Popular Science Monthly/Volume 4/Index

I N D E X.

Æsthetic Sense in Animals 729
Agassiz, Prof. Louis K., his Death 495
"""Autopsy of 633
"""Biographical Notice. (Portrait) 608
"""His Successor 637
Age, The, of Ice. (Illustrated) 641
Alchemy, its Future 602
Alcohol 381
Alternations in the Intensity of Diseases 569
Ancient Well in Illinois 252
Animal-like Functions of Plants 382
Animals, The Æsthetic Sense in 729
Antioch, Rebuilding of 126
Ashes, Leached, as a Fertilizer 509
Asphaltum in West Virginia 636
Atmospheric Electricity and Ozone 456

Baryta, Uses of 638
Beer, Economy of 760
Bees' Wings, Uses of 763
Body and Mind, Relations of 111
Books noticed:
"Civilization considered as a Science" (by Harris) 118
"Chronos: Mother Earth's Biography" (by Wood) 249
"Conservation of Energy" (by Balfour Stewart) 627
"Elements of Physical Manipulation" (by Pickering) 117
"Philosophy of Evolution" (by Lowne) 116
"Workshop Appliances" (by Shelley) 122
"Logic of Accounts" (by Folsom) 118
"Antiquities of the Southern Indians" (by Jones) 119
"Man and Apes" (by Mivart) 630
"Dictionary of Medical Science" (by Dunglison) 630
"Theory of Evolution of Living Things" (by Henslow) 503
"The New Chemistry" (by Cooke) 500
"International Review" 500
"The Bible and the Doctrine of Evolution" (by Smythe) 503
"Sex in Education" (by Clarke) 377
"Religion and Science" (by Le Conte) 502
"Our Common Insects" (by Packard) 247
"Descriptive Sociology" (by Spencer) 504
"Autobiography of John Stuart Mill." 376
"British Marine Algæ" (by Grattann) 378
"Proportions of Pins used in Bridges" (by Bender) 248
"Comparative Anatomy of the Domesticated Animals" (by Chauveau) 246
"Statistics of the World" (by Schem) 631
"Geological Survey of Ohio." 374
"Origin and Metamorphoses of Insects" (by Lubbock) 628
"Henslow's Botanical Charts" (by Youmans) 628
"On Intelligence" (by Taine) 629
"The Atmosphere" (by Flammarion) 245
"English Psychology" (by Ribot) 751
"Animal Locomotion" (by Pettigrew) 753
"Prang's Natural History Series of Colored Chromos" 754
"The Stone Age" (by Tylor) 755
"Insects of the Garden" (by Packard) 755
"Manual of Physical Geography" (by White) 756
"Retaining Walls" (by Tate) 756
"Legal Responsibility in Old Age" (by Beard) 757
"Physical Geography" (by Young) 757
"The Birth of Chemistry" (by Rodwell) 757
"Essays on Educational Reformers" (by Quick) 758
Botany, Tennyson and 193
Brain and Mind 253
Brain, A New Method with the 183
British Association 114

Carboniferous Strata, their Constitution 508
Caterpillars 381
Chemistry of the Rocks, what it teaches 694
Chromosphere, The, and Solar Prominences. (Illustrated) 385
Coal-Fields of China 250
Colorado, The Great Cemetery in 470
Concerning Serpents. (Illustrated) 257
Constellation, Past and Future of a (Illustrated) 291
Constitution of Carboniferous Strata 508
Cooling and Contraction of the Earth's Crust 255
Correlation of Vital with Chemical and Physical Forces 156
Correspondence 492
Correspondence 744
Corundum 452
Cremation 760
Cryptograph 125
Czermak, Professor 115

Dead, Disposal of the 592
De Candolle's Great Work 762
Dental Plates, New Material for 507
Descent of Man 251
Disposal of the Dead 592
Dissipation of Energy 430
Draper, Dr. J. W., Sketch of. (Portrait) 361
Drosera, Movements of 765

