Popular Science Monthly/Volume 42/Index

I N D E X.

Abyssinia, Native Types in. (Misc.) 142
Age, Advancing, Diseases of. (Misc.) 423
Agricultural Revolution, An.* C. M. Weed 638
Agriculture, Science as a Factor in. M. Berthelot 481
Alcohol, Prize Essays on. (Misc.) 280
Allen, Grant. Ghost Worship and Tree Worship 489
Allen, Grant. Ghost Worship and Tree Worship 648
Alphabet, The Evolution of the. G. Valbert 243
American Association, The, 1893. (Misc.) 137
Ancient Peruvian Vegetables. (Misc.) 428
Andrews, Miss Eliza F. Will the Coming Woman lose her Hair? 370
Animals and Music. (Misc.) 855
"Jokes by. (Misc.) 862
"not afraid of Man. (Misc.) 861
"Reasoning. A. Pringle 71
"The Æsthetic Sense and Religious Sentiment in. E. P. Evans 472
Anthropology, The Problems of. R. Virchow 373
Argument, A Shattered. (Editor's Table) 703
Arithmetical Prodigy, The Latest. A. Binet 60
Armstrong, S. T., M. D. Protective Inoculation for Cholera 223
Art, The Festal Development of. D. J. Hill 734
Artesian Waters in the Arid Region.* R. T. Hill 599
Ashamed yet Faithful. (Misc.) 856
Atmosphere, Depth of the. (Misc.) 287
Automatons, Famous. (Misc.) 572
Bacteria, Useful. (Misc.) 427
Bantu, The. (Misc.) 571
Barnum, Mrs. Clara Kempton. Totemism in the Evolution of Theology 395
Bates, Henry Walter, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 118
Berthelot, M. Science as a Factor in Agriculture 481
Bilfinger, Dr. Modern Nervousness and its Cure 90
Binet, Alfred. The Latest Arithmetical Prodigy 60
Biological Laboratory, The Brooklyn Institute. (Misc.) 858
"Observatory, A Marine. C. O. Whitman 459
"Teaching in American Colleges. (Misc.) 139
Birds of the Grass Lands.* S. Trotter 453
Books noticed 127
Books noticed 266
Books noticed 414
Books noticed 557
Books noticed 704
Books noticed. 845
Abbott, Lyman, D. D. The Evolution of Christianity 130
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Journal 565
Adams, Charles J. Where is my Dog? 852
Adams, Rev. Myron. Creation of the Bible 705
Adler, Felix. Moral Instruction of Children 414
Allen, Alfred H. Commercial Organic Analysis. Vol. III, Part 2 709
Andrews, Edmund, and Edward W. Rectal and Anal Surgery 851
Atkinson, Edward. Taxation and Work 558
—The Science of Nutrition 417
Barker, George P. Physics, Advanced Course 561
Beal, W. J., and Wheeler, C. F. Michigan flora 565
Beddard, Prank E. Animal Coloration 275
Bendire, Charles. Life Histories of North American Birds 274
Binet, Alfred. Les Alterations de la Personality 557
Black, George Ashton. Shelter, Food, and Clothing 276
Bonney, G. E. Induction Coils 272
Booth, Charles. Pauperism, a Picture, and the Endowment of Old Age 134
Brooks, W. K., and F. H. Herrick. The Embryology and Life History of the Macroura 566
Bubier, E. T., Editor. Questions and Answers about Electricity 417
Burke, Charles G. Cosmography 278
Burt, H. C. A History of Modern Philosophy 850
Bush, George Gary. History of Higher Education in Massachusetts 274
Caldwell. G. C. Elements of Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis 274
Calmire 419
Carter, Kathleen. Plants and Animals 276
Cathcart, George R. Literary Reader 135
Church, A. J. Pictures from Roman Life and Story 418
Conn, H. W. The Fermentation of Milk 563
Crosby, Oscar T., and Louis Bell. The Electric Railway in Theory and Practice 415
Day, David T. Mineral Resources of the United States. 1889 851
Echoes of the Sunset Club 852
Ellis, Havelock. The Nationalization of Health 848
Endlich, F. M. Manual of Qualitative Blow-pipe Analysis 711
English Classics for Schools 707
Evans, Elizabeth E. The Story of Caspar Hauser 562
Ewart, William, M. D. Cardiac Outlines 276
Ferree, Barre. Comparative Architecture 563
Fessenden, C. E. Elements of Physics 133
Flügel, Ewald. Thomas Carlyle's Moral and Religious Development 129
Foster, Michael, M. D. Text-book of Physiology 710
Galton, Francis. Finger Prints 707
Gannett, Henry. Dictionary of Altitudes in the United States 277
Garner, R. L. The Speech of Monkeys 270
Gaye, Selina. The Great World's Farm 711
Giffen, Robert. The Case against Bimetallism 269
Gomme, George Laurence. Ethnology in Folk Lore 132
Hakes, Harry. The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus 564
Harper, William R., and Frank J. Miller. Six Books of the Æneid of Vergil 134
Haskins, Caryl D. Transformers 271
Hatch, Frederick H. Mineralogy 275
Herndon, William H., and Jesse W. Weik. Abraham Lincoln 846
Hertwig, Oscar. Text-book of the Embryology of Man and Mammals 708
