of the Red Color of Certain Formations 567
Scott, R. P. Cycling Art, Energy, and Locomotion 422
Shaler, N. S. The Geology of Nantucket 567
Shufeldt, R. W. Osteology of Arctic and Sub-Arctic Water-Birds 712
"Osteology of Tubinares and Steganopodes 711
"Studies of the Ardeinæ 712
"Studies of the Macrochires 565
Smithsonian Institution. Accounts of Progress in Anthropology, Chemistry, Geography and Exploration, North American Geology, Mineralogy, Physics, Vulcanology and Seismology, Zoölogy 710
""Bibliography of North American Paleontology 710
""Report on Exchanges 710
Society for Political Education. Questions for Debate 569
Sonrel, A., and J. W. Fewkes. The Anatomy of Astrangia Danæ 565
Stearns, R. E. O. Ethno-Conchology: A Study of Primitive Money 711
Steinitz, W. The Modern Chess Instructor. Part I 127
Stillman, J. W. God and the Universe 569
Sun and Shade 130
Symonds, Brandreth. Manual of Chemistry 128
Taylor, Thomas. Twelve Edible Mushrooms 272
Thackeray, S. W. The Land and the Community 559
Thomas, Cyrus. Aids to the Study of the Maya Codices 269
Thomas, Cyrus. Aids to the Study of the Maya Codices 272
Tillman, S. E. Elementary Lessons on Heat 128
Torrey, Bradford. A Rambler's Lease 564
True, Frederick W. A Review of the Family Delphinidæ 271
Upham, W. Glaciation of Mountains in New England and New York 712
"Marine Shells in the Till near Boston 712
"The Structure of Drumlins 712
Wachsmuth, C. and F. Springer. Discovery of the Ventral Structure of Taxocrinus and Haplocrinus 713
Ward, H. M. Timber and some of its Diseases 708
Ward, L. F. Some Social and Economic Paradoxes 855
Wells, David A. Recent Economic Changes 413
White, C. A. Invertebrate Fossils from the Pacific Coast 566
"The North American Mesozoic 565
Willard, Miss F. E. The Year's Bright Chain 855
Winchell, N. H. Natural Gas in Minnesota 712
Winslow, Arthur. Geology of the Coal Regions of Arkansas 129
Woodward, R. S. Formulas and Tables to facilitate the Construction of Maps 566
"Latitudes and Longitudes of Certain Points in Missouri, Kansas, and New Mexico 566
"On the Form and Position of the Sea-Level 566
Botany as a Disciplinary Study. (Misc.) 716

Bottle, a Glass, The Evolution of.* C. Hanford Henderson 154
Bridge, the Modern Railway, The Evolution of.* C. D. Jameson 461
Brooks, W. K. The Lucayan Indians* 88
Browne, James Crichton. Responsibility in Mental Disease 81

Cahall, William C. The Royal Society of England 226
Cambodia, A Glance at. (Misc.) 428
Cat-Goddess, The City of the. (Misc.) 281
Cave Life, The Effect of, on Animals. A. S. Packard 389
Chemical Prologue, A. C. H. Henderson 668
Chemist's, A, Services to Mankind. (Misc.) 574
Chidsey, Charles E. The Mysterious Music of Pascagoula 791
Children, Mental and Physical Training of. Jessie O. Waller 213
"The Law's Neglect of. (Misc.) 131
Chinese Problem, New Phases of the. W. B. Farwell 181
Chinese Silk-Lore.* Tcheng-Ki-Tong 500
Chinese Theory of Evolution, The.* A. M. Fielde 397
Chrysanthemums.* J. Dybowski 531
Clark University. (Misc.) 717
Clarke, Miss Helen A. The Mental Bias of Witnesses. (Corr.) 120
Cobra's Bite, Effect of a. (Misc.) 861
Colorado River of Texas, The. (Misc.) 718
Comparative Mythology. A. D. White 433
Comparative Mythology. A. D. White 577
Consumption, Open-Air Travel for. (Misc.) 715
Cooking, The Art of.* Edward Atkinson 1
Co-operation, A Lesson in. C. N. Tousle 821
Correction, A. J. Jastrow. (Corr.) 409
Cotton Fiber, The. (Misc.) 574
Cotton Manufacture of the United States, The Future Situs of the.* Edward Atkinson 289
Country Life, Past and Present. (Misc.) 134
Creatures, Wild, of the Alps. (Misc.) 133
Cretaceous Inland Sea, The. (Misc.) 424
Crofter's Question, The. (Misc.) 138
Cyclopædias, Old. (Misc.) 277

