Popular Science Monthly/Volume 39/Index

I N D E X.

Aboriginal American Poetry, Characteristics of. (Misc.) 709
Adulterants as Diluents. (Misc.) 139
Age, Old, Conditions of Vigorous. (Misc.) 428
Agricultural Experiment Stations, Our. C. L. Parsons 348
""in Wyoming. (Misc.) 858
Amazons, The Floods of the. (Misc.) 274
American Microscopical Society. (Misc.) 856
Analogy, Natural History of. (Misc.) 857
Animal and Plant Lore. IV. F. D. Bergen 373
Argelander, Friedrich W. A., Sketch of. (With Portrait) 549
Argyll, The Duke of. Professor Huxley on the War-path. II 56
Ashley, Charles S. Coming Solution, A, of the Currency Question 358
Astronomical Societies and Amateur Astronomers. L. Niesten 813
Aurora Borealis, Facts about the. (Misc.) 276
""The Sound of the. (Misc.) 858

Bearings, Mistakes about. (Misc.) 717
Begging, Systematic. (Misc.) 713
Bell, J. Jones. Ginseng in Commerce* 546
Bergen, Mrs. Fanny D. Animal and Plant Lore. IV 373
Birds, Take Care of the. K. Russ 687
"The Music of the. S. P. Cheney 250
Blumentritt, F. Quianganes, The, of Luzon 388
Bonnier, Pierre. Hearing in the Lower Animals 832
Books noticed 126
Books noticed 266
Books noticed 412
Books noticed 558
Books noticed 697
Books noticed 847
Adams, Henry C. Second Annual Report on Railways 129
Allen, Grant. What's bred in the Bone 707
Appalachia 418
Aveling, Edward. Introduction to the Study of Botany 853
Bandelier, A. F. Contributions to the History of the Southwestern Portions of the United States 419
Barrett, Jay A. Evolution of the Ordinance of 1787 706
Bellamy, Blanche W., and Maud W. Goodwin. Open Sesame! Poetry and Prose for School-days 271
Bigelow, Horatio R. Plain Talks on Electricity and Batteries 565
Binet, Alfred. On Double Consciousness 271
Biological Lectures Delivered at Wood's Holl 128
Bissell, Mary T. Household Hygiene 270
Bonney, G. E. The Electro-plater's Hand-book 701
Bower, John A. Science applied to Work 707
Bower, John A. Science of Every-day Life 707
Brentano, Lujo. The Relation of Labor to the Law of To-day 698
Brinton, Daniel G. The American Race 412
Brooks, William K. The Oyster 700
Brown, D. W. The American Patent System 421
Bruno, Giordano, and his Monument 419
Burney, S. G. Studies in Psychology 267
Burt, TV. H. Consumption and Liquids 133
Caillard, E. M. Electricity 852
California. Report of the State Mineralogist for 1890 563
Cammann, D. M. The Physical Diagnosis of the Diseases of the Heart and Lungs 420
Campbell, Levin H. The Patent System of the United States 565
Capp, William M. The Daughter: her Health, Education, and Wedlock 418
Cams, Paul. The Soul of Man 703
Chambers, George F. A Handbook of Descriptive and Practical Astronomy. Three vols. 126
Chanute, O. Aërial Navigation 564
Comegys, B. B. A Primer of Ethics 854
Comstock, Theodore B. A Preliminary Report on the Geology of the Central Mineral Region of Texas 704
Cone. Orello. Gospel Criticism and Historical Christianity 558
Cotterill James H., and John H. Slade. Lessons in Applied Mechanics 420
Cox, Charles F. Faith-healing in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries 133
Darwin, Charles. Geological Observations during the Voyage of H. M. S. Beagle. Third edition 698
Davis, Floyd, M. D. An Elementary Hand-book on Potable Water 707
Devil's Visit. The 421
Drake, J. C. The Sounds and Estuaries of Georgia, with Reference to Oyster Culture 564
Dunbar, Charles F. Chapters on the Theory and History of Banking 418
Dyer, Louis. Studies of the Gods in Greece 852
Earle, John. English Prose 128
Eggleston, George Cary, and Dolores Marbourg. Juggernaut 707
Fall, Delos. School Hygiene 271
Fernald, Frederik A., Editor. Our Language 707
Fletcher, Robert. The New School of Criminal Anthropology 705
Flower, William H. An Introduction to the Study of Mammals 701
Frazer, Persifor. Tables for the Determination of Minerals 704
Friends, Religious Society of. An Address on Behalf of the Indians 565
Gaertner, Frederick. Rules and the Application of Reichert's Hæmometer 133
Gentlemen 421
Gerhard, William P. Architecture and Sanitation 132
Gilbert, Grove Karl. Lake Bonneville 131
Gore, J. H. The Decimal System of Measures of the Seventeenth Century 135
Gray, E. W. A Gospel of Love 561
Green, H. L. What constitutes a Freethinker? 420
Gribayédoff, Valerian. The French Invasion of Ireland in '98 134
Griswold, W. M. A Descriptive List of Novels and Tales dealing with American Country Life 135
Gunton, George. Principles of Social Economics 268
Hanna, James W. Revised Astronomy 705
Harcourt, L. F. Vernon. Achievements in Engineering 699
Hart, Albert B. Introduction to the Study of Federal Government 134
Hatch, Frederick H. An Introduction to the Study of Petrology: The Igneous Rocks 418
Hegel's Logic. W. T. Harris 130
Heilprin, Angelo. The Geology and Paleontology of the Cretaceous Deposits of Mexico 272
Hill, Robert P. Pilot Knob: a Marine Cretaceous Volcano 272