Hill, Robert T. On the Occurrence of Artesian Waters in Texas, New Mexico, and Indian Territory 566
Hiorns, Arthur H. Metal Coloring and Bronzing 849
Hopkins, Louisa P. How shall my Child be taught? 847
—The Spirit of the New Education 847
Hurst, George H. Silk Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing 417
Hyde, William De Witt. Practical Ethics 132
Imperial University, Japan. Journal of the College of Science 564
Industrial Magazine. Mrs. Kittie F. Miller, Editor 567
Jackman, Wilbur S. Nature Study 562
James, William. Psychology 846
Johnson, Amy. Sunshine 418
Jones, E. E. Constance. An Introduction to General Logic 131
Julian, George W. The Life of Joshua R. Giddings 845
Kinney, Rev. Henry C. Why the Columbian Exposition should be opened on Sunday 277
Knight, George W., and John R. Commons. The History of the Higher Education in Ohio 564
Lake Magazine. Periodical 564
Lea, A. Sheridan. The Chemical Basis of the Animal Body 706
Le Conte, Joseph. Plato's Doctrine of the Soul 565
—The Relation of Philosophy to Psychology and to Physiology 565
Le Favre, Carrica. The Royal Road to Beauty, Health, and a Higher Development 566
Leland, Charles G. Leather Work 276
Lewis, Abram Herbert, D. D. Paganism surviving in Christianity 133
Lilly, William Samuel. The Great Enigma 848
Lodge, Oliver J. Lightning Conductors and Lightning Guards 560
Lubbock, Sir John. The Beauties of Nature 850
Luchsinger, John. The Planting of the Swiss Colony at New Glarus 565
Macdonald, Greville, M. D. Treatise on Diseases of the Nose 277
McKendrick, John Gray. Life in Motion 273
McLaughlin, J. W. Fermentation, Infection, and Immunity 851
Maine State Board of Health. Report 563
Martin, Franklin H. Electricity in Diseases of Women and Obstetrics 851
Maycock, W. Perren. First Book of Electricity and Magnetism 278
Millar, C. C. Hoyer. Florida, South Carolina, and Canadian Phosphates 276
Milling. Periodical 566
Milne. High-school Algebra 134
Moorehead, Warren K. Primitive Man in Ohio 129
Morris, R. Anna. Physical Education in the Public Schools 274
Nadaillac, Marquis de. Manners and Monuments of Prehistoric Peoples 561
National Popular Review. P. C. Remondino, Editor 564
Page, Herbert W. Railway Injuries 709
Parker, T. Jeffrey. Lessons in Elementary Biology 271
Philosophical Society of Washington. Bulletin 276
Physical Education. Luther Gulick, M. D., and James Waismith, Editors 566
Pope, Albert A. A Memorial to Congress on the Subject of a Comprehensive Exhibit of Roads 563
Public Industrial and Art School, Philadelphia. Report 564
Putnam, F. W. Department M of the World's Columbian Exposition 564
Report for 1891 of the Chief of the Weather Bureau 563
Ridgway, Robert. The Hummingbirds 278
Riley, C. V. Directions for Collecting and Preserving Insects 277
Romanes, George John. Darwin and after Darwin, vol. i. 131
Ruschenberger, W. S. W. A Sketch of the Life of Joseph Leidy 564
Salmon, David. Longmans' Object Lessons 562
Schoenhof, J. The Economy of High Wages 272
Sidgwick, Alfred. Distinction and the Criticism of Beliefs 135
Smith, Eugene Allen. Sketch of the. Geology of Alabama 566
Society for Psychical Research. Proceedings 277
Spencer, Herbert. The Principles of Ethics, vol. i 127
Stevenson, Thomas, M. D., and Shirley F Murphy, Editors. A Treatise on Hygiene and Public Health, vol. i 275
Stone. Periodical 566
Strange, Daniel. The Farmers' Tariff Manual 559
Tillman, S. E. Heat 418
Torrey, Bradford, Trumbull, M. M. in England 130
Tyndall, John. Fragments of Science 273
United States Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries. Report 566
University of Pennsylvania. Contributions from the Botanical Laboratory 563
Varigny, Henry de. Experimental Evolution 559
Wehl, Theodore. The Coal-tar Colors with Especial Reference to their Injurious Qualities 851
Westland, Albert, M. D. The Wife and Mother 132
Wilson, Daniel. The Lost Atlantis, and other Ethnographic Studies 704
Wright, G. Frederick. Man and the Glacial Period 266
Yatabe, Ryokichi. Iconographia Floræ Japonicæ 564
Zahm, J. A. Sound and Music 708
Struggle Books, Respect for. (Misc.) 569
Botany as a University-extension Study. (Misc.) 573
Boyle, Robert, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 548
Brewster, O. E. The Symmetrical Development of our Young Women 217
Brunton, T. Lauder. On Posture and its Indications* 26
"The Correlation of Structure, Action, and Thought* 749
Buddhistic Carved Figures. (Misc.) 718
Business, Legitimate, Profits of, not too Large. P. F. Hallock 392
"Profits, Are, too Large? J. B. Mann 100

