Popular Science Monthly/Volume 37/Index

I N D E X.

Aber, Mary Ailing. Mothers and Natural Science 788
Advantages of Wild Life, Some. (Misc.) 857
Agnosticism, The Affirmative Side of. J. A. Skilton: with Letters from Herbert Spencer, T. H. Huxley, and Lyman Abbott 217
Agriculture on the Plains. (Corr.) A. E. Harvey 122
Alviella, Count Goblet d', The Migration of Symbols 671
Alviella, Count Goblet d', The Migration of Symbols 778
American Association, The. (Editor's Table) 843
Ancient Dwellings of the Rio Verde Valley.* E. A. Mearns 745
Ancient Men of the Potomac. (Misc.) 570
Animal and Plant Lore. III. Mrs. F. D. Bergen 240
Animals, Recognition of Pictures by. (Misc.) 426
Antiquity of Man, The, and Egyptology. A. D. White 145
""and Prehistoric Archæology. A. D. White 289
Apparatus-Making in Education. M. C. Wilson 345
Architecture, Utility in. B. Ferree 202
Arizona, Mountains of. (Misc.) 567
Art, Fine, in the Workshop. (Misc.) 572
Artists in Humble Work. (Misc.) 861
Asphalt in Building Construction. (Misc.) 715
Association, The American. (Misc.) 571
Astronomy on Lake Tanganyika. (Misc.) 427
Atkinson, Edward. Common Sense applied to the Tariff Question 433
Atkinson, Edward. Common Sense applied to the Tariff Question 591
Atmospheric Dust. W. Marcet 177
Australasia, Some Natives of.* E. Reclus 607
Avogadro. (Misc.) 141

