Popular Science Monthly/Volume 41/June 1892/Obituary Note


Dr. Charles Meymott Tidy, an eminent English chemist and analyist, died March 15th. He had been joint lecturer on chemistry and Professor of Chemistry and Medical Jurisprudence and Public Health at the London Hospital, and was at the time of his death Official Analyist to the Home Office and Medical Officer of Health for Islington. He also held the office of Reader of Medical Jurisprudence at the Inns of Court. Among his publications were a course of Cantor Lectures on the Practical Applications of Optics to the Arts and Manufactures and to Medicine; a paper on the Treatment of Sewage; a work on Legal Medicine; a paper on Ammonia in the Urine in Health and Disease; and a Hand-book of Modern Chemistry, the second edition of which appeared in 1887.