Dana, James D. The Name Silurian in Geology. (Misc.) 276
Darwin, An Orthodox Compliment to. (Misc.) 425
Darwin on the Fuegians and Patagonians * 744
Davis, Charles S. Public Schools and Crime. (Corr.) 700
Deep-Sea Life, The Condition of. (Misc.) 285
Doctor and Patient in Ancient Hispaniola. (Misc.) 134
Domestic Economy, Science in. (Editor's Table) 123
Donald, J. T. Canadian Asbestus: Its Occurrence and Uses 526
Dragons, Fabled and Real.* M. Maindron 808
Dust essential to Fogs. (Misc.) 861
Duthiers, H. de Lacaze. Old and New Methods in Zoölogy 19
Dybowski, Jean. Chrysanthemums* 531
"The Rare Forms of Orchids* 359

Education, Is, opposed to Motherhood? Miss A. B. Tweedy 751
Ellis, A. B. The Indwelling Spirits of Men 794
"The Lucayan Indians. (Corr.) 701
Ether, Structure of the. (Misc.) 132
Ethics, Absolute Political. Herbert Spencer 608
Ethics and Religion. C. H. Toy 727
Every-day Science. (Editor's Table) 264
Evolution and Disease. (Misc.) 285
Example in Moral Teaching. (Editor's Table) 847
Exercise for Chest Development. F. Lagrange 522
Experimental Fields at Rothamstead. (Misc.) 429

Farming and the Tariff. J. R. Thurston. (Corr.) 408
Farming, Decadence of, in England. M. B. C. True. (Corr.) 553
Farming, The Decadence of. Joel Benton 27
Farwell, Willard B. New Phases of the Chinese Problem 181
Fastings, Long, and Starvation. C. Richet 538
Fernald, Frederik A. Concerning Shrews* 663
"Politics and Farm-Mortgages. (Corr.) 843
Fielde, Miss Adele M. The Chinese Theory of Evolution * 397
Films, The Laws of.* Mrs. S. B. Herrick 620
Fishes, Deep-Sea. (Misc.) 135
Flames, Sensitive, and Sound-Shadows.* W. Le Conte Stevens 36
Flour-making in the Northwest. (Misc.) 570
Fogs, London, Composition of. (Misc.) 282
Forestry Association, The American. (Misc.) 423
Fossils, Interesting, of British North America. (Misc.) 424
Friction, If there were no. (Misc.) 135
Fuegians and Patagonians, Darwin on the* 744

Gem Minerals of Canada. (Misc.) 862
Germination, Experiments in. (Misc.) 283
Giffen, Robert. The Gross and Net Gain of Rising Wages 649
Glaisher, James, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 546
Glass-Making. III. The Evolution of a Glass Bottle.* C. H. Henderson 154
Governmental Aid to Injustice. G. M. Wallace 191
Greenland, The Ice-Cap of. (Misc.) 277
Greenwood, Frederick. Letters on the Land Question 334
Greenwood, Frederick. Letters on the Land Question 507
Gulf Stream, The Fate of the. (Misc.) 133