Education, Liberal, in the Nineteenth Century 1
Education, Scientific, Requirements of 208
Education, Higher, of Women 748
Electric Signaling 581
Emotional Language of the Future 319
Energy, Dissipation of 430
England and America 631
Evolution and the Origin of Life 713
Evolution, Genesis, and Geology 324
Explosion of a Powder-Mill 231
Experiments on Living Animals 750
Eyes, Unequal Power of the 379

Facial Angle. (Illustrated) 587
Feather, A (Illustrated) 686
Fish, Subterranean 639
Flowers, Double, Rationale of 762
Forces, Correlation of Vital, with Chemical and Physical 156
Freak of Nature. (Illustrated) 448
French Association for the Advancement of Science 125
Furs and their Wearers. (Illustrated) 143
Future of Alchemy 602

Genesis, Geology, and Evolution 324
Geographical Work, A Year of 735
Gladstone and Spencer 492
Glycerine, Tests for 510
Grafting, Natural 380
Grape-vine Blight 381
Great Cemetery in Colorado 470
Growth and Decay of Mind 328
Growth of Salmon. (Illustrated) 27

Haeckel's Moners. (Illustrated) 181
Health and Comfort in House-building 69
Hedge-Plant, A Good 634
Heredity, Phenomena of 55
Heredity and Race-Improvement 170
Hooker, Dr. J. D., Sketch of. (Portrait) 237
House-building, Health and Comfort in 69
Huxley, Prof., Sketch of. (Portrait) 739
Hypnotism in Animals 75

Ice, The Age of, (Illustrated) 641
Images and Shadows. (Illustrated) 665
Improved Deep-Sea Sounding Apparatus 255
Improvements in Street-Sprinkling 124
Inertia and Force 349
Inland Seas, their Physical Conditions 378
Insects, their Migrations 382
Instincts, Survival of 88
Intelligence of the Toad 126

Jupiter, News from 433

Land-Plants in Lower Silurian 762
Language, Emotional, of the Future 319
Leached Ashes as a Fertilizer 509
Lectures, Scientific 242
Liberal Education in the Nineteenth Century 1
Lignite-Beds of the Rocky Mountains 763
Lime-Soils and Potato-Rot 637
Livingstone's Death 626
Localization of the Faculty of Speech 125
Lockyer, J. N., Sketch of. (Portrait) 109
Locusts, A Swarm of 636

Malformations 383
Man, The Descent of 251
Man, Antiquity of 759
Man in the Miocene, Relics of 254
Mantis, or Praying Insect. (Illustrated) 710
Mars by the Latest Observations. (Illustrated) 187
Matter, Force, and Inertia 494
Matter, its Physical Constitution 493
Metamorphic Rocks, Age of 509
Meteorological Notes 507
Migrations of Insects 382
Mill, Education and Science 368
Mind, Brain and 253
Mind, Growth and Decay of 328
Minerals, Spang Collection of 433
Modern Optics and Painting. (Illustrated) 415
Modern Optics and Painting. (Illustrated) 572
Moab, Land of, its Geology 764
Molecules, Theory of 276
Moners, Haeckel's. (Illustrated) 181
Mud-Minnow, its Breeding Habits 744

Natural Grafting 380
Natural Varieties 382
New Method with the Brain 183
New Guinea, its Population 632
News from Jupiter 433
Notes 127
Notes 256
Notes 383
Notes 511
Notes 639
Notes 767

Observatory, United States Naval 704
Ocean Steamships 766
Octopus, The, and its Prey 254
Optics, Modern, and Painting. (Illustrated) 415
Optics, Modern, and Painting. (Illustrated) 572
Origin of Life, The, and Evolution 713
Origin of the Potato-Disease 123
Our Ancestors on the Goose-Question. (Illustrated) 565
Ozone and Atmospheric Electricity 456