Ball, A Little Boys 1 Game with a. H. J. Philpott 650
Barrier Beaches of the Atlantic Coast. F. J. H. Merrill 736
Beaman, George W. Secondary School Programmes 48
Beet-Sugar in Germany. (Misc.) 430
Bellamy, Miss Elizabeth W. A Queer Pet.* 528
Bergen, Mrs. Fanny D. Animal and Plant Lore. III 240
Books noticed:
Abbot, Francis E. The Way out of Agnosticism 416
Allen, Alexander V. G. Jonathan Edwards 129
Allen, Harrison. A Clinical Study of the Skull 560
American Society of Naturalists. Records, Vol. I, Part 7 707
Appleton, John H. Laboratory Year-Book 133
Arey, Albert L. Laboratory Manual of Experimental Physics 559
Bainton, George. The Art of Authorship 699
Barkan, Louis. How to preserve Health 418
Billings, John S. The National Medical Dictionary 130
Blackmar, Frank W. Spanish Colonization in the Southwest 705
"The History of Federal and State Aid to Higher Education in the United States 135
Bloxam, Charles L. Chemistry: Inorganic and Organic 560
Bonham, John M. Railway Secrecy and Trusts 134
Boole, Mary. Logic taught by Love 419
Brace, C. Loring. The Unknown God 556
Bray, Henry Truro. The Evolution of a Life 135
Brinton, Daniel G. Essays of an Americanist 413
"Etruscan and Libyan Names 561
"The Cradle of the Semites 708
Canadian Institute. Report of the Council for 1888-'89 278
Catalogue of Minerals, for sale by George L. English & Co 852
Childs, George W. Recollections of General Grant 855
"and C. H. Leete. Longman's School Geography for North America 850
Chisholm, George G. Handbook of Commercial Geography 277
Church, A. H. The Chemistry of Paints and Painting 559
Commissioners of the State Reservation at Niagara. Report for 1888-'89 708
Constitutional History of the United States, as seen in the Development of American Law 134
Cornell University. First Annual Report of the Agricultural Experiment Station, 1888 710
"Second Annual Report of the Agricultural Experiment Station 421
Crawley, Edwin S. Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry 418
Crocker, Joseph H. Different New Testament Views of Jesus 854
Crookshank, Edgar M. History and Pathology of Vaccination 275
Dabney, W. D. The Public Regulation of Railways 134
Darwin, Charles. Journal of Researches during the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle 271
Davis, Eben H. The Fourth Reading-Book 421
Dawson, J. William. Handbook of Geology 416
Dawson, N. H. R. Report of the Commissioner of Education for 1887-'88 134
Dudley William L. The Nature of Amalgams 708
Durham, William. Evolution, Antiquity of Man, Bacteria, etc 559
Earl, A. G. The Elements of Laboratory Work 417
Ebers, Georg. Joshua 561
Ecker, Alexander. The Anatomy of the Frog 131
Eckstein, Ernst. Nero 561
Eimer, G. H. T. Organic Evolution as the Result of the Inheritance of Acquired Characters 557
Existence, The, of a Positive, Constructive Side to Free Thought 561
Ferree, Barr. Primitive Architecture 421
Fiske, Amos K. Midnight Talks at the Club 556
Fitch, J. G. Notes on American Schools and Training Colleges 418
Fontaine, William M. The Potomac or Younger Mesozoic Flora 700
Foster, William E. References to the Constitution of the United States 560
Frédéricq, Paul. The Study of History in Germany and France 705
Friese, Philip C. Semitic Philosophy 700
Fullerton, George S. On Sameness and Identity 709
Fyffe, C. A. A History of Modern Europe. Vol. III 416
Geddes, Patrick, and J. A. Thomson. The Evolution of Sex 845
Gilbert, G. K. The history of the Niagara River 420
Goode, G. Brown. The Literary Labors of Benjamin Franklin 853
"Museum History and Museums of History 853
"Origin of the National Scientific and Educational Institutions of the United States 853
Goodwin, William W. Syntax of the Moods and Tenses of the Greek Verb 854
Gould, George M. A New Medical Dictionary 415
Griswold, W. M. Directory of Writers for the Literary Press 562
Grossmann, Louis. Maimonides 709
Guimps, Roger de. Pestalozzi, his Life and Work 701
Hackel, Eduard. The True Grasses 559
Hale, Horatio. Manual of the Oregon Trade Language, or Chinook Jargon 419
Halsted, Byron D. Rusts, Smuts, Ergots, and Rots 707
Hambleton, G. W. The Suppression of Consumption 710
Heilprin, Angelo. The Bermuda Islands 277
Henshaw, Samuel. A Bibliography of American Economic Entomology. Parts I, II, and III 560
Hornaday, William T. The Extermination of the American Bison 276
Howe, Henry M. The Metallurgy of Steel. Vol. I 846
Howland, George. Practical Hints for the Teachers of Public Schools 127
Hyde, E. W. Directional Calculus 854
Hubert, Philip G., Jr. Liberty and a Living 129
Illinois, University of. Bulletins of the Agricultural Experiment Station 560
Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station. Bulletin No. 7 135
"State Board of Health. Monthly Bulletin 135
Iowa, State University of. Bulletin from the Laboratories of Natural History 852
James, Edmund. The Federal Constitution of Germany, Translation of 708
Johns Hopkins University. Studies in the Biological Laboratory. Vol. IV 852
Jordan, David Starr. A Report of Explorations in the Alleghany Region 420
Journal of Morphology. Vol. Ill, No. 3 853
"Physiology. Vol. XI, Nos. 1, 2, and 3 853
Kansas Academy of Science, Transactions of. Vol. II 418