Harvest, A, from the Ocean. C. M. Strahan 377
Health Resorts, British, Climates of. (Misc.) 141
Henderson, C. Hanford. A Chemical Prologue 668
"Glass-Making. III. The Evolution of a Glass Bottle* 154
Henry, Stuart O. Rainfall on "The Plains" 535
Herbert, Auberon. Letters on the Land Question 507
Herrick, Mrs. Sophie Bledsoe. Sketch of A. J. F. Plateau. (With Portrait) 693
The Laws of Films* 620
Hilber, Vinzenz. The Struggle of Sea and Land 222
Himalayan Vegetation, Stages of. (Misc.) 428
History in High and Preparatory Schools. (Misc.) 276
Horse-flesh, Distinctive Characteristics of. (Misc.) 141
Houzeau, J. C. The Meaning of Pictured Spheres 688
Human Body, Is the, a Storage-Battery? Hyland C. Kirk 76
Human Body, Why not "Cobble up" the? John McElroy. (Corr.) 120
Huron and Iroquois Burials. (Misc.) 717
Huxley, Thomas Henry. Letters on the Land Question 334
Huxley, Thomas Henry. Letters on the Land Question 507
"On the Natural Inequality of Men 761

Iles, George. Two and a Half per Cent 349
Incendiaries, A Classification of. (Misc.) 284
Individualism. (Editor's Table) 557
Inequality, On the Natural, of Men. T. H. Huxley 761
Inheritance of Acquired Habit. (Misc.) 142
Insanity, The Test of. L. A. Tourtellot. (Corr.) 554
Intelligence of Squirrels. T. W. Mills 829
Irish Holiday Customs. (Misc.) 858
Iron, The Office of, in the Blood. (Misc.) 286
Irrigation of Arid Lands. H. J. Philpott 364
Israelite and Indian. Garrick Mallery 52
Israelite and Indian. Garrick Mallery 193

Jameson, Charles D. The Evolution of the Modern Railway Bridge* 461
Jastrow, Joseph. A Correction. (Corr.) 409
Jordan, David Starr. Science in the High School 721

Kansas, The Salt Product of. (Corr.) J. G. Wood 845
Kirk, Hyland C. Is the Human Body a Storage-Battery? 76
Knowledge, How to make, Real. (Editor's Table) 701
Koch, Robert, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 259
Kola-nut, Properties of the. (Misc.) 862

Lagrange, Fernand. Exercise for Chest Development 522
Laidler, John. Letters on the Land Question 334
Lake Ridges of Ohio. (Misc.) 423
Land-Ownership, Origin of. D. E. Wing 644
Land Question, Letters on the. Herbert Spencer, F. Greenwood, T. H. Huxley, Louis Mallet, and John Laidler 334
""T. H. Huxley, Herbert Spencer, A. Herbert, F. Greenwood, and D. Wilson 507
Land Question, The. (Editor's Table) 411
Land Tenures in China. (Misc.) 860
Laporte, Victor. Suspension of Vitality in Animals 257
Le Conte, John, Sketch of. (With Portrait). W. Le Conte Stevens 112
Leprosy, A Discussion about. (Misc.) 137
Light, Standards of. (Misc.) 136
Lindenthal, Gustav. Rigidity of the Suspension Bridge. (Corr.) 844
Localization of Industries, The. J. J. Menzies 454
Lucayan Indians, The.* W. K. Brooks 88
"A. B. Ellis. (Corr.) 701

