Popular Science Monthly/Volume 43/June 1893/Publications Received


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Catalogue, Michigan Mining School. Houghton. Pp. 175.

Clute, O. Spurry. Flat Pea. Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin. Pp. 13.

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Denizès, El Dr. G., and Delano, Manuel A. (translator). Esposiziôn elemental de los Prinzipos fundamentales de la Teoría Atomiqa (Elementary Exposition of the Fundamental Principles of the Atomic Theory). Paris. Pp. 35.

Drummond, A. T. Colors of Flowers in Relation to Time of Flowering. Pp. 5. Reprint.

Everett, Charles Carroll. The Gospel of Paul. Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Pp. 307. $1.50.

Extermination of the Gypsy Moth. Report of the Massachusetts State Board of Agriculture. Boston. Pp. 93.

Frazer, Persifor. Thomas Sterry Hunt. Pp. 13. Reprint.

Gilman, N. P. Socialism and the American Spirit. Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Pp. 376. $1.50.

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Journal of Physiology. Volume XIV, Nos. 2 and 3. March, 1893. Michael Foster, editor. Cambridge, England. Pp. 100. With Plates.

Keen, W. W. Tumor of the Hard Palate: Acute Appendicitis; Perinephritic Abscess. Pp. 7. Reprint.

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Marine Biological Laboratory. Report of the Trustees. Boston. Pp. 01.

Morse, Edward S. A Curious Aino Toy. Pp. 7.—Latrines of the East. Pp. 16. Reprints.

Michelson, A. A. Spectroscopic Measurements. Smithsonian Institution. Pp. 24. With Plates.

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Outdoors. Boston: Pope Manufacturing Co. Pp. 76.

Palmberg, Albert. A Treatise on Public Health. Macmillan & Co. Pp. 539. $5.

Pettee, Rev. J. T. Annual Address before the Meriden (Conn.) Scientific Association. Pp. 31.

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The New Education. Monthly. W. N. and E. L. Hailmann, editors. New York: Simpson & Co. Pp. 24. $1 a year.

Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. March, 1893. Monthly. Pp. 50. $5 a year.

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