Kimball, Arthur L. The Physical Properties of Gases 555
Knoflach, Augustin. Sound-English 419
Kunz, George Frederick. Gems and Precious Stones of North America 414
Langley, S. P. Report of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution for 1889 133
Lee, Arthur B. The Microtomist's Vade-Mecum 560
Lesquereux, Leo. On some Fossil Remains 852
McCook, Henry C. American Spiders and their Spinning Work. Vol. I 132
McGill University. Calendar of the Faculty of Medicine 853
"The Leading Facts of American History 854
Mack, Charles S. Philosophy in Homœopathy 709
Mackay, A. H. The Fresh-water Sponges of Canada and Newfoundland 852
MacQueary, Howard. The Evolution of Man and Christianity 554
Mantegazza, Paolo. Physiognomy and Expression 847
Massachusetts Agricultural College. Twenty-seventh Annual Report 135
"State Agricultural Experiment Station. Report for 1889 560
Mearns, Edgar A. (Zoölogical and Botanical Papers) 562
Meteorological Observations made on Pike's Peak 133
Meteorological Society, New England, Observations of the, for 1888 133
Miller, S. A. North American Geology and Paleontology 272
Mills, E. J., and F. J. Rowan. Fuel and its Applications 128
Modern Science Essayist 133
Montgomery, D. H. Heroic Ballads 421
Moorehead, Warren K. Fort Ancient 273
Myerovitch, M. The Origin of Polar Motion 852
National Association of Wool Manufacturers. Bulletin for June, 1890 853
Newberry, John S. The Palæozoic Fishes of North America 706
New Jersey. Report of the State Geologist for 1889 848
New York. Report of the State Board of Charities for 1889 855
Nichols, George W. Letters from Waldegrave Cottage 561
Noel, Edward. Natural Weights and Measures 419
Ostrom, Kurre W. Massage and the Original Swedish Movements 135
Owen, Edmund. A Manual of Anatomy for Senior Students 850
P., G. W. American Whist illustrated 421
Panin, Ivan. Lectures on Russian Literature 278
Patton, Simon N. The Economic Basis of Protection 703
Peckham, George W. and Elizabeth G. Observations on Sexual Selection in Spiders of the Family Attidæ 279
Platt, James. Money 135
Poisons and their Antidotes 708
Poteat, W. L. A Tube-building Spider 562
Powell, J. W. Eighth Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey 704
"Fifth Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, 1883-'84 274
Proctor, Richard A. The Student's Atlas 703
Quarterly Review of the United Brethren in Christ 853
Rankin, Francis H. Hygiene of Childhood 413
Remondino, P. C. The Marine Climate of the Southern California Coast 707
Report of the Royal Commission on the Mineral Resources of Ontario 702
Ribot, Th. The Psychology of Attention 275
Richardson, B. W. National Health 705
Richardson, Rufus B. Æschines against Ctesiphon 420
Ridgway, Robert. List of Birds collected on the Island of Santa Lucia, etc 420
"Review of the Genus Sclerurus 420
""""Xiphocolaptes 420
Salomons, David. Electric Light Installations and the Management of Accumulators 418
Scheffel, Joseph Victor von. Ekkehard 561
Sensenig, David M. Numbers Universalized 417
Shaffer, Virginia C. How to remember History 710
Shufeldt, R. W. Remarks upon Extinct Mammals of the United States 279
Sickels, Ivin. Exercises in Wood-Working 130
Small, Albion W. The Beginnings of American Nationality 705
Smith, Alexander. Dreamthorpe 708
Spencer, David E. Local Government in Wisconsin 705
Sterrett, J. MacBride. Studies in Hegel's Philosophy of Religion 557
Strasburger, E. Handbook of Practical Botany 276
Stuart, George H., The Life of 709
Sutton, J. B. Evolution and Disease 849
Thaxter, Roland. Fungicides 560
Thayer, William R. The Best Elizabethan Plays 854
Thornton, John. Advanced Physiography 706
Thurston, Robert H. Heat as a Form of Energy 851
Tolstoi, Leo. The Kreutzer Sonata 710
Thorpe, T. E. A Dictionary of Applied Chemistry. Vol. 1 413
United States Department of Agriculture. Bulletin No. 22 707
"Fish Commission. Bulletin for 1887 420
"Geological Survey. Bulletins 54, 55, 56, and 57 700
University of Iowa. Bulletin from the Laboratories of Natural History 278
University Studies 853
Walker, Francis A. First Lessons in Political Economy 127
Ward, Lester F. The Course of Biologic Evolution 706
"The Geographical Distribution of Fossil Plants 278
Ward, R. H. Plant Organization 418
Wells, Roger, Jr., and John W. Kelly. English and Eskimo Vocabularies 708
Wendel, F. C. H. History of Egypt 274
Wentworth, G. A. School Algebra 708
Wheelbarrow. Articles and Discussions on the Labor Question 849
Wheeler, George M. Report upon United States Geographical Surveys. Vol. 1 847
Whiting, Harold. A Short Course of Experiments in Physical Measurement. Part 1 558
Willard, Frances E. Glimpses of Fifty Years 702
Winchell, N. H. Geological and Natural History Survey of Minnesota 279
Wolff, Alfred R. The Ventilation of Buildings 421
Wood, Alphonso. Lessons in the Structure, Life, and Growth of Plants 278
Yeo, I. Burney. Food in Health and Disease 415
Young, Charles A. The Elements of Astronomy 131
Zoe 852
Botanic Gardens, The, at Kew. F. A. Fernald 106
Botany, Teaching the "New." (Misc.) 424
Brain, Centers of Ideation in the* B. Hollander 514
Bridge, A Papuan. (Misc.) 571
Brooks, Margarette W. Insect Pests of the House* 333