Hiorns, Arthur H. Mixed Metals 420
Hornaday, W. T. Taxidermy and Zoölogical Collecting 854
Hutchinson, H. N. The Autobiography of the Earth 266
Illinois State Board of Health. Report on Medical Education for 1890 565
Indiana College Association, Proceedings and Addresses, 1890 135
Ingersoll, Robert. Centennial Oration on the Declaration of Independence 420
Iowa State Medical Society. Transactions for 1890 564
Johnson, J. B. Surveying 564
Kansas Academy of Sciences. Transactions, Vol. XII 563
Kenney, E. C. Ghosts, Devils, Angels, and Sun Gods 565
Kenyon, Ellen E. The Coming School 705
King, Charles F. Picturesque Geographical Readers 706
Knoflach, Augustin. A Sound-English Primer 272
Lankester, E. Ray. Zoölogical Articles contributed to the Encyclopædia Britannica 564
Lathrop, Clarissa C. A Secret Institution 135
Leffmann and Beam. Examination of Water for Sanitary and Technical Purposes. Second edition 272
Lucas, C. P. A Historical Geography of the British Colonies, Vol. II 132
Maxwell, W. H. Advanced Lessons in English Grammar 566
Mendelsohn, S. Criminal Jurisprudence of the Ancient Hebrews 853
Merriam, C. H., and Leonhard Stejneger. Biological Survey of the San Francisco Mountain Region 272
Meyer, Annie N., Editor. Woman's Work in America 413
Meyer, Ernst von. A History of Chemistry 702
Missouri Botanical Garden. First Annual Report, 1889 269
Missouri Botanical Garden. Second Annual Report, 1890 702
Missouri Bureau of Geology and Mines. Biennial Report 705
Missouri State Geological Survey. Bulletins 2 and 3 133
Mitchell, Clifford. A Clinical Study of Diseases of the Kidneys 703
Morgan, C. L. Animal Life and Intelligence 416
M?ller, F. Max. Physical Religion 414
New Jersey. Report of the State Geologist for 1890 (John C. Smock) 697
New York Academy of Sciences. Annals for November, 1890 563
Nichols, E. L. The Artificial Light of the Future 132
Norton, Charles L. Political Americanisms 134
Oldberg, Oscar. A Manual of Weights and Measures. Third edition 131
Osborn, Henry L. Invertebrate Dissections 271
Ott, Isaac, M. D. The Modern Antipyretics 565
Packard, Alpheus S. Insects injurious to Forest and Shade Trees 564
Palm, Andrew J. The Death Penalty 420
Pickering, Edward C, and Oliver C. Wendell. Discussion of Observations made with the Meridian Photometer, 1882-'88 133
Preston, Thomas. The Theory of Light 417
Quackenbos, John D., Editor. Appletons' School Physics 414
Quintus Curtius. Historiarum Alexandri Magni Macedonis. Harold N. Fowler, Editor 419
Ramsay, William. A System of Inorganic Chemistry 562
Ribot, Th. The Psychology of Attention 561
Roads, A Move for Better 266
Robins, John B. Christ and our Country 421
Roosevelt, Theodore. New York 130
Salazar, A. E., and C. Newman. Examen Quimico y Bacteriológico de las Aguas Potables 703
Salmon, David. Longman's Primary School Grammar 566
Samson, F. A. A Bibliography of the Geology of Missouri 133
School Journal, The 706
Shepperson, Alfred B. Cotton Facts 421
Shoemaker, John V. Heredity, Health, and Personal Beauty 418
Shoup, Francis A. Mechanism and Personality 563
Sidney, Sir Philip. Defense of Poesy. Albert S. Cook, Editor 419
Simpson, Mrs. Mary H., Editor. The Teacher 421
Smithsonian Institution. Report for 1889 565
Smock, John C. Building Stone in New York 269
Spencer, Herbert. Justice 847
Squire, Joseph. Report on the Cahaba Coal-field 705
Starck, E. de L. Grammar and Language 129
Thompson, Daniel G. The Philosophy of Fiction in Literature 416
Thompson, Ernest E. The Birds of Manitoba 704
Thomson, Sir William. Popular Lectures and Addresses, Vol. III 700
Thornton, William. Origin, Purpose, and Destiny of Man 706
Thorpe, T. E. A Dictionary of Applied Chemistry, Vol. II 701
Thwaites, Reuben G. The Colonies: 1492 to 1750 134
Tillman, Samuel E. Organic Evolution 271
Tolstoi, Count Leo. Church and State 270
Tourgee, Albion W. Murvale Eastman, Christian Socialist 135
Transit, The 271
Trouslot, R. B., Editor. The Kansas City Scientist 134
United States Fish Commission. Bulletin for 1888 560
United States Geological Survey. Report for 1888. J. W. Powell, Director 127
United States War Department. Report of the Chief Signal Officer, 1890 705
Upham, Warren. Artesian Wells in North and South Dakota 136
Upham, Warren. Report of Exploration of the Glacial Lake Agassiz in Manitoba 135
Van Lennep, J. The Story of an Abduction in the Seventeenth Century 707
Wallace, Alfred Russel. Natural Selection and Tropical Nature 700
Ward, Lester F. Origin of Plane Trees 272
Werge, John. The Evolution of Photography 415
Whiting, Harold. A Short Course of Experiments in Physical Measurement. Part II 268
Wilsing, J. Determination of the Mean Density of the Earth 272
Winchell, N. H., and H. V. The Iron Ores of Minnesota 562
Borers, Rotten Logs as Breeders of. (Misc.) 424
Botany in the Harvard Museum. (Misc.) 568
Bulgarian House Communities. (Misc.) 427