M., A. A. A Defense of "Advanced" Women. (Corr.) 699
McElroy, John. Why not "Cobble up" the Human Body? (Corr.) 120
Mackenzie, Morell. Speech and Song. I. Speech 99
""II. Song 242
Maindron, Maurice. Dragons, Fabled and Real.* 808
Mallery, Garrick. Israelite and Indian 52
Mallery, Garrick. Israelite and Indian 193
Mallet, Louis. Letters on the Land Question 334
Mammoth Cave, The Great Hall of the. (Misc.) 575
Maori Axe, The Sacred. (Misc.) 426
Marriage, Disparity in. (Misc.) 140
Measures, Ancient Chaldean and Modern. (Misc.) 279
Mechanical Work, Experience and Training in. (Misc.) 280
Men, Classes of. (Misc.) 139
Mental Bias of Witnesses, The. Helen A. Clarke. (Corr.) 120
Mental Torpor Remedy, The. (Misc.) 427
Menzies, J. J. The Localization of Industries 454
Mercer, John, F. R. S. (Misc.) 136
Meredith, E. P. Moral Instruction in our Public Schools. (Corr.) 843
Meteorite Swarms, The Moving Forces of. (Misc.) 425
Meyer, Otto. Birds with Teeth.* 382
Mills, T. Wesley. Intelligence of Squirrels 829
Mining, Ancient Aboriginal. (Misc.) 131
Minnesota, An Unsettled Part of. (Misc.) 276
Minority, A, but not a Sect. (Editor's Table) 122
Moral Instruction in our Public Schools. (Corr.) E. P. Meredith 843
Mound-Builders and Indians. (Misc.) 283
Mounds, Aboriginal, in Manitoba. (Misc.) 571
Mount Roraima. (Misc.) 279
Music, What it takes to play a Piece of. (Misc.) 278

Northern Lights. W. Stosz 801
Notes 143
Notes 286
Notes 430
Notes 575
Notes 718
Notes 863
Obituary Notes 288
Obituary Notes 432
Obituary Notes 720
Obituary Notes 864
Orchids, The Pare Forms of.* J. Dybowski 359
Ousley, Clarence N. A Lesson in Co-operation 821

Packard, A. S. The Effect of Cave Life on Animals 389
Paleolithic Man in America, The Descendants of. Charles C. Abbott 145
Palm-Oil. (Misc.) 429
Palm-Trees and their Uses.* J. Poisson 371
Panama Canal Projects, Old. (Misc.) 859
Paros, The Island of, and its Marbles. (Misc.) 284
Pascagoula, The Mysterious Music of. C. E. Chidsey 791
Patriarchal Estate, A. (Misc.) 142
Patrick, G. T. W. The Psychology of Prejudice 633
Peple, Charles A. Environment and the Reproductive Power of Animals. (Corr.) 409
Perfumes, Flowers and. (Misc.) 430
Philpott, Henry J. A Novel Water-Cooler. (Corr.) 700
"Irrigation of Arid Lands 364
Phthisis, Climate and. (Misc.) 138
Physiognomy, The, of the Mouth.* Th. Piderit 678
Piderit, Th. The Physiognomy of the Mouth.* 678
Plain Words on the Woman Question. Grant Allen 170
Plateau, A. F. J., Sketch of. (With Portrait.) Mrs. S. B. Herrick 693
Poisson, J. Palm-Trees and their Uses* 371
Political Economy. (Editor's Table) 845
Politics and Farm Mortgages. (Corr.) F. A. Fernald 843
Precious Stones in the United States. (Misc.) 715
Prejudice, the Psychology of. G. T. W. Patrick 633
Property, The Right to. John H. Wigmore. (Corr.) 121
Prunes. (Misc.) 137
Public Schools and Crime. C. S. Davis. (Corr.) 700
Public Schools as affecting Crime and Vice. B. Reece 319
Publications received 130
Publications received 275
Publications received 422
Publications received 569
Publications received 713
Publications received 857

"Rabbit Pest," The, in Australia. (Misc.) 132
Racial Developments, A Comparison in. (Editor's Table) 265
Rainfall on "The Plains." S. O. Henry 535
Reece, Benjamin. Public Schools as affecting Crime and Vice 319
Refrigeration by Ammonia. (Misc.) 860
Remonstrance, A. H. W. (Corr.) 408
Reproductive Power in Animals, Conditions affecting the. James H. Stoller 48
Reproductive Power of Animals, Environment and the. C. A. Peple. (Corr.) 409
Responsibility in Mental Disease. James Crichton-Browne 81
Richet, Charles. Long Fastings and Starvation 538
Rittenhouse, David, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 835
Rochas, A. De. Alchemist's Gold 814
Rotifera, Distribution of. (Misc.) 281
Royal Society, The, of England. W. C. Cahall 226