California and its Mines. (Misc.) 856
Canada, The Unexplored Regions of. (Misc.) 717
Caprices of Soils. (Misc.) 856
Carlisle, The Lord Bishop of. Wallace on "Darwinism" 75
Cats and their Friendships.* W. H. Larrabee 91
Cements, Natural and Artificial. L. F. Griffin 253
Chemistry, Who should study. (Misc.) 573
Child, Addison. Vitiated Moral Teaching. (Corr.) 408
Chisholm, George G. Commercial Geography of South America 391
Church, The Lights of the, and the Light of Science. T. H. Huxley 631
Civic Evolution, The Circle of. (Misc.) 565
Clark, The late Henry James. (Misc.) 138
Claypole, Mrs. Katharine B. Recent Glacial Work in Europe 103
Clayton, H. Helm. Public Schools as affecting Crime and Vice. (Corr.) 122
Cloud-Bursts. (Misc.) 281
Coffee in Brazil. (Misc.) 142
Coffin-Nails. (Misc.) 283
Color, Animal, The Uses of. E. B. Poulton 533
Commencement Days, Four. (Misc.) 567
Corporation Law, Concerning. A. G. Warner 323
Cotton-Spinning South and North. H. V. Meigs 798
Crystallization seen in the Act. (Misc.) 717