Cahall, W. C, M. D. The French Institute 83
Calendar, The Kibanga. (Misc.) 860
Cancer and Nervous Disease. (Misc.) 278
Cañon, The Colorado. (Misc.) 858
Catlin, George, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 402
Caucasus, The Central Group of the. (Misc.) 574
Census, Lessons from the. C. D. Wright 721
Charity as a Fetich. (Misc.) 411
Chartreuse Liqueur, The. (Misc.) 428
Cheney, Simeon Pease. Music, The, of the Birds 250
Chigger, The. (Misc.) 277
Chinese Prize Essays. (Misc.) 283
Clark, Emmons. Sanitary Improvement in New York during the Last Quarter of a Century 319
Clarke, Frank W. Relations, The, of Abstract Research to Practical Invention 540
Claypole, Mrs. Katharine B. My Garden on an Onion* 72
Coal-fields, English, Extension of the. (Misc.) 573
Cocoa. (Misc.) 281
Color-blindness, New Tests for. (Misc.) 282
Colors, The, of Letters. D. S. Jordan 367
Conant, R. W., M. D. Hypocrisy as a Social Debaser 475
Consumption Germs. (Misc.) 279
Copernicus, Nicolaus, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 256
Crocodiles, Fishing for. (Misc.) 282
Currency Question, A Coming Solution of the. C. S. Ashley 358
Cypress Knees, Function of. (Misc.) 277

Daly, Dominick. The Mexican Messiah 95
Deformations.* F. Starr 488
Delepine, Sheridan, M. B. Fortifying against Disease 30
Denudation, Dry. (Misc.) 715
Disease, Fortifying against. S. Delepine 30
Dogs, The, of Ancient Egypt.* G. Maspero 809
Dolbear, A. E. Metamorphoses in Education 750
Dress and Adornment.* F. Starr 488 787
Durfee, William F. The Manufacture of Steel* 729
Duty as a Science. (Editor's Table) 845