Painting and Modern Optics. (Illustrated) 415
Painting and Modern Optics. (Illustrated) 572
Papillon, Fernand, his Death 627
Papyrus, An Ancient 251
Parchment, Substitute for 123
Passions, Physiology of the 552
Past and Future of a Constellation. (Illustrated) 291
Pathology of the Passions 656
Phenomena of Heredity 55
Phylloxera Vastatrix 381
Physical Conditions of Inland Seas 378
Physical Constitution of Matter 493
Planet, the Ringed. (Illustrated) 39
Plants, Animal-like Functions of 382
Population of New Guinea 632
Potato-Disease, Origin of 123
Potato-Rot, Lime-Soils and 637
Powder-Mill Explosion. 231
Praying Insect, or Mantis. (Illustrated) 710
Prediction, A Scientific, verified 253
Preparations for the Coming Transit of Venus 212
Primary Concepts of Modern Physical Science 92
Primary Concepts of Modern Physical Science 219
Primary Concepts of Modern Physical Science 349
Proctor's Lectures 116
Proctor, R. A., Sketch of. (Portrait) 486
Psychology of the Sexes 30
Public Instruction and Sanitary Science 421

Quicker than Lightning. (Illustrated) 309
Quinine 380

Race-Improvement, Heredity and 170
Radicalism, Conservatism, and the Transition of Institutions 129
Raspberry, Garden, its American Origin 510
Rats, an Episode on. (Illustrated) 344
Rebuilding of Antioch 126
Refrigerating Machine 639
Relations of Body and Mind 111
Relics of Man in the Miocene 254
Replies to Criticisms 295
Replies to Criticisms 402
Replies to Criticisms 541
Requirements of Scientific Education 208
Ringed Planet, The. (Illustrated) 39
Rumford's Discoveries in Thermodynamics 758

Salmon, Growth of. (Illustrated) 27
Sand-Blast 511
Sanitary Science and Public Instruction 421
Science, its Influence on Philosophy 619
Science, Education, and Aristocracy 480
Science and the Press 635
Science, Physical, Primary Concepts of 92
Science, Physical, Primary Concepts of 219
Science, Physical, Primary Concepts of 349
Scientific Education, Requirements of 208
Scientific Lectures 242
Scientific Prediction verified 253
Scientific School, A New 241
Sensation and Motion in Plants 761
Sericulture in Brazil 250
Serpents. (Illustrated) 257
Sewage Fertilization 507
Sewage, Utilization of 767
Sex, is it determined by Nutrition 761
Sexes, Psychology of the 30
Shadows, Images and. (Illustrated) 665
Shark, The Shovel-nosed. (Illustrated) 65
Signaling, Electric 581
Silk-worm's Thread, its Length 508
Solar Prominences, The Chromosphere and (Illustrated) 385
Sounding Apparatus, Improved 255
Spang Collection of Minerals 443
Speech, Localization of the Faculty of 125
Spencer and the Women 746
"Spencer-Crusher," Another 621
Street-Sprinkling, Improvements in 124
Study of Sociology 129
Study of Sociology 242
Study of Sociology 295
Study of Sociology 402
Study of Sociology 492
Study of Sociology 541
Substitute for Parchment 123
Subterranean Fish 639
Sun's Envelope 127
Sun-driven Engine 765
Survival of Instincts 88

Tarantism 766
Tennyson and Botany 193
Tests for Glycerine 510
Theory of Molecules 276
Toad, Intelligence of 126
Transit of Venus, Preparations for the Coming 212
Trout from an Artesian Well 759
Typhoid Fever, Etiology of 764

Unequal Power of the Eyes 379
United States Naval Observatory 704

Varieties, Natural 382
Vegetable Growth, Rapidity of 510
Vivisection 672

Walking, Swimming, and Flying. (Illustrated) 528
Wasps' Nests of Clay 637
Water-Filters 759
"Water turned to Blood." (Illustrated) 202
Weeping-Willow, The 252
Well, An Ancient, in Illinois 252
What the Chemistry of the Rocks teaches 694
Work and Influence of The Monthly 747
Winslow, Forbes 760
World, The, before the Introduction of Life. (Illustrated) 513

Year, A, of Geographical Work 735
Yosemite Valley of Glacial Origin 122