"Darwinism," Wallace on. The Lord Bishop of Carlisle 75
Dawson, Sir William, on Evolution. (Editor's Table) 841
Descartes, René, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 833
Discovery, The, of Invisible Worlds. H. J. Klein 501
Dishes, Odd, of the Olden Time. (Misc.) 284
Doctors, The Unselfishness of. (Misc.) 713
Doctrine of Spirits in New Guinea, The. (Misc.) 859
Earth-Carving, Nature's. (Misc.) 423

"Earthly Tabernacle," The. O. T. Miller 763
Economics, Practical. (Editor's Table) 123
Education and Crime. A. W. Gould 211
Education, Requisites of a Real. (Misc.) 569
Ennis, Jacob. (Misc.) 137
Evans, E. P. King Bomba's Philosophical Catechism 618
Evolution and the Distribution of Animals. D. S. Jordan 313
Evolution and the Distribution of Animals. D. S. Jordan 505
Evolution of Chemical Truth. L. Olivier 814
Experimental Methods, Instruction by. (Misc.) 563
Expert Witness, Position of the. (Misc.) 428

Fairies, Slavonian. F. S. Kraus 684
Fall of Man, The, and Anthropology. A. D. White 577
Fall of Man, The, and Anthropology. A. D. White 721
Fernald, Frederik A. Ancient and Modern Ideas of Hell 489
"Telpherage in Practical Use* 382
"The Botanic Gardens at Kew 106
Ferree, Barr. Utility in Architecture 202
Firing Pottery-Kilns by Gas. (Misc.) 857
Fish-Hook, Evolution of the. (Misc.) 280
Fiske, John. Edward Livingston Youmans: the Man and his Work 1
Flax, Where, is Grown and Manufactured. (Corr.). J. J. Menzies 409
Flowers, Observations upon Doubling of. B. D. Halsted 374
Formation, The, of a New Island.* (Misc.) 713
Frédéricq, Léon. Sketch of Theodore Schwann. (With Portrait) 257

Gardening Classes of the Missouri Botanical Garden. (Misc.) 282
Geography, Commercial, of South America. G. G. Chisholm 391
Geological Formations, Interesting, in Kansas. (Misc.) 566
"Survey Work in Minnesota. (Misc.) 423
Geometry of Aboriginal Mounds. (Misc.) 862
Geysers, Soaping. (Misc.) 139
Glacial Action, Evidences of, in Southeastern Connecticut.* D. A. Wells 196
""in Virginia. (Corr.). F. Minor 551
Glacial Work in Europe, Recent. Mrs. K. B. Claypole 103
Glass-Worker, In the Atelier of a.* C. H. Henderson 157
Gould, A. W. Education and Crime 211
Greenland and the Greenlanders.* E. Reclus 302
Griffin, La Roy F. Natural and Artificial Cements 253
Groff, G. G. Sanitary Work in Great Disasters 459

Hallucinations, A Census of. W. James. (Corr.) 409
Halsted, Byron D. Observations upon Doubling of Flowers 374
Hammond, William A. Sumptuary Laws and their Social Influence 33
Harvey, A. E. Agriculture on the Plains. (Corr.) 122
Hart, Samuel. Invisible Assailants of Health 806
Headaches, The Eyes and. (Misc.) 572
Hell, Ancient and Modern Ideas of. F. A. Fernald 489
Henderson, C. Hanford. In the Atelier of a Glass-Worker* 157
Henshaw Henry W. Missions and Mission Indians of California* 465
Heredity, Human. J. H. Stoller 359
Hill, David J. President Hill's Defense. (Corr.) 265
Hollander, Bernard. Centers of Ideation in the Brain* 514
Honey, Artificial, and Manufactured Science. A. Pringle 70
Horses, Wild.* E. L. Trouessart 626
Huntington, Oliver W. A Talk about Meteorites 366
Huxley, Thomas Henry. The Lights of the Church and the Light of Science 631

Iles, George. Sketch of Thomas Corwin Mendenhall. (With Portrait) 690
Indian, American, Origin of the. (Misc.) 716
Indian Ball-Player's Training, An. (Misc.) 862
Indian Tribes of the Amazon. (Misc.) 859
Insanity, Causes of. (Misc.) 138
Insect Pests of the House.* M. W. Brooks 333
Inventions, Half a Century of. (Misc.) 428
Invisible Assailants of Health. S. Hart 806
Irrigation in China. Tcheng Ki Tong 821

James, William. A Census of Hallucination. (Corr.) 409
Jameson, Charles Davis. The Suspension Bridge. (Corr.) 267
Jordan, David Starr. Evolution and the Distribution of Animals 313
Jordan, David Starr. Evolution and the Distribution of Animals 505
Justice, On. Herbert Spencer 19
Justice, On. Herbert Spencer 183

Klein, Hermann J. The Discovery of Invisible Worlds 501
Koenig, Rudolph, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) W. L. Stevens 545
Kraus, Friedrich S. Slavonian Fairies 684

Land Values, Natural Guides to. (Misc.) 282
Lands, Rights on other Men's. (Misc.) 139
Larrabee, William H. Cats and their Friendships* 91
Laundry, Science in the. (Misc.) 428
Law, Judge-made. (Misc.) 565
Lepidosirens. (Misc.) 859
Lias, Brau de St. Pol. Tin and its Native Land* 233
Lightning Shock, Treatment of. (Misc.) 281
Liquor Laws not Sumptuary. G. F. Magoun 768