Economic Entomology, Value of. (Misc.) 856
Education, The, of Children 106
"Metamorphoses in. A. E. Dolbear 750
Ellis, A. B. Survivals from Marriage by Capture 207
"On Polyandry 801
Eskimo Boats of the Northwest. J. Murdoch 682
Ethics, Applied, School of. (Misc.) 274
Ethics in the Schools. (Corr.) B. C. Mathews 121
Evolution, The Doctrine of, its Scope and Influence. J. Fiske 577
Exercise for Elderly People. F. Lagrange 771
Eyes, Care of Our. (Misc.) 142

Fairy Tales, Bahaman. (Misc.) 859
Farmers' Crisis, The. (Misc.) 856
Feet-washing and Feet-kissing. (Corr.) J. G. Roger and G. Mallery 262
Fernald, Frederik A. Ice-making and Machine Refrigeration* 19
Filth Disease, What constitutes a? (Misc.) 712
Fire-ball, A, in Art. (Misc.) 426
Fiske, John. Doctrine, The, of Evolution: its Scope and Influence 577
Folk Lore, Indian, The Phonograph in. (Misc.) 861
Forest in Hungary. (Misc.) 714
Forestry, United States Division of. (Misc.) 714
Francheschini, R. Musical Insects* 678
French Institute, The. W. C. Cahall, M. D. 83
Fruit, Packing, for Transportation. (Misc.) 425
Fruits, Choice Oriental. (Misc.) 282

Garden, My, on an Onion.* Mrs. K. B. Claypole 72
Giddings, Howard A. The Natchez Indians 201
Ginseng in Commerce.* J. J. Bell 546
Glacial Epoch, A, in the Carboniferous Period. (Misc.) 425
"Monument, A, (Misc.) 709
Glacial Period, Climatic Conditions of the. (Misc.) 281
Gladstone, William E. Professor Huxley and the Swine-Miracle 502
Gladstone's, Mr., Controversial Method, Illustrations of. T. H. Huxley 522
Glass in Science.* C. H. Henderson 611
Goodale, George Lincoln, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 691
Gore, J. Ellard. Meteoritic Hypothesis, The 344
Grandfathers, Our, died too Young. Mrs. H. N. Plunkett 167
Gypsy-carried Folk Lore. (Misc.) 285

Hand-marks. (Misc.) 716
Head-flattening as seen among the Navajo Indians.* R. W. Shufeldt, M. D. 535
Hearing in the Lower Animals. P. Bonnier 832
Henderson, C. Hanford. Glass in Science* 611
High-altitude Cure, Permanent Value of the. (Misc.) 573
Hoarding, Modes of. (Misc.) 283
Hoffmeyer, Niels H. C., Sketch of. (With Portrait) 115
Hollow Ware, American, The First Piece of.* (Misc.) 423
Homes, Building. (Misc.) 569
Honduras, Resources of. (Misc.) 568
Hospitals, Parasites of. (Misc.) 718
Huxley, T. H. Illustrations of Mr. Gladstone's Controversial Method 522
Huxley, Professor, and the Swine-Miracle. W. E. Gladstone 502
"on the War-path. II. The Duke of Argyll 56
Hygiene, From Fetich to. A. D. White 433
Hygiene, From Fetich to. A. D. White 600
Hypnotism as a Therapeutic Agent. (Misc.) 274
Hypocrisy as a Social Debaser. R. W. Conant 475

Ice-making and Machine Refrigeration.* F. A. Fernald 19
Industries, American, The Development of, since Columbus.* S. N. D. North 176
Industries, American, The Development of, since Columbus.* S. N. D. North 289
""""W. F. Durfee 729
Insane, Schools for the. O. W. Pilgrim 634
Insects, Musical.* E. Francheschini 678
"The Characteristics of.* L. Montillot 223
Irrigation in Egypt. (Misc.) 859

Jade, Diffusion of. (Misc.) 286
James, Joseph F. Pollen: its Development and Use* 330
Jesuitism, The New, and Social Reform. (Editor's Table) 410
Jordan, David Starr. Colors, The, of Letters 367