Cahall. W. C. The Scientific Societies of Italy 107
Camphor. (Misc.) 863
Canadian Names and Places (Misc.) 281
Canine Morals and Manners. L. Robinson 171
Cannibalism. Prehistoric, in America. A. N. Somers 203
Carter, Miss Agnes L. To tie a Rope of Sand 248
Carter Miss Alice. Color in Flowering Plants 75
Chaga (Mount Kilimanjaro) and its Inhabitants (Misc.) 138
Character, The Formation of. (Editor's Table) 263
Cholera. Dirt and. (Misc.) 422
"Epidemics Prevention of. (Editor's Table) 125
"Protective Inoculation for. S. T. Armstrong 223
Civilization and the Art, The Evolution of. G. Le Bon 342
Claypole E. W. Prof. G. F. Wright and his Critics 764
Coal-borings at Manchester, England, Curious feature of. (Misc.) 143
Colleges, Science and the. D. S. Jordan 721
Color Blindness, Origin of. (Misc.) 428
Comet, A Captive.* C. L. Poor 350
Communication. Symbolical. (Misc.) 855
Correlation, The, of Structure, Action and Thought.* T. L. Branton 749
Cramer, Frank. The Logic of Organic Evolution 384
Crustacean's Shell, The. (Misc.) 570
Cultivation of Sunflowers. (Misc.) 569
Customs, East Central African, J. Macdonald 689
Cycling, Intemperance in (Misc.) 571

Deafness and the Care of the Ears, A. M. Fanning 211
Devolution of the Little Toes. (Misc.) 280
Diet, The "Typical American." (Misc.) 143
Donald, J. T. Nickel an and its Uses 252
Duncan, Sara Jeannette. Eurasia 1

Economists, Modern, Fallacies of. A. Kitson 228
Education of our Colored Citizens. M. W. Goodwin 789
"Public-school, President Eliot on. (Editor's Table) 554
"The Natural or Scientific Method in.* W. Mills 10
Electric Railways, Early. (Misc.) 420
"Units (Misc.) 426
Ellis A. B. Marriage and Kinship among the Ancient Israelites 325
"White Slaves and Bond Servants in the Plantations 612
Engineer's Work, Ethics in. (Misc.) 428
Epileptics, The Story of a Colony for. E. Sellers 663
Eskimo Woman's Knife, The. (Misc.) 421
Ethical Association, The Brooklyn. L. G. Janes 671
Eurasia. S. J. Duncan 1
Evans E. P. The Æsthetic Sense and Religious Sentiment in Animals 472
"Modern Instances of Demoniacal Possession 159
Evolution, Organic, The Logic of. F. Cramer 384