McCook, Henry C. The Strength of Spiders and Spider-Webs* 41
Magnetism, Local, and Geological Structure. (Misc.) 572
Magoun, George F. Liquor Laws not Sumptuary 768
Malaria, Trees and. (Misc.) 285
Manatee, Habits of the. (Misc.) 284
Manual Training, The Educational Value of. (Misc.) 138
Marcet, William. Atmospheric Dust 177
Marital Customs, Primitive. (Misc.) 570
Marriage Ages in England. (Misc.) 573
Maury, Matthew Fontaine, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 400
Mearns, Edgar A. Ancient Dwellings of the Rio Verde Valley* 745
Medicinal Plants. (Misc.) 858
Meigs, Henry V. Cotton-Spinning South and North 798
Meigs, William M. The Mysterious Music of Pascagoula. (Corr.) 410
Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) G. Iles 690
Mendenhall, T. C, The Education of. (Editor's Table) 698
Mental Strain. C. Richet 485
Menzies, J. J. Where Flax is Grown and Manufactured. (Corr.) 409
Mercury, Scenes on the Planet. G. V. Schiaparelli 64
Merrill, Frederick J. H. Barrier Beaches of the Atlantic Coast 736
Mesozoic Atlantic Coast Region, The. (Misc.) 140
Meteorites, A Talk about. O. W. Huntington 366
Mexico, Messrs. Heilprin and Baker's Survey of. (Misc.) 861
Microscopic Structure of Stone. (Misc.) 715
Miller, Olive Thome. The "Earthly Tabernacle" 763
Minor, Francis. Evidences of Glacial Action in Virginia. (Corr.) 551
Missions and Mission Indians of California.* H. W. Henshaw 465
Moral Issue, A. (Editor's Table) 410
Moral Teaching, Vitiated. (Corr.). Addison Child 408
Mosquito Pest, Can the, be mitigated? 679
Mosquitoes, Dragon-Flies and. (Misc.) 714
Mounds of the Mississippi Basin. (Misc.) 564
Mothers and Natural Science. M. A. Aber 788
Mouth-slitting Botocudos, The. (Misc.) 858
Museum of the University of Pennsylvania. (Misc.) 283
Musical Sense, The, in Animals and Men. A. Weismann 352
Musical Visions. (Misc.) 572

"Nampa Image," The Genuineness of the. (Misc.) 718
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 145
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 289
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 577
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 721
New Guinea, Some People of. (Misc.) 716
Nitrogen, Atmospheric, as Food for Plants. (Misc.) 142
Notes 143
Notes 286
Notes 430
Notes 574
Notes 718
Notes 862
Nursing as against Artificial Feeding. (Misc.) 568

Obituary Notes 144
Obituary Notes 288
Obituary Notes 432
Obituary Notes 576
Obituary Notes 720
Obituary Notes 864
Object-Studies in Botany. (Misc.) 142
Olives and their Oil. (Misc.) 141
Olivier, Louis. The Evolution of Chemical Truth 814
Ordeal by chewing Rice, The. (Misc.) 427

Palæolithic Implements in the United States. (Misc.) 425
Pallas Cormorant, The. (Misc.) 860
Pascagoula, The Mysterious Music of. (Corr.). W. M. Meigs 410
Pasteur's Anti-Rabic Treatment, Results of. (Misc.) 716
Peruvian Cloths, Ancient. (Misc.) 568
Pet, A Queer.* E. W. Bellamy 528
Philosophical Catechism, King Bomba's. E. P. Evans 618
Philpott, Henry J. A Little Boys' Game with a Ball 650
Pike, Voracity of a. (Misc.) 427
Pine Belt of New Jersey, The. (Misc.) 858
Poisoned Arrows, The Nature of. (Misc.) 140
Poulton, Edward B. The Uses of Animal Color 533
Pringle, Allen. Artificial Honey and Manufactured Science 70
Prohibition Laws of Iowa, The. (Corr.). J. H. Trewin 551
Puma, Taming The. (Misc.) 429
Pygmies, The African. A. Werner 658