Kavir, The Salt Marsh of the. (Misc.) 710

Labor as a Means of Human Improvement. (Misc.) 571
Labor, Mobility of. (Misc.) 140
Lagrange, Fernand. Exercise for Elderly People 771
Lamps, Incandescent, Making. (Misc.) 716
Land, the Dry, The Future of. A. de L'Apparent 246
Languages, Spontaneous. (Misc.) 567
L'Apparent, A. de. The Future of the Dry Land 246
Leather, Mexican. (Misc.) 718
Lee, Dr. Mary V. An Experiment in Moral Training 50
Lemons, Cultivation of, in Sicily. (Misc.) 718
Leprosy, Characteristics of. (Misc.) 280
Liberty and Civilization. (Editor's Table) 263
Life, Persistence of. (Misc.) 138
Lightning, the Nature of a Flash of. (Misc.) 429

McGill University, Science at. (Misc.) 574
Malays and Negritos of Malacca. (Misc.) 277
Mallery, Garrick. Feet-washing and Feet-kissing. (Corr.) 262
Man and the Glacial Period.* G. F. Wright 314
Mangoes. (Misc.) 280
Marriage by Capture, Survivals from. A. B. Ellis 207
"Curiosities of. (Misc.) 284
Maspero, G. Dogs, The, of Ancient Egypt* 809
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The. (Misc.) 429
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The. (Misc.) 569
Massage in Ancient Times. (Misc.) 278
Mathews, B. C. Ethics in the Schools. (Corr.) 121
Medicine in Thibet. (Misc.) 286
"Patent, Evolution of. L. J. Vance 76
Memories, Extraordinary. (Misc.) 139
Mesopotamian Peoples. (Misc.) 718
Meteoritic Hypothesis, The. J. E. Gore 344
Mexican Messiah, The. D. Daly 95
Milk and Cream, The Care of. (Misc.) 425
"Processes for Sterilizing. (Misc.) 572
Miller, Mrs. Olive Thorne. The Spinning Sisterhood 822
Mining, Ancient, on Lake Superior. (Misc.) 860
Miracles and Medicine. A. D. White 1
Miracles and Medicine. A. D. White 145
Montillot, Louis. The Characteristics of Insects* 223
Moral Training, An Experiment in. M. V. Lee 50
Mosquito Inoculation against Yellow Fever. (Misc.) 275
Mound-builders' Structure, A Novel. (Misc.) 430
Mount St. Elias, Exploration of. (Misc.) 709
Mountain Ranges, A Classification of, according to their Structure, Origin, and Age. W. Upham 665
Murdoch, John. Eskimo Boats of the Northwest 682
Mushroom Growth, Force of. (Misc.) 575

Natchez Indians, The. H. A. Giddings 201
Navajo Burials. (Misc.) 711
Negroes, Savage, Deportment of. P. Reichard 330
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 1
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 145
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 433
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. A. D. White 600
Niagara Reservation. (Misc.) 862
Niesten, L. Astronomical Societies and Amateur Astronomers 813
North, S. N. Dexter. Evolution, The, of Wool Spinning and Weaving* 289
"Evolution, The, of the Woolen Manufacture* 454
"Manufacture of Wool,* The 176
Novels, Good and Bad. (Misc.) 427

Observatory Work at Harvard. (Misc.) 572
Ostrich Farm, Life on an* 778
Owens, John G. Some Games of the Zu?i* 39
Oyster-culture, Prof. Brooks's Studies in. (Misc.) 568

Parsons, Charles Lathrop. Our Agricultural Experiment Stations 348
Passamaquoddy Indians, Dances of the. (Misc.) 711
Patrick, G. T. W. Rivalry, The, of the Higher Senses 761
"Pearl of Practice, The." E. Robinson 238
Petroleum Fuels. (Misc.) 570
Photographs, Aniline. (Misc.) 571
Piccard, J. Views of Running Water* 645
Pie Idol, the Yankee, A Sacrifice to. (Misc.) 280
Pilgrim, Charles W., M. D. Schools for the Insane 634
Planets, The Minor, Questions concerning. F. F. Tisserand 195
Plants, Alpine, Cultivation of. (Misc.) 281
"Economic, of Australia. (Misc.) 717
Plunkett, Mrs. H. M. Our Grandfathers died too Young 167
Pollen: its Development and Use.* J. F. James 330
Polyandry, On. A. B. Ellis 801
Population, Impediments to Growth of. (Misc.) 284
Porcelain, Firing, with Petroleum. (Misc.) 862
Potlatch, The Custom of. (Misc.) 137
Printing, The Art of, Guttenberg and. (Misc.) 283
Psychology, Höffding's Outlines of 382
Publications Received 136
Publications Received 273
Publications Received 422
Publications Received 566
Publications Received 708
Publications Received 855

