Popular Science Monthly/Volume 40/April 1892/Publications Received


Allen, Harrison, M. D., University of Pennsylvania. Addresses on Anatomy. Pp. 19.

Ayer, N. W. & Son, Philadelphia. Calendar for 1892.

Bacon. Benjamin Wisner. The Genesis of Genesis. Hartford: The Student Publishing Co. Pp. 352. $2.50.

Ballance, George A., and Edmunds, Walter. The Ligation of the Great Arteries in Continuity. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 568. $10.

Black, George Ashton. History of Municipal Ownership of Land on Manhattan Island. New York: University Faculty of Political Science. Pp. 83, with Plates. 50 cents.

Brockney, Frederick J., M. D. Essentials of Medical Physics. Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders. Pp. 330. $1.

Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences. Astronomical Hand-book for 1892. Pp. 38. 20 cents.

Coltmar, Robert. The Chinese. Philadelphia: F. A. Davis. Pp. 212. With Plates.

Columbia College. New York. Statement of the Committee on Site. Pp. 9.

Comstock. Theodore B. Report on the Geology and Mineral Resources of the Central Mineral Legion of Texas. Pp. 128. With Maps.

Davis, N. S., Jr., M. D. Consumption. Philadelphia: F. A. Davis. Pp. 148. 75 cents.

Draper, Andrew S. Thirty-eighth Report as State Superintendent of Public Instruction of New York. Pp. 60.—Points in Favor of the Township System of Schools. Pp. 4.—Address to New York State Teachers' Association. Pp. 22.—American Schools for American Citizenship. Pp. 37.

Engineering News, New York. Manual of American Water Works. Pp. 384.

Flower, William Henry. The Horse. Modern Science Series. D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 204. $1.

Flügel, Ewald. Thomas Carlyle's Moral and Religious Development. New York: N. L. Holbrook & Co. Pp. 140.

Glazier, Williard. Source of the Mississippi. Broad sheet.

Gordon. H. L. The Feast of the Virgins, and other Poems. Chicago: Laird & Lee. Pp. 366, with Plates.

Gorton. Rev. James. Sharpsville, Pa. The Sabbath Question and the World's Fair. Pp. 16.

Greer, Henry. Recent Advances in Electricity. Pp. 55.

Hale, George E. Recent Results in Solar Prominence Photography. Pp. 9.

Hastings. C. W. Chicago. Chart of the Elements and Proportions of Soaring Flight. 75 cents.

Ives. J. E. Philadelphia. Reptiles and Batrachians from Northern Yucatan and Mexico. Pp. 6.

James, William. Psychology. New York: Henry Holt & Co. Pp. 479.

Japan Journal of the College of Science, Imperial University. Volume II. Part I. Pp. 130, with Plates.

Jastrow Joseph. The Natural History of Analogy (Anthropological Address, A. A. A. S.) Pp. 23.

Keen, W. W.. M. D . Philadelphia. Congenital Tumors of the Head and Spine.

Ledger, Public, Philadelphia. Almanac for 1892. Pp. 73.

Le Favre, Carrica. Delsartian Physical Culture. New York: Fowler & Wells Co. Pp 108. 25 cents.

Marine Biological Laboratory. Fourth Annual Report. Boston. Pp. 40.

Merrill, Frederick J. H. Quaternary Geology of the Hudson River Valley. Pp. 54.

Mills. Charles, M. D. and Keen, W. W., M. D. Jacksonian Epilepsy, etc. Pp. 13. Munro, J. Heroes of the Telegraph. New York and Chicago: Fleming H. Revell. Pp. 288. $1.40.

National Educational Association. Journal of Proceedings and Address. Session of 1891. Toronto. Pp. 892.

Netto, Ladislao. Le Muséum National de Rio de Janeiro. Son Influence sur les Sciences Naturelles au Brésil. Paris: Ch. Delagrave. Pp. 83.

Payne, W. W., Northfield, Minn., and Hale. George E., Editors. Astronomy and Astrophysics. Ten times a year. January, 1892. Pp. 96. $4 a year.

Pickering, Edward C. Cambridge, Mass. Forty-sixth Annual Report of the Director of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College. Pp. 11.

Robinson, John. Our Trees. Salem, Mass.: Essex Institute. Pp. 120.

Sheldon, W. L., St. Louis. The Meaning of the Ethical Movement. Pp. 41.

Shepard, Charles H., M. D., Brooklyn, N. T. Rheumatism and its Treatment by Turkish Baths.

Shufeldt, R. W., Tacoma. Wash. Taxonomy of the North American Pygopodes. Pp. 6.

Stallcrop, John C. Of Matter, the Laws and the Life thereof. Pp. 50.

Thorne, R. Thome. Diphtheria. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 266. $2.

Thomas, Cyrus. Catalogue of Prehistoric Works East of the Rocky Mountains Washington: American Bureau of Ethnology. Pp. 246. with Maps.

Turner, Frederick J. The Character and Influence of the Indian Trade in Wisconsin Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press. Pp. 94. 50 cents.

Tyndall, John. New Fragments. D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 500. $2.

United States National Museum, Washington: Explorations in Newfoundland and Labrador. By F. A. Lucas. Pp. 20.—On a Bronze Buddha in the United States National Museum. By Charles DeKay. Pp. 8.—The Puma, or American Lion. By F. W. True. Pp. 20.—The Museums of the Future. By G. Brown Goode. Pp. 20.

University of the State of New York, Albany. University Extension Bulletin, No. 1. Pp. 50. 10 cents.

University of Pennsylvania. Courses in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering for 1891-'92. Pp. 38.

Ward, Lester F. Principles and Methods of Geologic Correlation by Means of Fossil Plants. Pp. 8.—The Plant-bearing Deposits of the American Lias. Pp. 7.

Winslow, Arthur. Preliminary Report on the Coal Deposits of Missouri. Jefferson City. Pp. 226, with Map.

Wolff, Alfred R. The Ventilation of Buildings. New York. Pp. 32. 25 cents.