Fairs, The Great World's, Extent of. (Misc.) 712
Fanning, Abram Mills, M. D. Deafness and the Care of the Ears 211
Farm, The Rotation of the. A. Morgan 377
Field, Cyrus W. (Misc.) 287
Fig Tree, A Remarkable. (Misc.) 573
Flowering Plants. Color in. Miss A. Carter 75
Folk Lore. The Material of. (Misc.) 717
Forestry Division, Work of the. (Misc.) 429

Geographical Development of Coast Lines. (Misc.) 282
Geological Catastrophes, Reality of. (Misc.) 279
"Collection, The, of the National Museum. (Misc.) 140
Ghost, The Everlasting. (Editor's Table) 701
Gifford, John. Traces of a Vanished Industry 827
Glacial Discoveries, Recent, in England. (With Map) 169
"Moraines in Illinois and Indiana. (Misc.) 142
"Researches, Recent, in England. (Corr.) Mrs. J. F. Lewis 700
Glacier, the Lucie. The Liver from. (Misc.) 715
Glaciers. Periodical Variations of. (Misc.) 572
Glass Industry, The* C. H. Henderson 433
Glass Industry, The* C. H. Henderson 577
Globe, the Age of the. Sir Archibald Geikie on. (Misc.) 137
Goodwin, Maud Wilder. Education of our Citizens 789
Gouley. John W. S , M. D. The Early Extirpation of Tumors 337
Graphite and Lead-pencils. (Misc.) 141
Grecian Culture, The Environment of. G. Perrott 193
Grosse, Eduard. The First German Paper-maker* 94
Guthrie. Frederick. Science Teaching 520

Habits of Pogonia Ophioglossoides. (Corr.) M. P. Robinson 701
Haida Indian Pole-raising A. (Misc.) 283
Hair, Will the Coming Woman lose her? Miss E. F. Andrews 370
Hallock, P. F. Profits of Legitimate Business not too Large 392
Halsted, Byron D. Some Vegetable Malformations* 318
Hare, Robert. Sketch of. (With Portrait) 695
Henderson, C. Hanford. The Glass Industry* 433
Henderson, C. Hanford. The Glass Industry* 577
Hill. David J. The Festal Development of Art 734
Hill, Robert T. Artesian Waters in the Arid Region* 599
Hoffmann, Fred. The Scheele Monument at Stockholm* 685
Home Landscape. (Misc.) 858
Hopi (Indian) Baby, A. (Misc.) 570
Hypnotic and Verbal Suggestion, Power of. (Misc.) 426

Ice Age. What caused the? (Misc.) 286
Implements. Prehistoric Copper. (Misc.) 137
Indian Girl's Life. An. (Misc.) 421
Industry, a Vanished, Traces of. J. Gifford 827
Insects injurious to Fruit. (Misc.) 425
Irrigation in Australia. (Misc.) 857

Janes, Lewis G., M. D. The Brooklyn Ethical Association 671
Jastrow, Joseph. The Problems of Comparative Psychology 35
Jordan, David Starr. Science and the Colleges 721

Kitson, Arthur. Fallacies of Modern Economists 228
Král, Joseph J. The Inventor of the Lightning Rod 356

Lagrange, Fernand. Free Play in Physical Education 813
Lakes, the Great, Ancient Outlet of. (Misc.) 714
Land Shells, Distribution of. (Misc.) 285
Leather-splitting and Shoe-pegging Machines. (Misc.) 136
Le Bon, Gustave. The Evolution of Civilization and the Arts 342
Lewis, Mrs. Julia F. Recent Glacial Researches in England. (Corr.) 700
Life on Mount Roraima. (Misc.) 285
Lightning Phenomena, Curious. (Misc.) 422
"Rod, The Inventor of the. J. J. Král 356
"Rods, House Leader-pipes as. (Misc.) 283
"Rods, The Use of. (Misc.) 857