Rabies, Tests and Characteristics of. (Misc.) 566
Reclus, Elisée, Greenland and the Greenlanders* 302
"Some Natives of Australasia* 607
Relative Abundance of the Chemical Elements. (Misc.) 860
Religion, Why so many Definitions of? F. N. Riale 348
Riale, Frank N. Why so many Definitions of Religion? 348
Rice and its Culture. L. W. Robarts 827
Richet, Charles. Mental Strain 485

Sanitary Work in Great Disasters. G. G. Groff 459
Schiaparelli, G. V. Scenes on the Planet Mercury 64
School, Secondary, Programmes. G. W. Beaman 48
Schools, Public, as affecting Crime and Vice. (Corr.). H. H. Clayton 122
Schoolcraft, Henry R., Sketch of. (With Portrait) 113
Schwann, Theodor, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) L. Frédéricq 257
Science and Poetry. (Misc.) 425
Science in Iowa. (Misc.) 712
Scientific Association, The Australasian. (Misc.) 564
Scientific Missions in the Olden Time. (Misc.) 569
Scott, Robert H. Thunder-Storms 538
Sharing of Earnings. (Misc.) 425
Skilton, James A. The Affirmative Side of Agnosticism 217
Slag, Uses of. (Misc.) 712
Soda Salts in Arizona. (Misc.) 285
Spencer, Herbert. On Justice 19
Spencer, Herbert. On Justice 183
Spencer, Does Mr., inculcate Selfishness? (Editor's Table) 267
Spencer's, (Mr.) Place in Philosophy. (Editor's Table) 551
Spiders and Spider-Webs, The Strength of.* H. C. McCook 41
Squirrel, An Arizona. (Misc.) 564
Staten Island, Contributions to the Geology of. (Misc.) 142
Stevens, W. Le Conte. Sketch of Rudolph Koenig. (With Portrait) 545
Stoller, James H. Human Heredity 359
Summer Courses at Harvard. (Misc.) 423
Summit of Kilima-njaro, The. (Misc.) 860
Sumptuary Laws and their Social Influence. W. A. Hammond 33
Suspension Bridge, The. (Corr.). C. D. Jameson 267
Symbols, The Migration of. Count G. d'Alviella 671
Symbols, The Migration of. Count G. d'Alviella 778

Tariff Legislation. (Editor's Table) 696
Tariff Question, Common Sense applied to the. E. Atkinson 433
Tariff Question, Common Sense applied to the. E. Atkinson 591
Tcheng Ki Tong. Irrigation in China 821
Telpherage in Practical Use.* F. A. Fernald 382
Thunder-Storms. R. H. Scott 538
Tin and its Native Land.* B. de St. P. Lias 233
Torres Strait, Holy Things and Toys from. (Misc.) 286
Towers, Leaning. (Misc.) 424
Training in Realities. (Editor's Table) 125
Trewin, James H. The Prohibition Laws of Iowa. (Corr.) 551
Trouessart, Edouard L. Wild Horses* 626

University, The Work of a Complete State. (Misc.) 567

Voice-Figures on Glass. (Misc.) 429

Walking-Sticks and Umbrella-Handles. (Misc.) 714
Walls and Ceilings, Healthful. (Misc.) 573
Warfare, Submarine, Antiquity of. (Misc.) 426
Warner, Amos G. Concerning Corporation Law 323
Water-Supply, The, of Memphis. (Misc.) 711
Weismann, August. The Musical Sense in Animals and Man 352
Wells, David A. Evidences of Glacial Action in Southeastern Connecticut* 196
Werner, A. The African Pygmies 658
White, Andrew D. The Antiquity of Man and Egyptology 145
"The Antiquity of Man and Prehistoric Archæology 289
"The Fall of Man and Anthropology 577
"The Fall of Man and Anthropology 721
Wilson, M. C. Apparatus-Making in Education* 345

Youmans, Edward Livingston: the Man and his Work. John Fiske 1