Popular Science Monthly/Volume 40/February 1892/Obituary Notes


Mr. Charles Smith Wilson, Government Geologist of New South Wales, died August 26th, in his forty-eighth year. He was an original member of the Linnæan Society of New South Wales, and its president in 1883 and 1884.

Mr. William B. Watson, who died at Bolton, England, October 6th, in his eightieth year, was one of Dalton's last surviving pupils, and assisted him in his researches on the composition of the atmosphere, and was one of his nurses in his illness.

The Rev. Percy W. Myles, an English botanist and editor of Nature Notes, the journal of the Selborne Society, died October 7th, in his forty-third year. He was author of the Pronouncing Dictionary of Botanical Names appended to Nicholson's Dictionary of Gardening, which is recognized as a standard. As his circumstances were narrow, a Myles memorial fund is proposed to be raised for the benefit of his widow, for which Prof. George Henslow will receive contributions.

The death of Mr. Thomas Wharton Jones, F. R. S., one of Prof. Huxley's teachers forty years ago, is announced. He was nearly eighty years of age.

Dr. Philip Herbert Carpenter, fourth son of the late Dr. W. B. Carpenter, died at Eton College, England, October 21st, in his fortieth year, from the administration of chloroform during temporary insanity. He had been connected, in a scientific capacity, with expeditions of the Lightning and Porcupine, and with the Valorous of Sir G. Nares's Arctic Expedition. He made a specialty of the study of echinoderms, in which he became distinguished as an authority, and on which he published several papers and reports.