Macalister, Alexander. The Study of Man 303
Macdonald, James. East Central African Customs 689
Mackerel Supply, Conservation of the. R. F. Walsh 821
Magic, From, to Chemistry and Physics. A. D. White 145
Magic, From, to Chemistry and Physics. A. D. White 289
Man in Nature. P. Topinard 445
"The Ribs of the Gorilla and of. (Misc.) 427
"The Study of. A. Macalister 303
Mann, J. B. Are Business Profits too Large? 100
Maoris, The, of New Zealand.* E. Tregear 781
Marriage and Kinship among the Ancient Israelites. A. B. Ellis 325
Mars, Color Phenomena on. (Misc.) 574
Marshall, William. The Trepang* 515
Mashonaland, The People of. (Misc.) 423
Matches, The Forerunners of. (Misc.) 429
Maxwell, Herbert. Servility in Dress 530
Mayer, Alfred Goldsborough. Habits of the Garter Snake* 485
Meditate, The Disinclination to. (Misc.) 716
Mentone Skeletons, The. (Misc.) 285
Mills, Wesley, M. D. The Natural or Scientific Method in Education* 10
Mineral Industries, The World's. (Misc.) 717
Monod, Gabriel. Ernest Renan; Sketch of his Life and Work. (With Portrait) 831
Morgan, Appleton. The Rotation of the Farm 377
Moss Sponge, The, of an Alaskan Forest. (Misc.) 140
Mount St. Elias Region, Orography of the. (Misc.) 140

"Natural Selection," The Inadequacy of. H. Spencer 799
Nature, The Love of, in America. (Misc.) 858
Nervousness, Modern, and its Cure. Dr. Bilfinger 90
Niagara Falls, the Origin of, Prof. Le Conte on. (Misc.) 138
Nickel and its Uses. J. T. Donald 252
Number Forms.* G. T. W. Patrick 504

Obituary Notes.—Joseph Ernest Renan, George Croom Robertson 288
Obituary Notes.—C. Schorlemmer, Frederick Schwatka, Robert Grant 432
Richard Owen, W. Mattieu Williams, E. W. Siemens, John S. Newberry 576
John Obadiah Westwood, F. von Hellwald, James Plant, E. N. Horsford, Amédée Guillemin 720
Observatory, The, at Arequipa, Peru. (Misc.) 856
Office, The Insolence of. (Editor's Table) 841

Palæopathology, Notes on.* R. W. Shufeldt 679
Paper-maker, The First German.* E. Grosse 94
Paper, Recent Applications of.* E. Ratoin 207
Patrick, G. T. W. Number Forms.* 504
Peat-bogs, the Bursting of, Cause of. (Misc.) 287
Pepper-raising in Cambodia. (Misc.) 573
Perrott, Georges. The Environment of Grecian Culture 193
Perversity conquered. (Misc.) 859
Physical Education, Free Play in. F. Lagrange 813
Physiological Action at a Distance. (Misc.) 279
Pilgrim, Charles W., M. D. Genius and Suicide 361
Pilsbry, Henry A. Protective Devices and Coloration of Land Snails* 187
Plains in Cold Countries. (Misc.) 859
Plants, The Discovery of the Sexuality of 546
"Wild, Disappearance of. (Misc.) 280
Pole, Exact Point of the. (Misc.) 281
"Nansen's Plan for reaching the. (Misc.) 715
Politics, Evolution in. (Editor's Table) 124
"The Scientific Method in. (Editor's Table) 411
Poor, Charles Lane. A Captive Comet* 350
Population, Rural, The Decrease of. J. C. Rose 621
Posture, On, and its Indications.* T. L. Brunton 26
Prehistoric Fish Weirs. (Misc.) 427
"Trepanning 535
Pringle, Allen. Reasoning Animals 71
Protective Devices and Coloration of Land Snails.* H. A. Pilsbry 187
Psychological Association, The American. (Editor's Table) 844
""""(Misc.) 853
Psychology, Comparative, The Problems of. J. Jastrow 35
"The Two Schools of. (Misc.) 424