Science in Domestic Economy. (Editor's Table) 123
Science in the High School. D. S. Jordan 721
Sea and Land, The Struggle of. V. Hilber 222
Shrews, Concerning.* F. A. Fernald 663
Silurian, The Name, in Geology. J. D. Dana. (Misc.) 276
Sleeplessness, Remedies for. (Misc.) 426
Sliding Railway, The. (Misc.) 862
Sloyd: its Aim, Method, and Results.* F. B. Arngrimsson 784
Slums, The Human Factor in. (Misc.) 142
Snow-Blindness. (Misc.) 575
Socialists, A Fallacy of the. J. L. Taylor. (Corr.) 699
Sound-Shadows, Sensitive Flames and.* W. Le Conte Stevens 36
Speech and Song. Morell Mackenzie. I. Speech 99
""II. Song 242
Spencer, Herbert. Absolute Political Ethics 608
"Letters on the Land Question 334
"Letters on the Land Question 507
Spheres, Pictured, The Meaning of. J. C. Houzeau 688
Spiders, Mental Powers of. (Misc.) 141
Spiders' Webs, Raining. (Misc.) 863
Spirits, Evil, A Chase of. (Misc.) 137
Spirits, The Indwelling, of Men. A. B. Ellis 794
Stevens, W. Le Conte. Sensitive Flames and Sound-Shadows* 36
"Sketch of John Le Conte. (With Portrait) 112
Stoker's Life, A. (Misc.) 140
Stoller, James H. Conditions affecting the Reproductive Power in Animals 48
Stone Implements, How, were made. (Misc.) 280
Storage-Battery, Is the Human Body a? Hyland C. Kirk 76
Stosz, Wilhelm. Northern Lights 801
Strahan, C. Morton. A Harvest from the Ocean 377
Suspension Bridge, Rigidity of the. (Corr.) G. Lindenthal 844
Suspension of Vitality in Animals. V. Laporte 257

Tahl-tan Indians, The, of British Columbia. (Misc.) 860
Taouist Religion, The. W. G. Benton 329
Tapestries. (Misc.) 571
Tapioca. (Misc.) 284
Taylor, James L. A Fallacy of the Socialists. (Corr.) 699
Tcheng-Ki-Tong. Chinese Silk-Lore* 500
Telescope, The Bruce Photographic. (Misc.) 278
Thurston, John R. Farming and the Tariff. (Corr.) 408
Ties, Iron Railway. (Misc.) 286
Tolstoi's Confession. (Editor's Table) 410
Toronto, The Disaster at. (Misc.) 858
Tourtellot, L. A. The Test of Insanity. (Corr.) 554
Toy, Crawford Howell. Ethics and Religion 727
Triassic History, A Bit of. (Misc.) 573
Trinity House, Favoritism at. (Misc.) 424
True, M. B. C. Decadence of Farming in England. (Corr.) 553
Truth, The Recognition of. (Editor's Table) 703
Tweedy, Miss Alice B. Is Education opposed to Motherhood? 751
Two and a Half per Cent. G. lies 349

Unfounded Statement, An. (Editor's Table) 847
Unhealthiness, Causes of, in Large Cities. (Misc.) 716
Uranium. (Misc.) 573
Useful Ignorance. (Editor's Table) 555

W., H. A Remonstrance. (Corr.) 408
Wages, Rising, The Gross and Net Gain of. R. Giffen 649
Wallace, George M. Governmental Aid to Injustice 191
Waller, Mrs. Jessie O. Mental and Physical Training of Children 213
Warfare of Science, New Chapters in the. VII. Comparative Mythology. A. D. White 433
Warfare of Science, New Chapters in the. VII. Comparative Mythology. A. D. White 577
Water-Cooler, A Novel. H. J. Philpott. (Corr.) 700
Water, Iron as a Purifier of. (Misc.) 573
Weather Service, The Future of our. (Misc.) 714
Whales, British. (Misc.) 136
White, Andrew Dickson. New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. VII. Comparative Mythology 433
White, Andrew Dickson. New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. VII. Comparative Mythology 577
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