Quartz Fibers, Fine. (Misc.) 279
Quianganes, The, of Luzon. F. Blumentritt 388

Railway Ties, Metal. (Misc.) 423
Reichard, Paul. Deportment of Savage Negroes 330
Research, Abstract, The Relations of, to Practical Invention. F. W. Clarke 540
Robinson, Miss Elizabeth. "The Pearl of Practice" 238
Rochas, Albert de. Scientific Dreams of the Past 362
Roger, J. G. Feet-washing and Feet-kissing. (Corr.) 262
Rubber, India, Decay of. (Misc.) 278
Rubies and Sapphires in Siam. (Misc.) 140
Russ, Karl. Take Care of the Birds! 687

Sanitary Entombment. (Misc.) 428
"Improvement in New York during the Last Quarter of a Century. E. Clark 319
Science and Wealth. (Editor's Table) 556
"The Practical Outcome of. W. H. Smith, M. D 479
Scientific Dreams of the Past. A. de Rochas 362
Selection, Natural, The Doctrine of. (Editor's Table) 125
Selfishness, International. (Misc.) 714
Senses, The Higher, The Rivalry of. G. T. W. Patrick 761
Sequoia Forests, Our. (Misc.) 137
Serviss, Garrett P. Can we always count upon the Sun? 658
Sheep-raising in Algeria. (Misc.) 141
Ship, The First, that tacked. (Misc.) 860
Shufeldt, R. W., M. D. Head-flattening as seen among the Navajo Indians* 535
Smith, W. H, M. D. Practical Outcome, The, of Science 479
Snake-bite, Strychnine and. (Misc.) 859
Soaring Puzzle, The. (Misc.) 713
Spectacle-frames, Philosophy of. (Misc.) 861
Spencer, Herbert. Limits, The, of State-Duties 639
"Mr., on Justice. (Editor's Table) 843
Spider, A Whirligig. (Misc.) 284
Spinning Sisterhood, The. O. T. Miller 822
Spinning Top, What may be learned from a. (Misc.) 141
Sponges, Fresh-water, in Florida. (Misc.) 861
Starr, Frederick. Dress and Adornment. I. Deformations* 488
"""II. Dress* 787
State-Duties, The Limits of. H. Spencer 639
Statistics, The Value of. C. D. Wright 445
Steel, The Manufacture of*. W. F. Durfee 729
Stone Chips. (Misc.) 142
Stream Currents, Phenomena of. (Misc.) 285
Sun, Can we always count upon the? G. P. Serviss 658

Talent, The Special, to be cultivated. (Misc.) 712
Tea-culture. (Misc.) 716
Teacher's, The, True Power. (Misc.) 715
Tin Soldiers, The, of Nuremberg. (Misc.) 424
Tisserand, F. F. Questions concerning the Minor Planets 195
Torres Strait Decalogue, A. (Misc.) 424
Tulip Tree, The Leaves of the. (Misc.) 710

University, The American, Derivation of. (Misc.) 857
Upham, Warren. Classification, A, of Mountain Ranges according to their Structure, Origin, and Age 665

Vance, Lee J. Evolution of Patent Medicine 76
Ventilation, Improved. (Misc.) 570
Volcano, Mexican, The Highest. (Misc.) 426

Warfare of Science, The. (Editor's Table) 695
Water, Running, Views of.* J. Piccard 645
Weather Plants. (Misc.) 430
White, Andrew D. From Fetich to Hygiene 433
White, Andrew D. From Fetich to Hygiene 600
"Miracles and Medicine 1
"Miracles and Medicine 145
Wings of the Wind, On the 393
Winthrop, Prof. John, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 837
Woman, Individuality for. (Editor's Table) 696
Wool Spinning and Weaving, The Evolution of.* S. N. D. North 289
Wool, The Manufacture of.* S. N. D. North 176
Woolen Manufacture, The Evolution of the.* S. N. D. North 454
Words, Our Most Usual. (Misc.) 142
Wright, Carroll D. Lessons from the Census 721
"Value, The, of Statistics 445
Wright, G. Frederick. Man and the Glacial Period* 314

Yellowstone Park, Scenery of. (Misc.) 275
Youngest, The, of the Sciences. (Editor's Table) 122

Zuñi, Some Games of the.* J. G. Owens 39