Races, The, of Peru. (Misc.) 284
Rain and Irrigation, Relative Value of. (Misc.) 141
Ratoin, Emmanuel. Recent Applications of Paper* 207
Renan, Ernest, Sketch of his Life and Work. (With Portrait.) G. Monod 831
River's Work, A. (Misc.) 860
Roads, Good, and Country Life. (Editor's Table) 412
Robinson, Louis. Canine Morals and Manners 171
Robinson, Mabel P. Habits of Pogonia ophioglossoides. (Corr.) 701
Rock Striation by River Ice. (Misc.) 861
Rocks and Waters of Arkansas. (Misc.) 713
Rose, John C. The Decrease of Rural Population 621
Rutherfurd, Lewis Morris, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 404

Sabatier, Armand. The Synthesis of Living Beings 49
Sand, To Tie a Rope of. Miss A. L. Carter 248
Sargent, Frederick Le Roy. Economical Trees* 57
Scenery, The Story which, tells. (Misc.) 282
Scheele Monument, The, at Stockholm.* F. Hoffmann 685
School, The Public, and the University. (Misc.) 141
Schools, Grammar, New Studies for. (Misc.) 713
Science, National Characteristics in. (Misc.) 287
"Teaching. F. Guthrie 520
Scientific Amateurs, Value of. (Misc.) 286
"Societies, The, of Italy. W. C. Cahall 107
Seasickness, Cause of, and Remedies for it. (Misc.) 139
Sellers, Edith. The Story of a Colony for Epileptics 663
Shufeldt, R. W., M. D. Notes on Palæopathology* 679
Silicified Wood in Arkansas. (Misc.) 430
Slaves, White, and Bond Servants in the Plantations. A. B. Ellis 612
Snake, the Garter. Habits of.* A. G. Mayer 485
Somers, A. N. Prehistoric Cannibalism in America 203
Soul, The Indo-European Conception of the. (Misc.) 568
Spencer, Herbert. The Inadequacy of "Natural Selection" 799
Star, The New, in the Milky Way 542
Steamer, The First Transatlantic. (Misc.) 424
Stone Hand-hammer, The. (Misc.) 142
Stoves without Flues. (Editor's Table) 704
Suicidal Ingenuity. (Misc.) 863
Suicides, Genius and. C. W. Pilgrim 361
Superstitions about Saturn. (Misc.) 860
"Ancient and Modern. (Editor's Table) 410
"Surviving. (Misc.) 860
Synthesis, The, of Living Beings. A. Sabatier 49

Teaching not a Function of Government. (Editor's Table) 842
Tennyson. (Editor's Table) 265
Terra Cotta Roofing Tiles. (Misc.) 716
Theology, Totemism in the Evolution of. Mrs. C. K. Barnum 395
Topinard, Paul. Man in Nature 445
Trades Unions, English, Arbitration with. (Misc.) 854
Traveling and Camping in Egypt. (Misc.) 714
Trees, Economical.* F. L. Sargent 57
Tregear, Edward. The Maoris of New Zealand* 781
Trepang, The.* W. Marshall 515
Trotter, Spencer. Birds of the Grass Lands* 453
Truffle, The. (Misc.) 861
Tumors, The Early Extirpation of. J. W. S. Gouley 337

Valbert G. The Evolution of the Alphabet 243
Vegetable Malformations, Some.* B. D. Halsted 318
Vegetation of New Guinea. (Misc.) 281
Ventilation at the Top and at the Bottom of Rooms. (Misc.) 284
Virchow, Rudolph. The Problems of Anthropology 373

Walsh, Robert F. Conservation of the Mackerel Supply 821
Water Lily, Leaves of the. (Misc.) 425
"Powers, The Future of. (Misc.) 425
Weed, Clarence M. An Agricultural Revolution* 638
White, Andrew Dickson. From Magic to Chemistry and Physics 145
White, Andrew Dickson. From Magic to Chemistry and Physics 289
Whitman, C. O. A Marine Biological Observatory 459
Women, our Young, Symmetrical Development of. C. E. Brewster 217
Worship, Ghost, and Tree Worship. G. Allen 489
Worship, Ghost, and Tree Worship. G. Allen 648
Wright, George Frederick, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 258
"""and his Critics. E. W. Claypole 764

Yaks, Wild and Domestic. (Misc.) 574